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Comment 19 Sep 2016

Never been there, but I tried a search of Bucky's 5th quarter to see if they had a visitor's guide.

No luck, but it brought up some links about the best restaurants and bars and tailgating.

Maybe it can be a starting point for you.

Comment 31 Aug 2016

First and foremost, pass protection needs to improve over last year to have a better passing game.  This is also true if they are to involve the TE as they often had to keep them in against better teams to help out.  It's tough to throw to them when they are busy blocking.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Michigan is building the perfect foil to Ohio State’s spread in the Big Ten, a bruising throwback pro-style offense with great diversity in its run game scheme and top-notch QB coaching.

Bud Elliott apparently does not understand that Meyers scheme is power-based and is not being run by the Rainey and Demps types he had at Florida.   The spread is a different formation but they still want to physically pound you with the football.

Comment 05 Jun 2016

In the article:

"It started off with a phone call," Sibley said of the day his recruitment went from over to open. "The conversation suggested that it was 100-percent in my best interest to look around and visit some other places. It was huge blow to me and my confidence as a player, because at that moment I felt like I wasn't good enough."

Sibley is not perceiving this as just delaying his scholarship.

If you think Sibley is not being truthful or misinterpreted the conversation he had stop right here.

Otherwise, consider what he said light of this: ( )

"Sometimes you have to offer a guy early (who is) out of state to get in the game," Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said. "I leave more up to the position coaches who understand that area. If you want to get in the game, sometimes you have to do that. I won't say it's positive or negative.

"But in-state you've just gotta be very cautious. Because when that offer goes out, you can't pull it. You're in it. Out of state, if you offer a guy, and he has a bunch of other offers, than you can just kind of move on. In Ohio, you have to be very careful." 

A much less favorable interpretation of the gray-shirt offer is not that hard to put together.

Comment 03 Jun 2016

This wasn't a situation of a guy hitting his girlfriend or a random woman, this was in the midst of a larger street fight between two families.  Not a good look, but I don't think the young man is out looking for women to beat up. He hit a woman who was hitting a relative in a fight.

From the original story.

According to Hairston, Taylor returned to her apartment on Thursday after she received a telephone call from her babysitter, who told her that Taylor's 9-year-old daughter was arguing with Simmons' 10-year-old sister. Hairston said that when Taylor attempted to leave with her daughter, Simmons and others beat on her car.

Hairston said that Ashley Bradley, another one of Simmons' sisters, then pulled Taylor out of her car and struck her several times, and that after Taylor was pushed to the ground, Simmons struck her several times with his fists. At the end of the video, another woman is shown striking and kicking Taylor. According to Hairston, the woman was Simmons' mother, Brenda Bradley.

"My 4-year-old grandson had to watch them beating his mother," Hairston said.

This is coming from the victim's mother, but if true it isn't remotely close to the situation you are trying to defend as Simmons and his relatives initiated the attack.  At any rate, a 6'4" 275 pound man beating on a woman who is on the ground with two other family members attacking her is well beyond "not a good look."

Edit:  Also, characterizing this as a "larger street fight between 2 families" is a gross misrepresentation of what went down.  Only one person was involved from one of the families.

Comment 31 May 2016

I hadn't seen this, but I like the first comment in the linked Saban article.

According to Saban, satellite camps are bad for college football. I guess offering a scholarship to an eighth grader is good for the game....