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Comment 14 Mar 2016

Totally fell apart at the end of the season... Going into the Minnesota game they were destined to be a #2 seed and the B1G champs... three disasters later and they have 0 titles and are a #3.  Maybe it's a nice lesson, but this team better get their house back in order.

Comment 15 Feb 2016

I can't believe that after the weekend hey just had the men's volleyball team is relegated to a footnote. They just went on the road and beat the 2 time defending NATIONAL CHAMPS and the defending conference champions in back to back nights... Oh, and they didn't just beat them, they SWEPT them... ON THE ROAD! That would be like the football team beating Alabama and Michigan St by 30 each, on the road, in back to back weeks. An amazing accomplishment that sadly did not get its due in the only manner 11w has to report on this team.

Comment 20 Nov 2015

Or maybe I just rarely ever comment... I don't live me life on imaginary internet points... I've been around here long enough to realize it's all pretty silly

PS: most of those were earned when I dared to challenge Alex on his scholarship math. He even admitted I was right, but every one of my comments were at like -20... but again, my amount of caring is very little.

Comment 18 Nov 2015

Up to 14%... vote just opened up though... has to be a coordinated effort as he is from a small school in CT and heading to BC

Comment 03 Sep 2015

As a fellow Mn resident (and about to marry a local)... thank you.  That really bothered me for some reason.  Love the lakes up here.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Think about it this way.  They all commit on the same day.  Warren and Hudson are teammates.  They'll spend the next year or so bonding.  A Buckeye offer (if it were to ever come) probably won't come til a year from now.  All three are from northeast Ohio and will be going on visits together, texting, tweeting, whatever else the kids these days are doing.  It's a lot tougher to pull that kid away.  Birm talks about comfort and relationships non-stop in recruiting, they are CRITICAL.  These three are building that sort of relationship.  I highly doubt we flip any of them if we ever offer.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

I disagree.  This is not just one, this is three.  They can build a bond.  It's a lot harder to flip kids once they feel bonded.  Sure, I'd rather they go out of conference (I never bought into the whole stronger conference, stronger team crap... we built this championship team when the B1G was in the gutter), but I'd rather not see mass exodus to a single team.  It's a lot easier to snhapoff one when it's a lone branch, a lot harder when it's a group together.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

I'm not quite sure were you are going with that gif... you haven't disproven anything I've posted.  It's still silly to say that UK fans are trying to say they "got us" or whatever.  11W is a top quality FREE source of recruiting information.  Not every fan base has that.  The link was posted with no comment, nothing to indicate any sort of retort or brag.

Did YOU read the article?

Getting early attention from next-level coaches isn't new to Toledo Central Catholic sophomore Michael Warren, Jr. 

"I was coming out of 8th grade," Warren, Jr. told Eleven Warriors. "I'd see like every high school coach come to my games and practices to watch me play."

Warren, who lives in the Start High School district in Toledo, decided Central was the place for him, and not only because of football.

"Really," Warren said. "I went to Central for the academics at the school and because of the hard-nosed style of the football program."

Crunch Time - Michael Warren highlights

Hard-nosed adequately describes the bruising sophomore tailback. Although he's listed at 5-foot-10, 187 pounds, Warren plays much bigger than that. In last week's state title win, Warren rushed for 194 yards and two touchdowns, bringing him to an impressive 2,246 yards and 28 touchdowns in his memorable sophomore year. With NCAA policies as they are, colleges are not yet able to directly reach out to Warren, but it's coming. The Buckeyes are going to be one of them and that's something the Central sophomore is looking forward to.

"Ohio State is a place I feel I could fit in," Warren said. "I love the city and I love the environment. I've got an uncle that lives in Columbus. I know I'm young, but I think I could bring a lot of success to Ohio State in the future."

With a state championship win under his belt as a sophomore, Warren and his Irish teammates will enter 2015 with a target on their backs. Because of that, there's no resting on any perceived laurels.

"Yeah, winning a championship was a dream ending to the season," he said. "But it's time to get better for next year."

I've highlighted the section concerning Warren and the Buckeyes.  Out of 17 lines, 3 of them are about him and the Buckeyes, the rest is just about him.  As a 2017 recruit, there isn't as much out there about him, I'm sure this was useful information for UK fans to get to know their new commit.

