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Comment 18 Aug 2016
They've got them but you need some change if you want to use them
Comment 15 Aug 2016

An Update for the 2PUTT's Post

Nike - Showing Most sizes still available

Eastbay - Showing Most sizes still available

Champs - Showing Most sizes still available

Barnes and Nobles - Showing Most sizes still available

Lids - Showing Most sizes still available

Fanatics - Only showing size 8 available

Buckeye Corner - SOLD OUT

Seem to be plenty of supply 

Comment 15 Aug 2016

I don't mind the partnership but it would have been nice to know that in advance. I clicked on the link at 8:00 and it said discontinued and out of stock so I thought I had to find them somewhere else. I bought 6 pairs at Buckeye Corner for family and friends and I would have much rather supported 11W and would have if the story didn't say Available Now only to get the "discontinued and out of stock " message. Fanatics didn't go live with the link until after 9:30. 

Comment 27 Jul 2016

I was sent to Ann Arbor from Dayton to "keep the operation running" for a week or two until they found a replacement for the manager that left. Three months later I found myself still there and had  met some very nice people and to this day are still great friends. We try to get together on each others home turf at least one a year and we have both taken each other to the "Game" in our home stadiums. I agree the Ohio State fans were 100 time more obnoxious to them then the UM fan were to me and my wife. It was their first time in the Shoe and it was embarrassing. The guy that finally accepted the position, I call him my super hero for saving my life... :-)

The Earl is my favorite restaurant in Ann Arbor - the Duck is the best I've ever had and a great wine selection as well. The thing I hate about Ann Arbor is that you only have to drive a mile or two in a couple of direction from downtown Ann Arbor to be on a dirt road that are is some very nice areas. You see nice houses with nice cars that have mud all over them from driving on the dirt roads, that would drive me crazy.

Unfortunately our son, an OSU grad, now lives in Troy MI and with a new grandchild we will be spending much more time in the state up north than I really care to do. 

Comment 26 Jul 2016

Almost exactly what I said but I had to clean it while i was in the confessional.....I didn't want to be sentenced to Hell. :-) 

Comment 26 Jul 2016

Forgive me father as I have sinned, it's been over a year since my last confession

Sitting the Mercedes Dome watching Ohio State take on Alabama I lost faith in Urban when he call the bomb to Spencer on 1st and 10 with 1:57 left leading 42-35. I thought he had just thrown away a chance at the National Championship!

Father I will gratefully say my 10,000 hail Mary’s and leave.