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Comment 18 Sep 2016
God damn. That is one annoying site to navigate through. I left after 7:42. All those "smart" guys and you can't make a user friendly site.
Comment 10 Sep 2016
Think we will A-OK. We are basically U of H with more talent on the team. Just hope the team that played BG shows up so we can blow them out. If today's teams shows up it will be a long game. Still confident coming away with a W.
Comment 06 Sep 2016
Great food truck scene. Lobster roll and donuts is what I like to start my day with in Austin.
Comment 06 Sep 2016
Houston has the great food scene. Where abouts are you? Have a bunch of family in the Sugarland area. I just can't stand the humidity. Same here. Wife I head to Austin once a month to hike and eat.
Comment 06 Sep 2016
Austin is my favorite city in TX. I would move out of Dallas in heartbeat if I job there. -Always things to do -UT is a good school. -Amazing trails and natural pools -Gorgeous women. I feel somehow all the hottest TX women end up there. -Hippie happy people. Traffic sucks though. Glad you had fun. I will be going to the tcu and UT game for sure.
Comment 05 Sep 2016
I used to ride my bike to games from North campus. I parked and locked it right outside the rpac. Never had any issues. Main entrance by the tennis courts should have plenty so should the entrance from the upper level (this is where I parked it) by academic buildings.