Stoops is doing a great job in this state.  We can recognize that it doesn't really threaten us without downplaying it or belittling their fanbase.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

No they aren't... I just scanned the message board, saw where that link was posted.  They seem excited about the commits they are getting and the in-roads into Ohio Stoops has built.  But I saw nothing of the sort like thumbing their nose at the Buckeyes or thinking they are stealing recruits from us.

If you can show me definitive proof otherwise, I would appreciate it

Comment 04 Jun 2015


People seem to forget this detail when talking up college stadiums as WC sites... it's the same reason why the Big House could never host one either.  The WC is like the Super Bowl and is all about pleasing big wigs, and they want to sit in seats, not bleachers.

Comment 01 Jun 2015

IMO the Cap one cup is a joke... it props up the rev sports and dismisses the others.  Case in point is that NDSU is top 10... they won one championship in football (FCS at that matter) and have done literally NOTHING else... yet they are supposed to be one of the best men's athletic programs?  Bullshit.  Denver won lacrosse and is top 8 in hockey and somehow they are #3?! Duke has really done just about nothing outside their basketball championship, but that is good enough for #4.  It rewards the champions and not overall success.  The Director's cup is FAR better... the only reason the Cap One Cup has any traction is because it is put together by ESPN.

Comment 11 May 2015

No worries!  I'll reiterate, I love that it's getting the attention.

In terms of "long-shot", I'm not quite sure what the other commenter means by "buble=longshot"... UCLA was a longshot who made the tournament in basketball.  Most people had us like the first team out before the win over Maryland.  Had we not lost to Rutgers we probably would have been in with a loss to UMD in the B1G tourney anyway.  JHU was really MUCH more of a longshot going into it's game against UMD and the tournament.  In fact, it probably needed to beat us in the final to make the tournament, and the placement it got in the bracket reflects that.  It does stand to mention that the B1G getting 3 teams this year IS surprising.  Not a good inaugural year.  It's super cool that all 3 of us have advanced and two of us (tOSU, JHU) knocked off a top ACC team at home to do so.

Talking about the 4th quarter, you have to understand lacrosse to see it any other way than you did.  Lacrosse is a game of runs and no lead is really safe.  Earlier this season we saw us blow a 6 goal lead to lose to Marquette and a four goal lead with 4 minutes to lose to Maryland.  I officiate lacrosse and this season I have seen a team blow a 7 goal lead then come back from a 7 goal deficit to win the game (only after nearly blowing their own 4 goal lead).  Our lead was tenuous and it took a great performance at the face-off x, solid goaltending from Carey, and a couple of timely goals to keep the cushion.  Were we as aggressive, especially on offense?  No, we were in time-killing mode.  But with the way lacrosse is and with the new shot-clock rule this year, you can't just sit in the offensive end and play keep-away.  That's how you blow leads.

Now we can shift gears and talk about Denver next week.  We beat them at their own, physical game last time in the 'Shoe.  They out GB's and outshot us and dominated the face-off x but we managed to keep the deficit with one or two goals and then exploded in the 4th quarter.  I don;t know if that will be possible this time around.  We may need to smother them early with lots of offense.  Aggressive, take-away defense to create as many possessions early in the game as possible.  Myers has liked switching from zone to man multiple times, but I think that man-to-man is the way to go early.  At this point, it's all gravy cause if we pull off this upset we get ND/Albany and those are both matchup NIGHTMARES for us.

Comment 09 May 2015

I know y'all aren't big lacrosse followers, so I'll save my quibbles with the article (we were a bubble team but not a longshot, Duke is not as good as the past two seasons, calling the 4th quarter "keep-away" is disingenuous... etc).  I'm just happy people are watching this awesome sport.

This is a major Dr Jeckyll/Mr Hyde team.  We should all be big Brown fans tomorrow cause even though we've beaten Denver before, it was on our turf.  Do not want the Pioneers at home.  The other side of our semifinal are both terrible matches for us.  ND kicked our butt big time and Albany's hyper-attack offense really is counter to our methodical tempo.  I was very happy to see us put together nearly a complete game (minus the first few minutes) and especially hold our footing after a boneheaded Unsportsmanlike on Jesse King gifted Duke two late goals.

