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Comment 20 May 2017

Alright, he was just the first guy that came to mind. Wasn't saying he was the only one. Christian Wilkins is another example. So was Jonathan Allen. Never did I say that these were not good prospects. My point, if you read it, was that we haven't been able to get the great recruits that make these impacts at the position. Every other position we have. And we seem to have just gotten one in Vincent. Was just making a past observation on Dline recruiting. Really wasn't even criticizing LJ.

Comment 19 May 2017

Going into the series, I was just hoping my C's could get one game and not embarrass themselves. Looks like that was wishful thinking. Cats played about as good of a first half as possible. Not a Lebron fan but I don't see how it is even possible that he isn't the greatest ever. Just amazing how he turns it up during the postseason. Kind of sleepwalks during the regular season so I lose a little bit of respect for him, but still amazing the numbers he puts up when coasting.

Comment 19 May 2017

Yeah but at OSU where we recruit the best of the best, it is often expected that perhaps one or two DTs should be ready to play. Look at Clemsons line last year. They were absolutely filthy and yet Dexter Lawrence was still able to thrive and play there. Just saying compared to the rest of OSU's elite recruiting, Dt has shown to be the weak spot by how every player has redshirted.

Comment 19 May 2017

Every DT that has come into the program has redshirted. Kind of shows how badly we have missed on the big time DT recruiting in the past. He still knocks it out of the park with DE recruiting. Obviously not saying LJ is a bad coach or even recruiter here by any means. If anything it shows that he keeps producing pretty good players in what is often our weakest recruited position players. And it definitely is harder to get the great DT when all of them are down south. I don't even remember one 247 top 100 DT that has been from the midwest so it shows he's really restrained by the program having no players available in his own backyard. Yet, he still was able to add that big time DT in Taron Vincent for next years class. I am excited in seeing what he can do even if he isn't the big space eater some of us really want OSU to get one of these days like a Hankins. I think he's probably has a good chance of being an even better version of Dremont Jones and I love Jones game. He's already been predicted in some mocks to be a first round pick.

Comment 18 May 2017

Why would the Knicks always be getting bad lottery selections. If they were going to fix it, then prioritizing Los Angeles and New York would be the way to do it. And why is it odd that the Knicks and Celtics get the top two picks? They were two of the three teams with the highest odds. The titanic battles that you speak of happened a long time ago so I have no idea how that relates at all.

Comment 18 May 2017

Yeah I'm a C's fan and everyone here knew our championship this year was getting to the conference finals. We knew we had no shot against the Cavs this year. Next year I think could be a different story. Adding fultz and a big time free agent like Hayward or Griffin I think gets us to be a challenger. Obviously still have to give Cavs the favorite but with those two guys on the C's I think that we would have a pretty decent shot to beat the Cavs finally.

Comment 17 May 2017

God I am going to be pissed if my C's pick him. Rather have even tatum, jackson or even fox over him and his drama.

Comment 14 May 2017

Yeah I'd be pumped if we could get Joe Dooley. We just need to throw a lot of money to get the best candidate. These last few years and the decline of fan support of the team are definitely not too enticing for leading potential head coaches right now.

Comment 13 May 2017

Honestly don't think Gregg Marshall would leave Wichita but he has got to be number one. I'd also be thrilled by going after Joe Dooley. Has experience under an elite program like Kansas so knows how to run a big program. But also has shown his head coaching skills at FGCU. They almost beat FSU in the tourney this year and they are going to be even better next year. Honestly might even prefer him over Marshall but Marshall has more experience. I'd say those two and Ben Jacobson at Northern Iowa have got to be tier one. A wildcard who would be risky that I like is Leon Rice at Boise State. He's done pretty well there for a program that has never had success. 

Comment 09 May 2017

If we have an extra scholly then why not just throw it at him. But I would definitely rather him be a last resort type option. Pitt wasn't very good last year and he barely played.