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Comment 09 May 2012

I love our line up, but we will definitely miss those guys, especially Novak. I thought Smotrycz was awful last year, also he is a chicken ****. The guy does not play aggressive at all and is very slow. Novak is the one I am going to miss. He was the guy who kept the fire going and would always sacrifice his body for the team and that would always get everyone else going. Also, he was a pretty damn good shooter, hit his fair share of clutch three pointers along with Stu ( MSU at the Breslin two years ago). But, definitely feel like we are in good hands right now. Just need to find that Novak type player.

Comment 09 May 2012

Yes, Stauskas is the kid from Canada. A perfect fit for the Beilien system

I predicit the lineup to be like this :

1- Burke

2- Hardaway

3- Robinson Jr.

4- Mcgary

5- Morgan

With Horford, Mclimas, Vogrich, Stauskas and Max Biefeldt ( Redshirted last year) playing significant minutes.

Comment 09 May 2012

FWIW, Rivals ended up Ranking Glenn Robinson Jr. as a five star. Do not know if you got your rankings from there or some other site.

But, I really like our class this year. It is the best one we have had in a very long time. I am very excited about the future of Michigan Basketball. Especially, now that we have something to sell with a new renovated area and a player development center that is one of the best in the country.

@BADDOGG: Expect Hardaway to be a better shooter this year. I think he struggled with his shot a bit last year because he did not have Darius Morris to spot him up for shots. He is a better set shooter. As great as Burke was, he really is not a great facilitator. I expect him to be better at that. If you get a chance, youtube Nick Stauskas, kid does not miss. He will play next year.

Comment 28 Apr 2012

@M Man: It was on a website, where a guy went through all the Jersey changes some professional and college teams have made. I just read it and he admits to making a mistake on the 1964 version of the jersey. So, I guess we never did before. FWIW, I hope we never do.


There is the link for fun

Comment 26 Apr 2012

@Hodge: I do not consider it a change because it is part of the tradition. They used to have those numbers on the helmets. I believe it was in the 40's or 50's. There was even a maize uniform at one time.

Comment 26 Apr 2012

I hope Michigan goes back to Nike when this contract expires. I am not a big fan of their apparel, even though the material they are made from seem better than the nike stuff I have, they also seem to last longer. I just think Nike came out with more creative stuff and nicer designs. As far as team uniform, the adidas jersey's are awful, they seem to always be hanging over the jersey. The Northwestern game was an embarassment, Denard's pads were over his jersey that whole game. I believe he had to switch to another jersey in that game, that did not have the pipes his other teammates did.

On another note: What do you guys think of Michigan helmets with the numbers and Grey face masks? I personally love them. Michigan fans keep crying about how the number takes away focus from the wings and how the Grey facemasks are buckeye colors. I am more of a vintage guy, so that is why I love the helmets. Everyone rocked the Grey facemask in the 70's and 80's. Michigan made the switch to the blue facemasks in 75' or 76' i believe.

Comment 26 Apr 2012

Seems like recruiting is going to be kind of boring in may for both programs. These are the dog days; between spring football and august. Gets kind of boring just about now.

Comment 23 Apr 2012

Dunn is very good, but he will rarely get 20 or so carries in a game to dominate a game in that offense. Not sure Urban had a 1,000 yd rusher in a season at Florida (could be wrong) It had always been a mix of backs, I just look at him as being a change of pace back his whole career as long as Urban is there.

BTW, what happened to the I formation stuff that Urban promised him? Or will we see that in the fall?

Lol can you tell I am still bitter we did not land this kid? It was a shame seeing him run an option yesterday.

Comment 17 Apr 2012

I did decide to stay away from this thread. But I do agree with everything Ramzy said. It goes back the other way as well. I never want to see either school down.

Comment 17 Apr 2012

Also, yes do not put too much stock into ESPN's ranking. It is always awful and someone brought it to my attention that 1 of every 3 players on there is either from Florida or Georgia. Talk about SEC bias. Also, I love Conley (our commit from Massillon) but he is not our second highest rated commit.

Comment 17 Apr 2012

but......but......but wait, Urban Meyer only signs 4 and 5 stars!

lol all kidding aside, I read a few questioning the commit. It is real simple if the head coach feels like he can take a commit from a kid, he sees some potential in him. The recruiting services are not always right, especially when it comes to 3 star guys. Mike Hart and Braylon Edwards are examples of those. Also, your 3 star guys are just as important to a recruiting class. Believe me, even Alabama takes some. 

Comment 14 Apr 2012

I definitely think the weather played a big part, the report yesterday about it possibly being cancelled kind of threw everybody off. I know after I heard that I decided not to go. 

Kind of glad I did not go. It only lasted for a hour and a half, Denard I believe only played one drive and the play calling was fairly simple. ( As I would expect it to be) But you should always expect 50-55 thousand at a Michigan spring game, weather definitely played a role.

Comment 05 Apr 2012

Good stuff, only thing is I have good information on Bauer. He is a heavy Michigan lean and almost dropped to us a few weeks ago. I would be shocked if he does not commit to Michigan.

Bosa, will be at Michigan this week. I do not think we have much of a chance but then again anything can happen, my hopes is this visit makes him want to officially visit in the fall.

Comment 03 Apr 2012

Well shoot, I hope Charles Woodson can get that same exact title as soon as he retires. Would be quite the recruiting pitch. Hell, can we sign up Tom Brady as well lol

Im actually shocked most programs have not done something like this to entice recruits.

