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Comment 21 Jun 2016
Long story short : Went to U of I Eng - failed out! Applied to Osu Went to an open house. Met a lady who I expressed my interest in Osu and my academic situation. Exchanged emails. Emailed back and forth right before I applied. Got accepted into Osu with whatever scholarship they hand out for your Sat score (but it was only available to incoming freshman). Got a few grants thrown my way for being a "qualified out of state" grant. Turned out she was on the board admissions. A Vp at that. Just my luck. Word was also Osu at the time wanted more out of state students. My ex also got a few grants thrown her way. Sorry don't remember the names of them. I would just see it on my account every qtr
Comment 20 Jun 2016
Go to an open house and talk to the rep. Usually one of them and make an impression. Usually one of them are on the board of admissions and tell them why you want to go there. Get their card email them once a month to touch base with your progress. That's how I got in. My grades were sub par, SATs decent. Ended with scholarship and grants. Ended up paying instate being out of state. If I can do it you can. Just go after what you want and don't give up. All the best!!
Comment 14 Jun 2016

a lot of misconceptions thrown around about riods. 

I know a handful of people who compete either in power-lifting or bodybuilding who are on it, but show none of the common side effects. 

If you are to do it, make sure you grill the person you are getting your stash from. Make sure hes knowledgeable to lead you in the direction you want to go safely. 

Again, i am not promoting roids or anything anabolic, but like when send off your kids to college and give them the "dont party too hard, dont underage drink, dont smoke pot.." lectures, they are bound to do one, but hope for their safety at the end of the day even if they do engage in those things.

All the best with whatever choice you make. All i ask is if you do go that route, do it safely and two, dont tell people you are natural. 

Comment 04 Jun 2016

Merkur 34c HD

Boars hair brush 

Sandalwood Cream

And Feather Jap Blades

Needless to say, i will never buy any other 3 bladed pos again!

Comment 02 Jun 2016
Anytime time I've had an issue they have always resolved it. Every year I call them telling them I am going to switch to Sprint(especially when their promotion is to pay for cancellation charges) and they immediately kick off 10 bucks a line(we have 4) and 5 bucks off data per line, and 10 bucks off the whole bill for customer loyalty bs. Still more than sprint, or tmobile but every bit helps.
Comment 02 Jun 2016
Damn. Sorry to hear. I've been a Vz customer for the past 10 or so years. Plans are expensive, but service (phone and customer) have been satisfactory inho. Wife used to have sprint and well, it was pretty terrible. GPS would work half the time and a few drop calls here and there. Time to make the switch bud My worst was golds gym. Canceled before my billing cycle in writing and they charged me the following month. I called; asked for the manager and obviously he was never available. Left multiple messages with the front desk person and sure enough the following month got charged. Canceled my credit card, kept calling and leaving messages. Get a letter stating I am past due and if I don't pay it will be sent to a collection agency and membership would be cancelled. Walked in the next day had my phone on video record mode wrote another letter signed and did not leave till the manager signed it while recording. Needless to I the following month no letter or bill. Never again.
Comment 19 May 2016

i work in a very small cubicle within arms length of my bosses.

That said:

Bad breathe. Have a mint, chew gum OR please brush your teeth.

Body Odor. Drowning yourself in cheap cologne will only make the matter worse. Please shower!! and use proper deodorant. 

Comment 04 May 2016

thats amazing!!! thanks for sharing. I am def going to look into this. like.. right now. its beautiful.

Lately myself and a buddy of mine have been hiking a lot (at least once a week. sometimes local, sometimes we just rent a plane and fly somewhere). nothing too crazy, but eventually i want to be able to hike up kilimanjaro. 

Last year was Grand Canyon, but could not do much as it was cold and snowing when we went. The wife and I are def heading back this fall. 

so beautiful out there

A couple weeks ago we went Palo Duro Canyons (2nd biggest Canyon in the US)

and just yesterday went to the Hamilton Pool. Pretty breathe taking imho. 

My hikes have been no more than 8 miles total. Slowly working my way up to something like you did. Next trip is to Big Bend here in a week or so. 

Comment 02 May 2016
Yea, it was not fun, but being out of state I didn't want pay 35k a year out of pocket. Plus, serves me well for taking 15 credits(back when it was the qtr system) every year and classes Tuesdays and Thursdays with a lab or two on Weds. A four day weekend for two years was amazing until i had to catch with all the classes I needed to graduate. So stupid, but I don't regret the time spent there.
Comment 02 May 2016
I stayed as long as possible(5 and a half years) till my counselor said, "you know you won't be getting grants and your scholarships will expire in 11months" so, I had to take 21-23 credits for a year. Brutal, but probably my best academic year at osu. I miss osu daily. Columbus is my second home. Met some amazing people (friends and professors). All the best on your big day and your future. Hopefully you were smarter than me and picked a major that you can actually make decent living off. Haha O-H..