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Comment 27 May 2017

Game Ball goes to Carey.  Hands down the only reason we weren't blown out early.  Didn't have to lean on him late, but damn he had some just fantastic saves in big spots.

Comment 27 May 2017

TOTAL CLUTCH DEFENSE.  Great early slides and our SSDM did a hell of a good job limiting options defending from X.  Just unreal 2nd half from this squad.  One more boys.

Comment 27 May 2017

Love the shot clock warning call.  I've been hard on the officials, but that was a ballsy call on a team LOSING i the 4th quarter. 

Comment 27 May 2017


Forced a loose ball scenario after the rebound by good positioning, comes out of the scrum with the ball, doesn't force the issue with a drivee but a great fee to the top, no forced shot but instead one last pass, drive into the defender to create just enough glove space...

All effort.

8-7 Towson

Comment 27 May 2017

Worst half of lacrosse I have seen from us all season.

Attack - Forcing drives into double teams... poor shooting... poor ride... hanging sticks for TOs

Midfield - Zero ride... poor groundball work...

Faceoffs- Non existent right now from the wings... when Withers gets the clamp he has zero help and Towson is winning the 50/50s

Defense - Slides are LATE if they come at all. No urgency

Goalie - No criticisms here.  Carey is the only reason we aren't getting the ever-loving shit kicked out of us

Comment 27 May 2017

Tunrovers are 6-1 to Towson now... that is BAD news.  This game is looking like our PSU match.  Danger zone right now

4-2 Towson

Comment 27 May 2017

Ok... so no good view.. but that goal view looks like a CLEAR no goal... That is a BIG mistake... same official who threw the bad push flag

Comment 27 May 2017

Two pretty weak flags...

1 - Towson guy never got leverage and bailed out on the drive from X... Borderline.  Meh

2- Clear push... and when it's a flag down any loose ball violations on the team who will be penalized is a flag... but you really need to determine advantage there as the ball was going right into the keeper's stick.  WAY too quick a trigger considering you are putting towson two men up

Good response though to go up 2-1

Comment 03 May 2017

This tournament is gonna be for seeding in the NCAA as all 4 are probably safely in the field.  Maryland is the best bet for a top 4 seed, but a Buckeye championship means that they could also get one.  Hopkins probably has a chance as well, cause they'll avenge their two conference losses, and the committee eats that stuff up.  PSU is probably just looking for a gaurenteed seed.

I can't overstate how important the fact this tournament is in Columbus is.  We have been pretty poor on the road this year.  All our big wins have been at home (minus Towson, but I think we won a grinder, not typical of this team this year)

Comment 27 Apr 2017

Win on Saturday and we take the regular season title (possibly split with Hop, but we'll have the tiebreaker) and #1 seed for the tournament we host.  We could see the Buckeyes as a top 4 seed... Gotta win away from home (something we've only been OK at this year)

Comment 22 Apr 2017

I really believe this team could win it all. There is no clear cut favorite and we have an awesome face off man. 

THIS.  There is no elite team and we can dominate the X against just about anyone (Denver did better at the X... but no where else).  This team could be dangerous in May

Comment 15 Apr 2017

So this sets up a big game next week at home against Maryland.  I stated earlier in the season that if we can win our home games (JHU/UMD) and beat Michigan we would be in good shape.  They are 2/3rds of the way there.  Beating Maryland will put us at 3-1 in conference, which gets us over that 3 win threshold that is usually the cutoff to the B1G tournament. Plus it would set up a chance to win the whole damn conference the next week at RU.  That would be something else.

Comment 10 Apr 2017

Consider the boat righted.  If you had told me we would go 3-2 on this hellish stretch of Towson/Denver/ND/PSU/JHU I would have taken it in a heartbeat...

Now we HAVE to beat Michigan to set up a GIANT clash against Maryland at home.  That's gonna be the game of the season for us.  Win it and our ticket to the B1G tournament is punched with a solid chance at the #1 seed and a high seed in the NCAAs regardless of what happens at Rutgers the next week.

Comment 09 Apr 2017

My keys to the game tonight:

1) Carey return to form: I think the ND game shook his confidence, cause he didn't play his best at PSU.  They were like 3/5 at one point... which is not a Sav% you should aim for.  I don't think he played POORLY, just that he wasn't at his best.  That worked against Bellmarine, but won't against ND/PSU/Hop/UMd/RU/the rest of our schedule.

2) Lower the turnovers... especially on the clear:  We couldn't clear our zone the past two weeks and it showed.  Add in the number of turnovers we had and there were a ton of lost possessions, especially in that fatal 3rd quarter.  Hops in one of the top turnover-creating team in the country.  Have to limit the wasted possessions on mindless drives into double teams and turnover situations.

3) Smarter shots: We started 1/11 against PSU.  That is terrible.  We aren't hitting the cage and when we are, we aren't making the keepers work.  The difference in glove space between Denver and ND/PSU is night and day.  We are a grinding offense, let it grind.  Take the smart shots and make them count.

4) Keep the yellow off the field:  Hops makes it's offensive living on EMO (something like 37%.... really damn good).  Gotta cut out the silly holds and slashes we've picked up recently.  Stay even and I think we are the better team.

Comment 06 Apr 2017

About as much of a must-win as you can have at this point in the season against Hops this weekend.  Cannot afford to fall to 0-2 and lose one of those valuable home conference games (we only get 2 this year).  The goal is to make the B1G tournament and you gotta go AT LEAST 2-3 to have a shot, and really 3-2 is the line we should aim for.

Comment 02 Apr 2017

We are outshooting them, dominating the faceoff X... and losing.  Really disappointed in our performance so far.  Losing in the hustle stats.