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Comment 13 Feb 2017

Love Dane Goodwins game. Early on I thought Thad was reaching a bit by offering and accepting his commit freshmen year. But he's improved tremendously and I feel like he's a fiery competitor. Both a playmaker and a competitor. Something OSU has been sorely lacking recently.

Comment 12 Feb 2017

Read my comments above. I was comparing Potter right now and said he might not be that bad next year. Wasn't comparing Potter three years from now but instead right now. Most sane basketball viewers would agree he needed a redshirt year. I even said I blame this just as much on Thad for this teams lack of depth. Never said he was going to be worse and I never doubt Potters effort. He definitely needs time because he is 110 percent a liability when on the floor.. Next time read my comments all the way through.

Comment 11 Feb 2017

Yeah Amir had less energy and worse hands but he was solid post defender. Plus he had elite measurable that benefitted whereas potter does not. Potter should not be playing this year with how much of a liability he is defensively and on the glass when he's on the floor. If you have watched a single minute of this team you will notice a stark contrast especially in Big Ten play when he comes in for Thompson. We just get murdered on the boards when he's in. Maybe in another year or two he can clean that up but right now he's just should not be playing. Which I put just as much on Thad for not having any legit bigs behind Thompson.

Comment 11 Feb 2017

Wesson is such a good defender so I can live with him not scoring off the bench. His guarding and eventual block of Trimble at the end was so impressive. I love him as a player. Potter on the other hand I have seen nothing to prove he's going to be a "really good player" like Dakich says. He didn't score at all which is the one thing he should be doing when coming in. He is by far the worst defender and rebounding Buckeye post player I have seen in the Matta era.

Comment 05 Feb 2017

I mean Brady had one elite reciever in his career for two years. Try and play quarterback with the weapons he's had in the past. Don't say it's the system. It helps but definitely not the system that made him the GOAT.

Comment 01 Feb 2017

Only one of those Qbs has been given a chance outside New England. Don't know how you can say system necessarily when only one of your three examples has been given experience from another team. One does not make a pattern. New England isn't a system offense. Tom Brady is just a top 3 QB if not the best Qb ever. Although I can't argue those other two guys will be necessarily successful because they have yet to prove it. But they also have not proven that they were somewhat successful during their starts because of a "system" offense.

Side note: I think Garrapolo will be a very good Qb. Brissett I am not sold on as a Patriots fan.

Comment 29 Jan 2017

My problem is that I don't see any Aaron craft type players on this roster. We have always had one when we are successful. Lightly is another example. We just don't have enough guys whose hustle match or exceed there talent. Players who won't accept losing to an inferior team. A guy who leads by example and works harder than everyone else which boosts the rest of the team. We need a player who calls out other players for their efforts and aren't afraid to take a dive headfirst to the floor to do whatever it takes to win. We need a no nonsense winner type player. We have enough talent to be a tourney. So ultimately it's the coaches fault for not recruiting the right players

Comment 25 Jan 2017

Loving had a little fire in this game which was nice to see. Thompson has got to be the most improved player. He's a difference maker down low that we have been lacking since Sullinger left. Not going to lie though, Lyle's effort the last four minutes was a little lackluster. Maybe he was winded or something but he really didn't look too passionate like the rest of the team. The time he let coffey go by him looked especially bad.