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Comment 05 Dec 2014

Get your stuff together B1G coaches... No reason for a talent like this to leave he Midwest. Kentucky invading Ohio and picking up all these talented players is what is wrong with this conference. This was the type of player that would go to IU or Illinois and it made the conference stronger. Now they are Baylin for the SEC... Ugh

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Hawkins... while not quite at the level of Farrell and Hausman rankings wise, I think that's mostly cause people are ranking him as a WR, I see him more as a TE/H-back which, IIRC, is what the coaches told him he would be playing.

But I could see why he wouldn't pop in people's minds as a TE

Comment 19 Nov 2014

We could bring in as many as 3 STUD TEs in 2016 without leaving the state... don't burn the schollie.  Get a RB and build depth on the lines

Comment 09 Oct 2014

If we go to 16, I would like to see the B1G revolutionize the pod system...

If It's UT/OU:

East: RU, UMD, PSU, tOSU

Central: UM, MSU, PU, IU

Lakes: MN, WI, NW, UI

West: IA, NE, OU, UT

If it is UT & UNC/UVA/GT/east-coast whomever

East: UMD, RU, PSU, [Insert East team]

Central: tOSU, UM, MSU, IU

Lakes: PU, NW, IU, WI

West: MN, IA, NE, UT

Each pod rotates every year to make your two divisions.  So Year one it is East/Central & Lakes/West. Year Two it is Central/West & East/Lakes... etc. You get a full rotation after 4 years and start again.  That guarantees at least one game against each opponent in the conference every four years.  You play each member of your division (7 games) and then 2 from the other.  One is random and the other is a protected cross-over (if needed).  This would keep things fresh while building regional rivalries as well as making sure the conference feels cohesive as one unit.

Comment 09 Oct 2014

BINGO... we as sports fans have blinders on.  Those of us that have been involved in higher academia understand the money at stake.

Comment 09 Oct 2014

Not at all... the ACC is still by far the better conference.. UMD and JHU have history, but haven't been as good recently as even WE have.  Right now the ACC has Cuse, UNC, UVA, Duke, and ND... that is outrageous.  The B1G conference is not a nobody in the LAX world (anymore) but the ACC is far better.

Comment 08 Oct 2014

You have to keep recruiting the ones you are interested in until they stop, even if you already have a commit.  What happens if Clark (heaven forbid) has some sort of career-ending injury?  He is the least likely of any recruit I've followed to flip, but what if there are other issues.  What if something crazy happens?  I hope to god that none of that happens and I really want Clark as the face and leader of our '17 class... but a smart coach and recruiter always has other lines in the water in case of emergency... especially this far away from NLOID for the '17 class

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Army has had a few alts that were pretty sweet, but true on AFA... though I have a unicrush on those blue and white lightning bolt helmets, they perfected what the Chargers started

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Baton Rouge to Norman is 9 hours (I used to live in BR, it's nowhere close) while Knoxville to Columbus is 5 hours

His excuses at this point are a load of [mark may] and I'm really over it

Comment 29 Jun 2014

I have no problem with a differing opinion, but your reason was wacky.  You said "when has he last been to OSU" and that was your reason for picking ND when no one can even find the last time he was in South Bend.  If you had said UT or UF then maybe your reasoning would be more logical. Instead you made yet another prediction purely to be a contrarian and then acted a victim when people called you on it.  Get over yourself.

Comment 18 Jun 2014

No need to get condescending... You used the language "confident" and I was pointing out that it is probably difficult for a staff to feel confident if that recruit just committed to another school.  It's not the end of the recruitment, but it's a solid sign to look at other options.

Comment 28 May 2014

I let the commitment sink in a bit and watch some film and in the end I am quite happy with this commitment.  He is a much different QB than Barrett or Collier and that's a good thing.  He will be very useful on scout team as a freshman when he is learning the system and then when he gets a handle on the offense will give the coaches a very different option for QB.

Watching his film the one thing that stands out is that he never gives up on plays and he is nearly always exactly where he needs to be.  LOVE at 1:05 of the Hudl highlights when he see's the bubble screen reverse field and then gets upfield to deliver a NASTY block on a safety.  Made a lot of mediocre wideouts look very good and made some difficult intermediate passes in traffic (which, imo, is the hardest thing to teach a QB).  He's not going to out-athlete everyone, but he certainly has a head for the game and I think he'll end up as a top 15 Duel-threat QB in 2015 and a 4*.

Comment 05 May 2014

Yes, cause UFM and the crew are sitting there going "aw shucks, guess we need to actually recruit people now"... seriously dude?  We lost a recruiting battle, you brush it of and move on.

Comment 28 Apr 2014

This fan base is bored and spoiled.  That's the only thing wrong right now.

Comment 28 Apr 2014

I'm really sick of people complaining about Connor.  He knows where he stands with the staff.  We have higher ranked LBs on the board including TWO FROM OHIO (Baker, Hillard).  Is he a good prospect? Yes.  Would he most likely commit on the spot? Yes.  Does that mean that the staff should take someone who they deem as a slightly lesser prospect because it will be easy?  No.

Last year's class had 8 of 23 from Ohio, that's more than a 3rd of the class.  In 2013 it was 10 out of 24.  Currently half of our class (mind you, that's 1 our of 2) is from Ohio.  If you look at best guesses (from people on LGHL, BP, and 11W) it looks like it'll be another 7/8 out of around 21/22, so another 3rd of the class from Ohio.

Offering kids in state when you are the only show like it is with Ohio State can be tricky.  You HAVE to be prepared to immediately take their commitment to not offend their coaches.  Tressel did this a lot and filled his rosters with a lot of reaches due to it.  Some of those panned out (hello AJ Hawk) some did not (Hello lots of players from Glenville).  Urban does not do this.  He has a pecking order.  If we are in on a national player (like Deberry and Shirby-Lane) that he ranks above an in-state player (Connor) then he will put the in-state player on ice.  If the in-state player is top of the list, they get offered immediately (see EGW, Baker, Hillard this year... Lattimore and Booker last).

The only "void" is a potential recruiting leader (which would be nice, but Urban isn;t losing sleep over it) and the fact that this fan base is spoiled and bored.  It's the offseason and we are dying for football news and our expectations do not line up with reality.  Patience.

Comment 23 Apr 2014

This is the first year I can remember in a while where the women's lacrosse team has flat out out-performed the men's squad.  Really nice season ladies and I hope you grab a much deserved at-large into the NCAA tournament and make some noise!