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Comment 11 Oct 2015

Agreed with everything you said. 

Excuse me while I do wash my hands for typing that :)

Comment 11 Oct 2015

I wanted him to answer that :) spreads don't mean squat to me unless you are a betting man. 

A win is a win and loss a loss. 

Comment 10 Oct 2015

scUM is way ahead of the schedule. I was hoping it would two years till they really mattered, but now State and them will be a tough game. Hope we get our defense sorted out by then. Offense looks much better than last week, but every improvement will help at this point.

Comment 28 Sep 2015
What city do work in? It better not be nyc. Chipotle is always my go to. 10 bucks for double meat rice bowl is tough to beat.
Comment 28 Sep 2015
Easy. Get a frozen packet of assorted veggies Fish/chicken/pork/ beef for meat Pan. Olive oil Dump said veggies close lid for 4 mins in low to med heat Drop meat in. Close lid. timing will depending on the type of meat. Fish will cook under 7mins Add whatever spice. I personally like garlic and herb mix. Goes with everything. Prep: no more than 5mins Cookin: will depend on choice of meat. Fish 7mins Did this in osu and still do it now. Add noodles, and variations of spices and sauces for flavor.
Comment 26 Sep 2015
Money talks. I like both platforms and I go with the cheapest best phone. I went from a 5s which I enjoyed for 2 years, but a yr into it my wifi and Bluetooth chip burned out which really really sucked. Still like iPhone. Can't complain it was a "free" upgrade. And now I have xperia z3 which I absolutely love. Another free phone which earns really high marks in my book. Battery life1.5 days l, amazing camera, water proof. Yes, I take a lot of pics under water belive it or not. Ha My Advice? Experiment and go with the best that's the cheapest. Just my two cents