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Comment 28 Mar 2014

Reminds me of a Dave Attell joke;  "I was in Dayton, Ohio. You ever been there? Ya? You know what’s a fun thing to do there? Pack up and get the fuck outa there."

Comment 23 Feb 2014

Point taken but if you're going to mention the timing, then you got to get on the refs as well.  There are a lot more blatant fouls that don't get called in the waning seconds of a game b/c most refs, and rightly by the way, hesitate to blow the whistle as not wanting to decide a game that way.  But again, refs have no accountability  so what's the point.

Comment 07 Aug 2013

ummmm ... doesn't elevenwarriors dole out autographs as prizes?

Comment 08 Jun 2013

About time.  Dude could guard anyone on the court in college ... obviously the NBA is a different monster but still, there has to be a role for that skill set.  Best of luck to him.

Comment 29 May 2013

Tyquan is the one I'm routing for the most out of this bunch of recruits.  I do admit to an NC bias, but aside from that, they had a piece on the local news after he committed and he just seemed like a solid stand up kid.

On top of that, I dig his technique.  Not sure what benefit it provides, but when he's lining up, he keeps his hand in this mantis-style position ... don't know if it helps but I'd be scared sh!tless if I was on the other side not knowing if he was going to speed rush me or sweep the leg.

Comment 26 Feb 2013

To be fair, I think the big ten needs to win some national championships (in the last decade at least) before you can say that.

Comment 21 Oct 2012

I wonder if with how decimated the special teams unit is, if Urban gives any thought to letting Basil unload on kickoffs.  I realize the advantage it gives us at times, pinning the opposition inside the 15/20, but when balanced against playing backups who may be ripe to giving up big plays and what seems to be a play with a propensity for causing furhter injuries, it would make you at think for a moment whether it is worth it.  I defer to those with more knowledge than me (e.g. the coaches) but it may be worth a consideration, at least until some of those dinged up are back and running.

Comment 15 Oct 2012

Thats my recollection too Stu.  It was the one during the UCF game and there was only one he was involved with during that game so I guess it was credited to him (if my memory serves me right).  I didn't think the UCF one was his fault, but the one @ IU seemed to be, I think one of the announcers mentioned it looked like he was trying to move it and secure it in his right hand.

Was a real bummer b/c I'm a big fan of his and I believe Urban mentioned when praising his progress the week before, that it would only take one bad play to move him back down.  Hopefully he can imake up some of that ground in practice over the next few weeks.

Comment 14 Oct 2012

I don't think MSU is really an appropriate comparison.  The type of O they run plays right into our strengths .... Meyer came right out in the press conference and said that spreads expose our weakness.  Thats not to say we didn't play better all things conisdered, but I believe the offensive set up has a lot to do with it.

One thing I think most people need to open up to is it is highly doubtful that we will ever truly match the statistical success we on D that we saw in the Tressel years.  I think it is near impossible, even with the same level of play, to do so when you are scoring or 3 and outing so quickly as to give the opponents so many more possessions.  And I'm not simply talking time of possession, more number of possessions.  As last night showed us, in an offense that goes even faster than us, we can dominate TOP, but thats not the only factor in ball control.  It doesn't mean we can't be overall as effective, just likely not statistically so.  That's my take at least.

Comment 13 Oct 2012

Maybe this has something to do with the Boren at LB talk as well (aside from the play of the other LB's).  Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Williams play some LB the last couple games as well?