Comment 03 Apr 2012

Hodge, I am not even going to pretend to know what the exact rule is because I do not. There is so many it is hard to keep up.

I initially thought it was only okay for a coach or someone who is directly affiliated with your football program (Asst coaches etc.) can contact a recruit or even able to sell the program to that recruit. Former players are not allowed to do so, definitely not anyone from the alumni association.

If this is a violation, it will just be a slap on the wrist. But, I think this is not very bright on behalf of the athletic department after just being punished for another incident.

Edit: I guess I am wrong, anyone affiliated with the school can give a recruiting pitch. Now the question is whether Archie is affiliated with the university? Does the University pay him? If they do this is fine. They cannot control if the kid or someone who knows the kid put it on youtube.

Comment 03 Apr 2012

This is kind of weird and I question if it is even legal to do something like that. From what I understand no one affiliated with the university can comment on a recruit until he is signed.

I am sure every school that had a heisman trophy winner would do something like this if it was legal. Shoot, if this is legal why the hell hasn't Charles Woodson done one of these for an elite corner.

Comment 05 Mar 2012

I wanted to come on here and formally thank you guys for giving us a share of that Big Ten Crown lol that was the first time I ever cheered for you guys! I had no problem with it if it benefitted my team, unlike that douche Dantonio.

I find it very funny that sparty fans are saying we backed into it when in reality all 3 teams won 1 and lost 1 against each other. Also, I think they are fortunate they got a share after that colossal choke job by the Golden Gophers a few weeks ago.

Hopefully we will see you guys Saturday Night.

Comment 02 Mar 2012

Well with Deveon Smith, he may eventually get turned off by us. It seems like we are throwing all our eggs into the Ty Isaac basket. I fear that IF we miss out on him then we may miss out on the whole trio of Green, Smith and Isaac.

Isaac is the most important recruit on our board with Treadwell a close second.

Comment 26 Feb 2012

I guess you are right, going into the year he was the second option until Victor Cruz went out of his mind. Thanks for having me I appreciate it.

Saw someone post about Mgoblog. I stopped posting there as well. The majority of the people there are elitist. I would always get "neg-bombed" for bashing Rich Rod during his tenure and now the site has become a bunch of people bitching about other people's postings. Oh and if your posts are not in APA format in formal essay type the Grammar Nazi's will hunt you down. I have never had that problem personally, but if you can read and understand someone's point why clutter space with stupid postings. I just want to talk football. The Fort is an excellent place to get Michigan Football information. The mods there do a great job covering every angle of Michigan sports.

Comment 26 Feb 2012

JasonBuck, how about that receiver who made the biggest catch in the Super Bowl three weeks ago? I will give you a hint, he is from Warren, Ohio and attended Warren Harding.

Comment 26 Feb 2012

Listen guys, I am not coming here to blast you for your hire with UM. I really came on here just to get my enemies perspective on things and just chat up football and the rivalry. It is after all what this is about.

I just think this is what big time WR's look at when they think about going to a school. The goal is to get to the next level for most of these kids regardless who they grow up loving. As far as guys put into the nfl, ya David Nelson is a good third option for a horrible Buffalo Bills team. Riley Cooper had 16 receptions last year. Percey Harvin is an absolute stud and I think those are the guys you are going to get. His official position says WR, but lets be honest he does it all and is more of a quick slot guy. I am referring to the great outside receivers you guys are accustomed to having.

I also do not think we will be going after the same guys on offense. As long as Urban is in Columbus we will never go head to head on a Quarterback Prospect. Maybe even some running backs. You guys are looking for more of a quick scat back type running back while we are looking for the bruiser type. It is why I wanted Brionte Dunn so bad, with that said I do not see Brionte Dunn ever being the reason why Ohio (sorry it has grown on me) will beat Michigan in the next four years. I really felt that Urban just did not want him in Ann Arbor and that is why he recruited him hard, knowing it may come back to bite him in the ass.

With all that said, I definitely think UM will do great things in Columbus and is a great offensive mind. I have broke down his films in Florida for about 5 years now and have used some of his stuff for my own team. ( I am an offensive coordinatior here in Michigan) He does a great job changing up formations and personnel. Lots of shifts before the snap that can confuse the defenses and does a great job with motion. Unlike that jackass Rich Rod. He never motioned a guy once in three years! I kid you not, watch the film. My favorite play he runs is the shovel option that he uses with the TE/H back and the running back. The qb reads the D end, if the D end plays the Option then the quarterback shovels it underneath to the H back/ T end and vice versa. Very effective play that has helped me win a bunch of games in the last two years. So, no doubt UM is a great offensive mind. Probably the third best mind in the game behind Kelly and Malzahn. It will be a hell of a battle against the Michigan Defense. Because those guys can flat out coach D as well. Looking forward to a new 10 year war.

Comment 26 Feb 2012

I believe Treadwell is a big Michigan lean at this point. Foster is definitely yours to lose at this point. But, not trying to troll here or anything that was not my intent when I joined here, I just do not see you guys having success recruiting the big physical wide receivers that you are accustomed to with Urban in the future. The style of offense is just not all that intriguing for a big time wide receiver prospect who has NFL aspirations.

How many wide receivers has Urban Meyer put into the NFL? Only one I can think of is Louis Murphy for the Raiders who is somewhat of a contributor.