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Comment 11 Oct 2010

Just for gits and shiggles, let's say both the good guys and Sparty win out. I'd have to imagine we'd remain #1. Obviously, if MSU is ranked #2, we'd play them for the MNC. However, if they aren't, we would go to the MNC and Sparty would go to the Rose Bowl. If I read the rules correctly, the Rose Bowl is obligated to take a NON-AQ team (read: Boise State or TCU) if they qualify ONLY IF one of its champions plays in the MNC game. BUT, Sparty would be that champion by virtue of the Big Ten tie-breaker rule that says the team who has not been to the Rose Bowl longest will go. So that's my dream scenario...OSU vs. Nebraska in the MNC, Sparty in the Rose Bowl. 2 12-0 Big Ten teams in the BCS, Boise/TCU not putting their smelly Non-AQ taint on the Rose Bowl, a virtually all-Big Ten MNC game.