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Comment 12 Sep 2015

Having the bulk of the O-Line take Spring off and a large chunk of the Fall Camp off maybe be a bigger problem.  But with our weak schedule I think they get away with it and will round up into form by the mid to late season and all will be just fine !

I think the broadcaster said something important today, Cardale looks long first and if its not there he runs.  JT looks internediate first.  I think the playmakers we have are getting more open in the intermediate game.  Cardale shifts his focus and hits them will setup the run game better and the Deep ball that he excels at.  With Cardales arm he can rifle those balls in there super fast but he needs better reads and a bit more time from the line and all will be good.  lets hit more singles and doubles!

Comment 04 Sep 2015

Magnuson was blown up next to kalis on the 3rd down play, he got knocked over backwards and 3 guys jumped over his falling corpse!

on the 4th in 1  Kalis pulls out to run block to the left of the line and totally fails to make a block on anyone... not even in the play...  no NFL for you sir!

Comment 27 Jul 2015

I experimented with Dip Preparation A-G unsuccessfully, but Preparation H was, how shall I say... quite exhiliarating!

Comment 18 Jun 2015

And somewhere Harbuagh is still bat shit crazy... good luck to the kid, glad to hear we are not at 85 but at 84... how many do we end up with in this class then?

Comment 29 Apr 2015

They sure aren't posting on Page 1 either!  Tgo to and do a search on the word Alabama... its not their on the front

We make front page news for a week getting Mike Weber's commitment!

Comment 29 Apr 2015

I declare shenanigans...   obviously this didn't happen... I can't find it ANYWHERE on ESPN, so therefore it never happened...

ESPN would never cover up anything for the SEC