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Comment 11 hours ago
Funny cause I have an Ohio state sticker on my bag and almost every day at the airport people show me the O-h or say, go buckeyes as I walk past them
Comment 27 Nov 2015

In NCAA football? Heck yes! Huge fan base and so many implications. Well, not so much the rich rod era, but you get my point. 

This game will be a good one and really hope we come away tearing them a new one. Doubtful, but I def want that W

Comment 27 Nov 2015

Having been to two of those match ups it's def up there. Easily comparable to ours(going to be biased and say ours is much much better)

 Huge rivalry and they are only 6 miles away from each other.  Imagine that. 

My ears came away ringing leaving coach K court. Yes, it gets that loud. 

Comment 27 Nov 2015
Glad I didn't see this thread when it was posted. Phew
Comment 26 Nov 2015
I used to be one of those people who used to camp out. Did it for 4 years and got some.great deals. Sadly, with how people act these days every year got more animalistic and violent. Now o strictly shop online. No camping out. No stupid ass people trying to fight you for a 299$ laptop. Now I set my alarm, buy and wait for my shipment; all in the comfort in my pj's and on my bed.
Comment 26 Nov 2015
Lol. Dang! A lot has changed when I went there, I guess. We used to get emails of what day, what time and if it was supposed to be cold that particular day they encouraged people not to jump. Ha.
Comment 26 Nov 2015
Happy thanksgiving brahs! enjoy the time with.your loved ones
Comment 26 Nov 2015
Concert? While I was there every year there was a free concert, stand up comedy by Chris Rock, and many others that our "activity fee" covered. The lake can be better monitored(much like bars and clubs are) so people don't do stupid shit. If you break the rules, pull those individuals out. Mirror lake jump is an amazing tradition. My friends and I would talk about it all though hate week. better monitoring? Stricter rules about diving, coming intoxicated? yes. Sure.. Banning it? No!
Comment 25 Nov 2015

Only time will tell bud.

Don't get me wrong, some people do some stupid shit, but there's no reason to go there (drunk or sober) and have a blast. I have done it under both cond and well, you know ohio weather, 70 at day time 3pm snow and 33. 

Also I would add, only about 30-40% jump in. Most are there to watch people cheering on buckeyes, singing( we don't give a damn..) and just pretty much everyone coming together