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Comment 8 hours ago

Agree with Jones and Baker. Very doubtful that Ward is the number one corner. But do think he has a shot of being a first round pick. And Lewis is a fifth year senior so age is definitely a negatively. In comparison, Barnett was only a junior when he left and was much more productive. Think Lewis is looking at second round and possibly third. I'd put Dremont Jones as my fourth first rounder with a sleeper pick being Dante Booker. Bet he will test crazy well in the NFL combine.

Comment 16 hours ago

Phil has cashed it in a long time ago. Absolutely mind blowing that he would even consider trading a franchise player like Porzingis. Only good decision he has made was picking him so far with the Knicks. Just hurting his legacy at this point.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

True but I'd rather get a guy with more versatility and athletic then Tatum unless Ainge loves him. Then you make the pick. Just think that if its really close he should not go with Tatum for a multitude of reasons. I like Jackson and even Isaac better.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

Only problem with Tatum is that I see him being pretty similar to Porter Jr. next year who is expected to be the number one pick. And I think with the Nets picks we have a pretty decent shot at getting it. Maybe we could play the two together. It would be awesome if we could get a big man like Ayton also.

Comment 18 Jun 2017

Haha I love when people think Columbus traffic is bad. It is not even comparable to traffic in Boston where I live, and other cities like New York or Los Angeles. The traffic in Columbus is a breeze compared to most major cities in the world. Very lucky to enjoy it while it lasts.

Comment 18 Jun 2017

To be fair, his brother on the team and playing in his own hometown city was a huge selling point. But yeah, Herman is definitely a great recruiter and should not be underestimated. I'd argue that he's in the tier with Dabo and Fisher and right below the top tier of Urban and Saban.

Comment 15 Jun 2017

Not loving Woodbey too much as I've said before. I know he's just a kid but he just screams attention seeker. And let me preface this by saying totally in support for kids that have committed to continue taking visits. But playing games like this are pretty dumb to me. Rather move on at this point and go with someone else.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

I did not say he took less for no reason. I was just saying that he should be respected for not complaining and just fulfilling his contract which a lot of athletes try to renegotiate.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

They only have 9 currently, so if they add Young they will be at 10. Then they lose Williams and Tate after this year which will put them at 8. I bet there will be some normal attrition of one or two guys that transfer after the year as is common with coaching changes. Plus, coaches love to bring in a big recruiting class with all their guys. So even though I do think Diop will leave after this year, they probably will not need him to for this class in order to get to six. 

And you don't bank scholarships for next year especially if those 6 types of guys want in. You want to get your guys in the program as soon as you can and build up depth as a new coach. You might be right about only taking five but you definitely take as many as quality players as you can to fill up roster. You don't bank scholarships when its your first class and their are guys you like that want to be in the class. Not saying they are all likely, but those are my wish list that seem somewhat feasible class for next year. 

Comment 13 Jun 2017

I think you have a right to be mad at KD. But you have to respect the Warriors for signing guys when they were valued less and Curry and Thompson for being fine with making less money. Great moves by them.

Comment 11 Jun 2017

Yeah the refs have been absolutely atrocious. We are getting hosed. Nut I expected nothing less in a cheap place like Azteca.

Comment 11 Jun 2017

Love it. I wonder if there is any chance all three of Campbell, Cook and Surtain would come in together. Highly improbable that we would get all three with us getting the top two corners last year. But seems like we have a decent to very high shot for each one.