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Comment 18 Jan 2014

Not to argue with you, but....  2012 vs 2013 last 5 games is equal in terms pass efficiency. No progress in terms of reading defense or making decisions as far as I'm concerned either.

Comment 18 Jan 2014

I fully recognize I have a minority opinion here, and some might consider it blasphomy, but I would not have been too disappointed if Braxton had moved on.  You can give me all the stats, but he has yet to prove himself beyond putting up stats and W's against the crap teams we have played the last two years.  His running skills are amazing, probably the best we will ever see.  However, his passing has not progressed, he can't play hurt and he has consistently come up short when it mattered most.  I REALLY hope he proves me wrong next season, but he needs some signature wins before he cracks the top 5 in terms of OSU QB legacies.

Comment 10 Nov 2012

The whole event was a comedy of errors.  Total BS about 90% of the tix being given away, MAYBE 50%, but it looked like many more civilian fans than servicemen, all dropping $500 to watch a shit show unfold.  

Craft is the man though. Entire delay he wouldn't stop shooting buckets.  Entire team hit the lockeroom during delay, and craft was going around the arc and back with Jent.  Cool seeing Jent launching sweet looking 3's again.

to summarize: Awesome idea for awesome cause executed by morons.

Comment 27 Jul 2012

It sounds like there are no tickets available to general public for the CC event.  Last years event in SD had 7,000 tix, almost exclusively for military personnel, with a very small amount going to each school (200 each I think).  I have read that the Yorktown is signficantly smaller, meaning even less seats will be available this year.  It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in attendance, but I don't think that is even possible for the normal fan.  Obviously a great cause, and very cool event for Ohio State to be associated with nonetheless.

Comment 18 May 2012

Nail on the head.  I was wondering if this type of scenario is what Delaney has been positioning for all along in maintaining the importance of the Rose Bowl.  This would also make the B10 (and Pac10, SEC, B12) championship a National Championship quarterfinal.  Big East doesn't deserve consideration, but ACC could definitely be left on the outside looking in.

Comment 28 Apr 2012

You gotta like their first round pick.  Reiff kind of fell into their laps, but thats a great pick up.  

Comment 28 Apr 2012

What is this, a Saturday morning Skull Seesion?  The weekend just got that much better.  Good stuff.

Comment 14 Apr 2012

This is my thought on how scoring breaks down next year, Assuming we miss on Parker.

Tank 19-20 ppg, Craft 12 ppg, Lenzelle 8 ppg, Ross 12 ppg, Amir 8 PPG, Rav 6 ppg, Sam T 6 ppg, scott 4 ppg. 

Comment 14 Apr 2012

25 a game would be rather impressive.  Big Ten scoring leader is usually at 20 max.  I don't think anyone has gone for much more than 21 ppg in the last 10 year sor so.  ET was national player of the year w/ around 20 ppg (6 apg and 9 rpg didn't hurt the cause).  I hope you are right though, that would be a ridiculous season, especially if the team ends up being highly competetive.

Comment 09 Feb 2012

"Perhaps he does have it already too and just hasn't realized it yet.  Some of the young players from last year's team showed flashes of being very good."

I see Devin Smith being one of these guys, and turning into a legit play maker.  People like referring to Hall as a poor mans Percy.  Stoney will be a valuable possesion type receiver.  Michael Thomas will be an immediate contributor and should be a threat to make big plays on a regular baisis.  Verlon was showing a lot of promise before being injured.  Between Fields, Brown and Spencer, you have potential for anyone of them to take the next step.

Long story short, I think this team has a number of "play makers" just waiting to be given a chance in a viable offensive system.

Comment 07 Feb 2012

I think you are spot on.  This team can not afford to have Sully in foul trouble, especially come tourny time.  We are much better off giving up a few easy buckets a game in order to keep Sully out of trouble.  Its also kind of hard to argue with Thad's defensive game plan and associated results.

Comment 15 Jan 2012

I've been looking forward to this game all week, I expect the Bucks to play at a very high level.  I  also have a feeling WB breaks out of his recent funk, shoots well and goes for over 20.  Its always a bonus to have Clark and Vern calling the game as well.  What a great Sunday, two divisional playoff games and a marque Bucks game.  Go Bucks.

