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Comment 02 Sep 2015


damn.. took so long to get "hype"

if this trailer is anything like what the game will be like, then i see the score being 62 us 3 them. 

Comment 02 Sep 2015

for the love of god why do these pundits keep picking Georgia!?!?! every. freaking. year!! 

like the song in the movie, Frozen... LET it GO!! 

Comment 02 Sep 2015
Thanks bud. My wife is like this social butterfly and between happy hours with her friends and eating out I gained all that weight. Pre wedding weight was 175, but definitely not as strong as I am now in the same weight.
Comment 01 Sep 2015

Quick update:

5'6 March 203lbs 22% bf

today 178.3(my cut off is 180lbs, but I keep dropping weight, so I will be eating more) 13%bf

currently 1850 cals 310carbs 30fat 120 pro 30-40g fiber. Usually have a cup of veggies with every meal.

lunch is usually meal preped for 3 days out at a time.

The journey has been amazing so far.

use myfitnesspal and track your macros. It's all a numbers game. Been eating 2 servings of ice cream every night for a month. Life is good!

Any way you look at it, it takes work and planning in and out of the gym.

Read up on IIFYM (my wife's been on it for 3 years now and she loves it she went from 160 to 119) hands down the most sustainable "diet" over the course of years you can be on because it makes sense. You shouldn't have to give up food you love.

Fuck Atkins, Paleo, low carb, soup/salad diet bullshit! 

Comment 01 Sep 2015
Push Pull Leg/abs Been on this since March drop body weight and bf% and up at least 25lbs on all compound movements Check out candito traning. He has an awesome workout split on an.Excel sheet so you can.track your strength progress. Oh and it's free!
Comment 31 Aug 2015
Does it sound better if I said my wife wrote that to show you guys how much of a vjayjay I really aM?
Comment 31 Aug 2015
Just went there two weeks ago Ruby slipper - Chicken St Charles - banana Fosters(best pancake I've ever had. Ever) Acme oysters - Loved the raw ones The char grilled ones not so much Cafe du mond Their Beignet was pretty overrated. On.Bourbon street there is place that sells pizza by the slice and their big Mac pizza was pretty amazing. Assuming you like big Mac that is. If you like coffee and or crepes Merchant is up there on my list Oh and Crystals. Like white castle but their mini chicken burger is awesome.
Comment 31 Aug 2015
It's fucking expensive! We made an excel sheet and had a budget for everything. Sadly, I was the woman in the relationship who wanted everything perfect while my wife was more practical And was a dream killer :p Destination is the best way to keep things within budget imo. Mehico comes to mind. Plus it's all inclusive. I lived in DC and wife was from Dallas and we had our wedding in Atlanta and somehow fucking 330 people showed up! So to conclude; have a budget and stick within the budget. All prices are negotiable and if they aren't, find someone else.
Comment 31 Aug 2015
Me: strawberry martini with a strawberry inside and sugar on the rim Wife: Suntory Hakushu single malt. Don't judge me!! She's clearly the man in the relationship.
Comment 30 Aug 2015

Best view ever!! And hands down the best collegiate gym I've ever been too. 

Lived on north campus for two yrs and went to JO North(I really hope the updated that crap), and yea, I started using the walk as my warm up to the rpac. Ha