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Comment 22 Apr 2015

THIS... it's a hotbed for geology and petroleum study in the country.  Though that's mostly at the graduate level...

Comment 17 Apr 2015

The volleyball player played for Ball State, probably our biggest in conference rival in Men's Vball.  I am probably one of the main students he is referring to... I have a funny story about Ball State Volleyball.

They had a player named Ethan Pheister.  He was a terrible server and led the NCAA in service errors.  When he played us in 2010 (his junior year) we got in his head so much he skied a serve into the lower bowl of SJA.  He proceeded to flick us off and have 3 more errors.  Fast forward a year and every time a player hits long we would chant "Just like Pheister!" Even opposing teams that were not BSU knew what we were talking about and would laugh at the chant.  We get matched up against BSU in the MIVA championship game in SJA.  We keep a running tally of his service errors on the season (it was something ridiculous like 109) and harassed the crap out of him.  After we ended their season (for the fourth year in a row) he came up to me and started threatening me.  "You f***ing piece of s**t.  I will f*** you up!"  I just started laughing.  He got pulled away to the locker room and as he walked away my friend yelled "Better call the WAAAAHMBULANCE!"  He started screaming that we better not be there when he got back from the locker room, so naturally we sat down and waited.  His dad walked over and said we were lucky his son didn't kick the crap out of us.  We just laughed and when Pheister came out of the locker room he just glarred at us.  Best part?  Our team went on to win the national championship on our bitter rival's (PSU's) home court... what a magical senior year that was.

Comment 13 Apr 2015

Too many wideouts and one too many along the line (if you have a second true DT)... I think this class ends up around 22 (MAYBE 23, but that depends on the Punter... mostly cause I think our Aussie is off to the NFL early)... My points of contention:

- I don't see Sammons breaking into the depth chart at OL anytime soon, too raw there.  I think the staff wants him on DL.  With that being said, adding in Barrow to him and Bosa/Hall/Cooper at DE makes a stacked class.  Only way I could see us take 6 along the defensive line is if it's Gary.

- Ahmir Mitchell is a luxury that we don't have space for, if I understand our need in the defensive backfield. I think we wrap up Mack and Corley in the next two months and call it quits, unless someone like Craig changes his tune.

- I have little optimism with Eichenberg.  This feels like a classic ND/Cincy issue that we will just never win.  I don't know what is in the water down there, but I'm ready to look at plan B's.  I REALLY like Menet, and I think the staff does too.  I expect them to really go hard in that direction if Liam commits to the domers.  While Wohlabaugh is a name we've heard more recently, I think Cupp is also one to watch come camp-time.

- I wold love to have Ferns in, but I'm losing optimism the longer it goes.  I think this was a mistake by the staff not to push for an early commitment.  We were at a position of power, but his brother's transfer has really muddied the water.  I think we end up with Hansford (who will end up being a HUGE piece in keeping Hall in this class) and then an camp-offer LBer.  My vote is Sandswich (MAYBE, Tucky if they think he can slide down from safety).  We really aren't hurting for linebackers, so the staff has the ability to be picky, maybe spend more time pursuing Borland.

Comment 06 Apr 2015

The reason why the win over JHU is so big is now we've really opened the path to winning the regular season B1G title.  We have games @ Michigan and @ Rutgers, which while neither is a cakewalk, are very winnable.  Our toughest game left is against a VERY good Maryland team, but we get them at home.  If we win the road games we are favored in, our resume should look good enough for an at-large regardless what happens against UMD and in the B1G tournament (as long as it's not an embarrassment in the 1st round).  It's been a rough year OOC for B1G lax and we have two of the best wins (v. Denver and @ Towson) for the conference.  If we beat the Terps and run through the conference, we could end up with a decent seed (though that early season loss to Detroit is KILLING us... ugh... plus a missed opportunity to knock off Marquette on the road)

Comment 10 Mar 2015

I live in St Paul now... and I love it here.  Lots of things to do, people are super friendly, great beer, lots of awesome outdoor options (hiking, camping, fishing, hunting) and recreational options.  It's a fantastic school and a pretty neat campus.  TCF Bank Stadium is really nice.  All in all,m I like Ohio State and Columbus better, but for those who are born here, there is a lot of pride in being a Gopher.  He grew up in Eden Prairie, 10 minutes from the front gates of the university.  I'm marrying one of these gophers (well, she went to Marquette, but that's not a battle I will win) and they are damn proud to be from and represent this state.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

I live in St Paul and my future father-in-law has split season tickets to the Gophs, so naturally I found myself as one of like 5 Buckeyes in Marriucci last night.  Physical game that Minnesota straight up dominated in terms of shots and quality possession.  That being said, take away some STUPID penalties, and this is a tie game.  The team is a bit reckless at times, and that seems to cause silly penalties and missed defensive assignments.  The entire conference is a mess this year, so it is really disappointing to still be at the bottom of it.  Penn State has capitalized and moved up in the world of college hockey a bit this season.

Comment 03 Feb 2015

Appreciate the insight Birm! I tend to like to talk about the second level of recruits.  Not the big names, but those solid 3/4 stars that seem to be forgotten about (see Jamel Dean for '15)... 

Comment 03 Feb 2015

Last one from me... and it's about 2016 again, this time the LBers... I don't see it as a major need, is the staff on that same wavelength?  Ferns is obviously in, but I don;t think Coughlin (MN) or Borland (WI) are gonna end up here... will the staff be content at 2 LBers or will we see a flurry of offers at this position going forward

Comment 03 Feb 2015

I was pretty surprised to see Lavert Hill go to PSU... and especially so early... do you think he is a potential flip if we stay on him?

