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Comment 16 Jul 2013

I don't think he deserves any more or any less responsibility for a murderer's violent acts...Nobody could have predicted that Hernandez would one day murder another man. Allegedly....Yes, Meyer did indeed recruit some questionable character guys at Florida. . Name one program that doesn't and I will show you a program that does not win, will not win and has a constant coaching turnover due to the rabid fans complaining of the losses..Urban did recruit some guys that had some question marks regarding their character, criminal records or attitude problems..And he did change many of those young men's lives, giving them a structured life, a football family and goals that included more than just reaching the NFL...I can name names that you never heard of, guys who never played a millisecond in the League, that are success stories today as men, as Fathers and in their communities....Coaches coach. Coaches teach. . It is up to the student athlete to accept responsibility for their actions. Period...Coach Meyer had nothing to do with any murder, stolen computer or any other stupid act...College students are responsible for all of their own actions, as anyone should be...I do not agree with all that Urban has done, but holding him responsible in any way for a guy who played for him years ago borders on insanity...My question is what type of career Hernandez would've had had he not had Coach Meyer? Would he have even reached the NFL or would he have been locked up in the Alachua County jail after doing something more devious than smoke weed or getting in a bar fight? Where would Hernandez be if he hadn't had Coach Meyer as a Father figure  and remained in CT, sticking with his original commitment? My opinion is Hernandez is  a better man today because of his relationship with Coach Meyer and not holding anyone responsible for the murder except for those involved in the shooting..We are all responsible for our own actions. Period...I'll get off my soapbox now.