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Comment 16 Feb 2017

Well said and agree that Franklin got lucky bringing in the new OC - he's worked out VERY well for them this last year.

I dunno.  Whenever I watched them, especially against better teams, they moved the ball more in chunks via "chuck and pray" 50/50 balls than by solid drives created by great play-calling from my perspective  Maybe the guy's good or maybe McSorely and the receivers made him look good.  I can't tell at this point.

Comment 14 Feb 2017

That's what the runs for both teams have been.  The B1G is bad this year.

It would not surprise me to see this conference make it no further than the Sweet 16.

Comment 10 Feb 2017

One thing they both lost was very good college QBs.  It was quite a step down for each team from Mariota and Cook.   And Brady Hoke was obviously not the answer to Oregon's defensive issues, which prevented them from reaching the top when it looked like they had a legitimate shot at it.

Comment 30 Jan 2017

Only because they had no choice.  From the article linked above by JamesBrown

The Gators coaching staff had still planned to take Robinson, who was likely going to sign with UF on Wednesday. The staff has actively been helping Robinson find another home since word came down from school administrators Monday that he would not be allowed to sign with the Florida.