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Comment 27 Sep 2016

On another personal note, my bosses are forcing me on to tonight's Eleven Warriors Report.

Time Warner customers will have an exclusive look at a stilted, sweaty man discussing the local team while overusing "uh" and "you know" to splice sentence fragments together

Exclusive Eleven Warriors Report - Episode 5 - Teaser - Staring D.J. Barnes

What do the "cats' think of his performance

Well I'll be tuning in for sure. 

Comment 23 Sep 2016


I ride a bicycle

I ride a bicycle for Team Buckeye

I ride a bicycle to END CANCER

First my thoughts and prayers got out the my fellow cyclist and Coach Schiano and their families. No matter what happened neither can feel good about what happened and both need support.

WOW where do I start? After reading the 220+ post some of these posts I’m shocked at the reaction by some to someone on a bicycle riding on the road. Yes there are some bad cyclist and more than our share of bad drivers but no one should be posting that they should be banned from a public road or even worse run over!  

Ohio State promotes one the largest bicycling fundraiser in the World, yes the World! It is also the single largest fundraising event in Ohio States history, yes even bigger than any athletic fundraiser.  They encourage students, alumni, and even the general public to ride in this event. What is this event Pelotonia it’s a bicycling event held annually the first weekend in August and has been since 2009 and has raised over $122,738,529 for One Goal -> END CANCER.

On August 6th & 7th, 7,748 of my fellow cyclist from 40 states and 5 countries road routes from Columbus to Gambier and Gambier to New Albany routes ranging from 25 – 180 miles all to End Cancer. As a survivor and patient of the James Cancer Center I am very passionate about this event. I rode 180 mile this year and every mile was on a public road. To train for this you can’t just ride on bike paths or sidewalks. I do some of my training on bike paths but a majority of it is on the road and over the years I’m sure I have well over 3,000 mile of riding on the road. Some of that is through training rides on Columbus roadways sponsored and organized by Team Buckeye. I have not had one accident or caused an accident. I have had drivers honk at me, throw stuff at me even when I’m obeying every rule of the road and it pains me greatly to read some of these comments.

So I can only hope that the next time you see a cyclist you think of this post. I am honored to ride for those too many that have lost the battle, for those who are in the fight of their life right now, and to celebrate those who have beat this horrible disease. I ride to find a cure so that no ever has to hear the words that I did “YOU HAVE CANCER”. Sorry for the inconvenience but that cyclist you see might just be training to save a life, maybe yours, a family members a friend a co-worker! PLEASE SHARE THE ROAD!

Comment 14 Sep 2016

when the shit hits fan, turn off the goddamn fan

Excellent advice.........

Comment 01 Sep 2016

The schedule should have gone through Tuesday. 

Eleven Warriors Report (Time Warner Sports Channel 7:00 & 7:30pm) 

The week won't be complete without it. 


Comment 01 Sep 2016

#HYPE....I can't wait. Watching the trailer sent my heart rate up about 20 BPM so I'm ready for some Buckeye Football. GO BUCKS!