Comment 06 Jan 2012

I thought those BC guys were supposed to be smart.  Not so much I guess.  Bollman should be teaching math and coaching JV high school football.  Linked article states he tutured 10 NFL lineman.  What they don't mention is the fact that they never progressed from HS while at OSU and they got to the NFL based upon raw talent and not skills developed under Bollman.  Mangold being the excpetion, who was just that good.  


Comment 22 Dec 2011
One of their fwd's is listed at 6'8" 186 lbs. That dude needs to get on the funderburk potato diet. It would be hazardous for this guys health if he has to help against sully on D.
Comment 10 Dec 2011

No vent needed here.  Tough spot for the bucks.  Showed a ton of hustle and never gave up.  This game for Bucks w/out Sully seems like a similar scenario as Duke coming into CBus off Hawaii trip to a crazy Schott.  Major handicap for visiting team in both.  I'd much rather see Kansas again down the road than Duke.  Chalk this one up to learning and growing as a team without your all-everything player in the game.

Comment 11 Sep 2011
Have to think they ran the reverse a second time for a reason. Verlon was a qb in hs and we have better athletes to run a reverse with. Next time he takes a reverse, he's throwing it down field. I blame the offensive woes on bollman, there's areason he's never had an offer to move on like hazell, beckman,etc. He sucks at coaching o line and he sucks as an o cord. Whatever happens with the head coach, our days of putting up with this chump will be over after this year and will he be coaching hs fball and teaching freshman math.
Comment 11 Sep 2011
Can't wait to take Toledo and a boat load of pnts next Friday. Boise coming across the country coming off a big w last week and Toledo coming off a tough lose. Love that scenario for the home dog on national tv.
Comment 09 Aug 2011

Tim May is a dbag and a hack reporter.  I always got the impression that JT was laughing internally at what a dope May was during interviews.  Looks like Fickell isn't afraid to laugh in his face.

Comment 10 Jul 2011

Awesome hire.  He will bring passion, extreme football IQ, a fresh outlook on game planning, and an edgy attitude to the team.  I see him lighting a fire under the entire D, especially linebackers.  I like the "dynamic" personality apsect, he's not here to be a nice guy.   He's here to ensure OSU LB's scare the hell out of every QB/RB/WR they face.  I think he will do just that. 

Comment 22 Apr 2011
I have to wonder if there is a correlation between hazell's absence and the complete lack of developmental progress amongst the young wr's this spring. Maybe I was just taking for granted the past 10 years of steady talent emerging ever year at this position.
Comment 02 Apr 2011

Great write up, couldn't agree more.  Buford has been a big part to the recent Buckeye bball achievements, and has been a model Buckeye since his arrival on campus.  People overlook that he could have bolted after each of his first two years.  How good of a decision that would have been is questionable, but nevertheless, give the guy credit for sitting tight.  I'm not going to ostracize him for one terrible game, poorly timed albeit, when he's been a great Buckeye for three years and is a key to further successes next year.

Comment 29 Mar 2011

I gotta stick of for Will here.  He's been, and hopefully will continue to be, a great Buckeye.  My understanding is that he is as dedicated to the team as can be.  Supposedly they can't keep him out of the gym, and he is loved by all teammates both older and younger.  He stays out of trouble, and again supposedly, carries a great repuation on campus as a all round good guy.  When;s he's on, he is silky smooth and so much fun to watch.  No one feels worse than he does for the Sweet 16 lose, but I am confident the season would not have been nearly as great as it was leading up to theat game without the WB.  I really hope he puts off the Association for one more year (again) in the S&G #44.

Comment 23 Mar 2011

Hooley certainly had his d bag moments, but atleast he was not full retard.  D Stanley's stupidity is shocking.  He says some things that make me wonder how he even finds his way to the station everyday.  I am assuming Rothman must pick him up and drop him off everday, and make sure he doesn't try to hump the A/V equipment in the studio.  Speaking of Rothman, he pretty much blows too.  The station has gone WAY downhill, especially in that early afternoon slot.