Comment 07 May 2015

you beat me by my guess by 47 seconds... stupid research

Comment 07 May 2015

Let's play detective then... Who Alex has CB'ed to not OSU that are major targets:

- Nate Craig-Myers: low likelihood.  Don't see the Coombs connection

-Josh Imatorbhebhe: this is a possibility... Coombs was just in Georgia and this would have come out of left field

-Michael Onwenu: Coombs is the Michigan man... this would also be a big surprise, though I don't know if we take his commitment right now

-Andrew Pryts: Not a big enough surprise

-Nasier Upshur: don't think we take a TE until Farrell announces

-Michael Jordan: Big pick-up and Coombs is the Michigan recruiter... not sure this classifies as a "major surprise" though

-Nigel Warrior: This fits our bill... big name... Georgia lean... Coombs was just in Georgia

-Ben Bredeson: Big name and surprise, but don't see the Coombs connection

I'm going with one of the two Georgia guys, I think it's Nigel Warrior.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

THIS... it's a hotbed for geology and petroleum study in the country.  Though that's mostly at the graduate level...

Comment 17 Apr 2015

The volleyball player played for Ball State, probably our biggest in conference rival in Men's Vball.  I am probably one of the main students he is referring to... I have a funny story about Ball State Volleyball.

They had a player named Ethan Pheister.  He was a terrible server and led the NCAA in service errors.  When he played us in 2010 (his junior year) we got in his head so much he skied a serve into the lower bowl of SJA.  He proceeded to flick us off and have 3 more errors.  Fast forward a year and every time a player hits long we would chant "Just like Pheister!" Even opposing teams that were not BSU knew what we were talking about and would laugh at the chant.  We get matched up against BSU in the MIVA championship game in SJA.  We keep a running tally of his service errors on the season (it was something ridiculous like 109) and harassed the crap out of him.  After we ended their season (for the fourth year in a row) he came up to me and started threatening me.  "You f***ing piece of s**t.  I will f*** you up!"  I just started laughing.  He got pulled away to the locker room and as he walked away my friend yelled "Better call the WAAAAHMBULANCE!"  He started screaming that we better not be there when he got back from the locker room, so naturally we sat down and waited.  His dad walked over and said we were lucky his son didn't kick the crap out of us.  We just laughed and when Pheister came out of the locker room he just glarred at us.  Best part?  Our team went on to win the national championship on our bitter rival's (PSU's) home court... what a magical senior year that was.

Comment 13 Apr 2015

Too many wideouts and one too many along the line (if you have a second true DT)... I think this class ends up around 22 (MAYBE 23, but that depends on the Punter... mostly cause I think our Aussie is off to the NFL early)... My points of contention:

- I don't see Sammons breaking into the depth chart at OL anytime soon, too raw there.  I think the staff wants him on DL.  With that being said, adding in Barrow to him and Bosa/Hall/Cooper at DE makes a stacked class.  Only way I could see us take 6 along the defensive line is if it's Gary.

- Ahmir Mitchell is a luxury that we don't have space for, if I understand our need in the defensive backfield. I think we wrap up Mack and Corley in the next two months and call it quits, unless someone like Craig changes his tune.

- I have little optimism with Eichenberg.  This feels like a classic ND/Cincy issue that we will just never win.  I don't know what is in the water down there, but I'm ready to look at plan B's.  I REALLY like Menet, and I think the staff does too.  I expect them to really go hard in that direction if Liam commits to the domers.  While Wohlabaugh is a name we've heard more recently, I think Cupp is also one to watch come camp-time.

- I wold love to have Ferns in, but I'm losing optimism the longer it goes.  I think this was a mistake by the staff not to push for an early commitment.  We were at a position of power, but his brother's transfer has really muddied the water.  I think we end up with Hansford (who will end up being a HUGE piece in keeping Hall in this class) and then an camp-offer LBer.  My vote is Sandswich (MAYBE, Tucky if they think he can slide down from safety).  We really aren't hurting for linebackers, so the staff has the ability to be picky, maybe spend more time pursuing Borland.