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Comment 12 Apr 2014

Penn State is finally recruiting how Penn State should be recruiting.  They are by far the biggest program in the the MD/PA/NY/NJ area and they should be raking in that talent.  Honestly, I would think Franklin was a crummy recruiter if he wasn't making a big splash.

Comment 02 Apr 2014

This one really stings... but it was a pretty smart decision by Dzingel.  Strike when the iron is hot, and boy is it hot! Who knows what he would have gotten in free agency, but his stock could have plummeted with a lackluster season.

Comment 22 Mar 2014

My buddies flew into MSP to visit me and go to one game... we're getting 3 out of it and were proudly singing Carmen last night!

Hell of a game and it's been so much fun watching this team grow... NOW GO GET THAT AUTO-BID!

Comment 14 Mar 2014

I don't care #4/#5 except for bragging rights I guess...

What I care about is a bit more selfish.  I live in Minnesota and have buddies coming into town for the tournament but we cannot go to the 2 pm game on Thursday.  Whoever had the ridiculous idea to have the first game that early in the afternoon should be shot.  It's all dependent on who wins the conference apparently but I can't find any information at all as to which is when.  It would royally suck to miss the only game the Buckeyes play in if we lose to MSU... booo

Comment 14 Feb 2014

It would be an uphill battle for sure. But we are not completely out of it. We would need to essentially win out and get the quality wins over UW, Minn, UM. Oh, and we certainly can't lose to PSU.

Tough but not impossible to steal a bid.

Comment 14 Feb 2014

This week is HUGE.  If we sweep and the Gophs take care of Michigan, we'll be sitting in 2nd place in the B1G.  It'll be a tall task, but if we managed a split in their barn, we certainly are capable of doing it in ours.

Also, we need to make a serious move in the PairWise if we want to not have to rely on winning the B1G tournament (which will be REALLY tough considering the home-ice advantage Minnesota will have) to get a ticket to the dance.

Comment 13 Feb 2014

Think about it this way.  The only sport that Miami competes on a national level in is hockey.  That is why their students flock to the games (also, their student attendance numbers aren't THAT much bigger than ours, they just have a much smaller rink so it shows).  It's the same reason why Akron soccer has a passionate following.  Same with Ball State men's volleyball,  Those are the sports at those schools that actually have a better chance of knocking off a big name like Ohio State on a consistent basis.

I don't think you'll see something like that Ohio St until hockey gets it's own arena.  The Schott is too big for college hockey.

Oh, and that ESPN article was blowing smoke up its butt.  It's gonna be a LONG time before Penn State becomes an elite in ice hockey.  Program building becomes time and competition is going to be VERY stiff in the B1G (it took them 2/3rds through the season to get their first conference win).

Comment 08 Feb 2014

Right now we are outside the bubble.  The key ranking to look at is the PairWise ranking.  The tournament selection committee has their own formula that they don't release mid-season, but the PairWise is designed to mimic it (and it is damn good at doing so).  We sit at a tie for 24 (NCAA tourney is 16 teams).  Letting the games against Miami early get away from us is really hurting (as they suck now) and that 1-0 loss to Minny stings as a missed opportunity.  Fortunately we get both Minnesota and Wisconsin at home which will be big opportunities.  Our end of the season schedule is primed for a run with 5 of the final 9 games at home (or at Nationwide).  Only roadtrip weekend is to PSU who is the "worst" team in the league.  Plus the B1G tournament in St. Paul (which I will be attending and am SUPER excited for).

So the team has a lot of work to do, but it's not at all impossible.

PairWise: http://www.uscho.com/rankings/pairwise-rankings/d-i-men/

Comment 31 Oct 2013

Lots of short-sighted opinions on here.  I'm getting tired of Gene, but not for the reasons most of you all are.  An AD is in charge of the entire damn athletic department.  This has been a golden era of Ohio State sports, to argue otherwise is just plain silly.  While it is true that he didn't hire EVERYBODY.  He has helped secure the funding for: 1) 'Shoe expansion 2) Schott expansion 3) BRAND NEW SPORTS ARENA.  Not only that, but in a time where a TON of schools are cutting programs, we are holding strong with the second most funded programs (behind Stanford) in the country.  We finish in the top 5 of the President's Cup nearly every year.

Now, I'm getting tired of him because he wants Ohio State to be Stanford.  We will never be Stanford, it's impossible.  The culture, the academics, the climate... it just ain't happening.  But, he is SUPER afraid of becoming complacent. It's forcing him to make some hasty decisions (see: men's ice hockey) that are kinda head-scratchers... you might see more of these in the months to come.

Regardless, it never seemed like this was a final stop for Gene anyway, I think he has his eyes set on something bigger, such as a commissioner position.  We'll see.

Comment 30 Oct 2013

I disagree.  A some point the Duck program will hit a skid of poor seasons.  That fanbase will pretty much vanish.  Take away Nike sugar-daddy money and Chip Kelly and Oregon would be nothing.  Tradition means a ton in CFB.  It's what keeps the blue-bloods at the top year after year after year.

Comment 22 Oct 2013

I'm actually not too upset by this.  If the NCAA had given them a 2 year bowl ban and a loss of 9 schollies right off the bat, it would have been looked at as pretty stiff punishment.  In reality, it was the NCAA's screw-up of the investigation that makes this all look wacky.

Comment 10 Oct 2013

You all act like scheduling a top 10 team every year is so damn easy...  so much more goes into putting together a schedule than just picking a school and saying "we want to play them".

I'm actually quite happy with what Gene Smith has done putting together some interesting upcoming series as well as cool one-off games (like playing Navy in Bmore).

Comment 10 Oct 2013

Let's review some of the teams Tressel played OOC (ranking reflect end of season):

2001: @ #20 UCLA

2002: v. #7 Washington St (Pac10 champ), #24 Texas Tech, @ Cincy

2003: Washington, NC State (both ranked at time of game)

2004: Cincy, @ NC State

2005: #1 Texas (National Champs)

2006: @ #13 Texas, Cincy

2007: @ Washington

2008: @ #2 USC (Pac-10 Champs)

2009: #20 USC

2010: Miami FL (ranked at the time)

In summation: you're an idiot

Comment 25 Sep 2013

If you are in Columbus on Friday (maybe there early for a certain football game Saturday) GO TO THE VOLLEYBALL MATCH!!!!

Seriously, this team could be special, it's the first B1G match at home, St. John will be rocking, and it's against that team up north.  Plus, tickets are dirt cheap.