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Comment 10 Jun 2014

Or how about what appears to be a knife stuck in a book by the window in center of the frame.. and when did dorm rooms come with lace curtains!

Comment 10 Jan 2014

Once a Buckeye always a Buckeye....  I can hardly think of a former player that this applies more too than Vrabel.  certainly right up there with Archie, Eddie, Spielman.  a decade from now he may be replacing UFM as an "Ohio State Man", but to do that he needs to take the opportunities presented to him to gain experience!  BNest of Luck to Mke Vrabel!



Comment 17 Dec 2013

He only improved passing in the games that didn't matter as much.  teh Completion percentages against U-_ and _ichigan State were 8/21 and 6/15   or 38.8 percent.  

what happened to the guy who passed for 68% and 4 TD's vs wisky???

If he doesn't want to run he needs to pass.  If the playcallers don't have faith in him to pass, we will run more and by extension, so will he.

Comment 14 Nov 2013

Agreed, we only need to be in the 4th spot to get to the NCG, and in a couple more years that will be the round of 8.  SEC can dominant the AP all teh y want as long as OSU is in the top 8 we are good.  this format change is a god send for the B1G

Comment 14 Nov 2013

Hoke does have enough talent, they just don't develop the talent to the next level... look know further than your favorite Columbus Based Football Team to find development!  Braxton would have been another Pryor... no development, we got the best pieces in place and Miller is moving up the ladder!

Comment 12 Nov 2013

Vrabel came home to Columbus he's not going to look to leave again.  His resume is still short on experience if he was looking to leave ..which I think he is not. 


If i was UFM I would point to Purdue and say being a HC at a 2nd tier program can be A ALOT WORSE than being an Assistant at OSU!

Comment 12 Nov 2013

FYI I know exactly where Cleveland Heights is I live 20 minutes from it and have relatives who live there.  It is technically a suburb of Cleveland but its 1st ring suburb right next to some of the worst parts of Cleveland, it is very diverse with both inner city characteristics and suburban characteristics.  

You would have me excuse him for living in a poor area, but then excuse him again for not latching on to the means available of him to break any circle of poverty he may be in... don't know him enough to say one way or another


Instead of excuses I expect people (He and his parents) to be held accountable for their actions or in-actions.  Its not enough for me to say he gets a pass both ways.   

Comment 12 Nov 2013

I agree, I want someone who is willing to seize the opportunity and work.  He didn't work on his grades and now its easier to go to a smaller school.  even though he would have had great access to tutoring etc... they know how to provide resources so these guys can succeed in the classroom

Comment 12 Nov 2013

His real goal should be having fun playing football while guaranteeing a better life by taking advantage of the educational opportunity presented.  Everyone wants to punch that NFL ticket but sooooo few of theses college kids actually make the next level.  But a degree will last his lifetime not to mention the networking available to him after school.  That's the real smart play and he blew that by not taking care of his academics.

Because his friends died does not really change his family situation, I didn't see anything about his family in the article, did I miss something?  Its really an opportunity lost for him, one i wish i could have had!  I guess I'm the tough guy on this kid...

Comment 12 Nov 2013

@703buckeye... Its not the unstable environment itself that is the issue, its how he handles the environment he has.   If I had the football talent you can bet your A$$ my academics would be in order and I would not squander the opportunity to earn a top college education for free and a chance to play for one of the top 3 schools in the football nation.  Just because he comes from Gary and fits a profile of inner city kid who did not place any importance on academics and then its too late to change it.  Dodson's is an inner city kid (Not Gary level inner city) example of someone who is taking the initiative to improve his grades, improve his body and get ready to play at the next level, its taking him longer than the average recruit but he's working on it and he will be good when he gets there

I didn't disparage the kid in my original post, but we all know Urban can and will recruit better players with the proper drive and tools to succeed.  And furthermore as I re-read his de-commit tweet it smacks me of smug self- importance.  As I said before, we can and will do better, good luck to him.  Down vote me if you must (again) but I don't think this opinion is out of line, it doesn't need to be popular but he has a responsibility to take care of his business to earn that scholarship and he obviously wasn't willing to do it.  And where is Meg when we need her ??!!

Comment 11 Nov 2013

Good luck to him,

i am 100% certain we can use that spot on a better recruit that is more talented and from a more stable environment

lots of great talent still on the radar

Comment 08 Nov 2013

Everything you just said... I did not say in my comment.  And all I said about Fick was another direction would be fresh for the D...  I didn't say UFM should fire him... the reports are he may have interviewed for a HC position... if he leaves it on his own terms... obviously UFm likes Fick or he would have been cut in the transition