In fact, DB in 2016 is a giant mystery to me.  As I said earlier, I think Speaight earns the offer and flips, and we seem to be right in the mix for Mayden (an UFM special if I've ever seen one) but after that?  I got nada

Comment 03 Feb 2015

I've got Larkin, Butler, Cupp, Spaeight (even though he is committed to Akron), and Sandswhich as in-state camp offers and commits for 2016... also considered Flowers... any I'm missing or am I completely off base on any of those 5?

Comment 03 Feb 2015

I guess I'll take a shot at this... 15 Seniors then I have Elliot, Thomas, Jones, Bell, and Bosa going early (they've won a title, maybe too... and will all be higher draft picks next year).  That puts us at probably somewhere around 20 leaving.  I always add 5 for natural attrition, so that puts a safe bet of 25 to bring in.  

NEEDS: QB (1), RB (2), WR (2), TE (2), DT (2), LB (1)... these are relative, there will be changes considering young player development. Especially at LBer, OL, DE, and S

* indicate committed players

QB (1) - Guaratano (sooner rather than later... especially is Gibson flips to Auburn)

RB (2) - Walker*, Hill* (and we're technically done here... will be a BATTLE to keep Walker)

HB/Pivot (2)- McCall, Larkin (Bama scares me a bit here for McCall... Larkin is a sleeper who TORE UP the GCL, will be a camp offer and instant commit)

OL (6) - Gerald*, Menet, Jordan, Williams, Eichenberg, Cupp (We are NOT flipping Kraemer, that ship has sailed.  Instead, we work PA for their two best, imo and take another from MD... along with landing the other 5* in our backyard. Cupp is a camp offer if there is not already 4 or more committed... otherwise that schollie is saved for our late Urban special)

TE (3) - Hawkins*, Hausmann*, Farrell (two studs in our laps, we get them both.  Both could play the second they walk on campus... we will be that thin at TE... Hawkins is TECHNICALLY a TE, but is more of an HB/WR... whatever)

WR (3) - Mack, Layne, Butler (Layne and Mack should be in before the end of the summer... Butler v Flowers for the last spot in camp)

DT (2) - Onwenu, Gary (I am at my most homer here.  This depends on two things.  First, we keep Weber and Alabi.  Second, we land Guaratano and Walker... this is my dream DT and would more than make up for our depth issues INSTANTLY)

DE (3) - Cooper*, Bosa, Sammons, Robertson (I see DE done by the end of summer with all three non-commits in, starting with Robertson.  His commit will force Sammons' hand... we will wait for Bosa til the ends of the earth, but the kid knows where he wants to go)

LB (2) - Ferns, Sandwisch (I think Coughlin stays home and Borland goes to Wisc as a legacy... Sandwisch wins both best name and an offer at camp, instant commit... Ferns is a when not if)

DB (4) - Speaight, Mayden, Hill, Warrior (this is the toughest imo... there will be lots of camp offers... I think we "flip" Speaight from Akron and Hill from PSU... Mayden is a reach, but I'm a bit in the dark here... So I gave my last spot to Nigel Warrior because I love his name and we got in on him really early)

That's a Top 5 class.  If we can somehow flip Kraemer and Bruce or Craig, that would be incredible.

Comment 03 Feb 2015

Exactly... no one accounts for camp offers... they are harder to see for out-of-state guys though, so I made mine in-state guys 

Comment 19 Jan 2015

I think he's got a bitt more swagger and nastiness in his game then his brother does.  I think Joey was a tad more technically sound at this point, but I'm splitting hairs.  Nick will be a 3 year starter and an All-American wherever he goes.

Also... my god is that Dline ridiculously good... how does anyone put up points on that defense?

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Get your stuff together B1G coaches... No reason for a talent like this to leave he Midwest. Kentucky invading Ohio and picking up all these talented players is what is wrong with this conference. This was the type of player that would go to IU or Illinois and it made the conference stronger. Now they are Baylin for the SEC... Ugh

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Hawkins... while not quite at the level of Farrell and Hausman rankings wise, I think that's mostly cause people are ranking him as a WR, I see him more as a TE/H-back which, IIRC, is what the coaches told him he would be playing.

But I could see why he wouldn't pop in people's minds as a TE

Comment 19 Nov 2014

We could bring in as many as 3 STUD TEs in 2016 without leaving the state... don't burn the schollie.  Get a RB and build depth on the lines

Comment 09 Oct 2014

If we go to 16, I would like to see the B1G revolutionize the pod system...

If It's UT/OU:

East: RU, UMD, PSU, tOSU

Central: UM, MSU, PU, IU

Lakes: MN, WI, NW, UI

West: IA, NE, OU, UT

If it is UT & UNC/UVA/GT/east-coast whomever

East: UMD, RU, PSU, [Insert East team]

Central: tOSU, UM, MSU, IU

Lakes: PU, NW, IU, WI

West: MN, IA, NE, UT

Each pod rotates every year to make your two divisions.  So Year one it is East/Central & Lakes/West. Year Two it is Central/West & East/Lakes... etc. You get a full rotation after 4 years and start again.  That guarantees at least one game against each opponent in the conference every four years.  You play each member of your division (7 games) and then 2 from the other.  One is random and the other is a protected cross-over (if needed).  This would keep things fresh while building regional rivalries as well as making sure the conference feels cohesive as one unit.