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Comment 18 Dec 2014
Butt hurt? How old are you? Ha. I think Tim is a great guy and anyone who wants to make time for our team and send a positive message is a-ok by me. 

And as far as dv, I rarely post on EW(just enjoy reading the stuff they do here), so I have no clue how to dv or uv. 

And no no post is complete here without 


Comment 06 Dec 2014
True. But I would put these watches pretty darn close to high end swiss stuff. Workmanship on those are pretty high end minus the huge inflated prices.
Comment 06 Dec 2014
Another site I'm on a lot is watchrecon and watchyouseek is great websites. Some amazing deals on there if you are patient. I've bought some watches at really good prices.
Comment 06 Dec 2014
Hamilton, Steinhart and Tissot are great bang for the buck. Seiko stepped up their game in watches as well.
Comment 29 Aug 2014

Went to Skybox twice and I wasn't feeling it. Food and drinks were just ok and the crowd was a lot tamer. Glad they switched out of it. 

Enter brickhouse. It felt like any bar on high st. The food as mentioned is pretty good. Can't go wrong with their pizzas or burgers. And let's not forget the crowd intensity. As you walk to the bar you see all the cars with Alum stickers and flags makes you right at osu. 

I remember when osu was playing Kansas or Kentucky in bball tourney a few years back, there were about 6-8 Ku fans and boo-ed every time a ref made made a call in our favor or we scored. Needless to say it was getting pretty annoying and then what started out with 5 osu peeps boo-ing back escalated to 40+. At the end even though osu lost most of the osu fans congratulated them on their win. 

Sadly, here in dallas the turn out isn't as strong :-/ 

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Ya, 40mins before for 2-4 people and you should be good. I used to go 30mins before. 

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Last year every game was pretty packed. I've had to sit out a few times, but the have TVs out there too. 

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I miss the brickhouse. Watched last two years bball and football games there. Hands down the craziest*ahem* passionate bucks fans outside of the state of Ohio. 

food is good too. 

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I was an out of state student as well. 

well, what do you want to major in? If you plan to major in Bus, Eng, pre law/med, health sciences, you will have a hard time getting in. However, if you plan on doing Agri, English, Philo and "so forth" you wont have a problem. 

In high school I was not super involved:

joined a bunch of clubs(never involved) and did volunteering here and there just to get my required hrs

played varsity sports 3 years

2.6 gpa 1360/1600 sat(older one)

Applied to 8 schools and go into them(including osu), but chose U of I Urbana Champ for their Engineering prog because that's what my parents wanted me to do. Failed out! 

Went into Comm College, did well and applied to OSU and a bunch of other schools and OSU was the only one who gave me a second chance due to my crap grades at U of I. 

Lets back up a bit. A recruiter had come to my college and i sat and heard everything she wanted to say. After she was done almost all the students just left, so I went up and told her my case and she took my name, number and email address. A week later a get a call from the dean of admissions(sadly, she is no longer there) and she was super nice. 5 days later I get my thick packet :) 

 All you have to do is stand out from the rest. Call/email admissions, talk to them. Talk to recruiters when they come to your high school or college. 

Ohio State gave me a second chance. Got 3 degrees(Finance, Bio and Japanese), currently a 3rd year co pilot of SW Airlines. So, I am living my dream and I have OSU to thank for that. So, if you see a guy in uniform walking down the terminal with an OSU and  a block O sticker on my bag, say hi.

All the best!

Sorry for the long response and being over dramatic, but I am a little too passionate about anything OSU related. 

What can i say, I bleed scarlet and grey, all day errryday :) O-H..

Comment 08 Oct 2011
Denard R. Is going to have a whale of a time if our second half defense shows up. And I for one, def want that win!
Comment 08 Oct 2011
Oh.My.God. It's clear that both sides on the ball step up and play their best when miller or someone competent plays. Clearly Joe ain't it!! Why does Luke keep playing him. It's beyond frustrating to watch him step on the field. Time to give some other qb a shot. I will gladly volunteer my services. I suck, but I know I can throw 5-10 and possibly, 13.25 yards with some accuracy. And I'm sure most of you guys are better than me.