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Comment 17 May 2016

I am happy Thompson will be back he has the ability to become a double double threat if he can stay out of foul trouble,working with Oden will help tremendously. OSU has some nice depth at the center with Thompson,Bell,Funderburk and Potter and you will see Potter and Funderburk shooting 15 ft shots and even some 3s this team should be much improved and fun to watch.

Comment 15 May 2016

Giddens was given every opportunity to play and improve at OSU his problem was he could not stay out of foul trouble long enough to get into a flow of the game,he has talent but has to work on his hands and shooting touch. It would have been nice if he dedicated himself to the program and gave it one more year instead of going to Bama and sitting out an entire season.

Comment 12 May 2016

I love giving Ohio kids a shot at OSU a lot of kids grow up wanting to be a Buckeye and will work hard and show pride in wearing the uniform,Go Bucks keep up the good work!

Comment 20 Apr 2016

This makes OSU better immediately because the defense will have to honor Jacksons offensive game and that will open up for Lyle, Loving and the others. I am excited to see Potter and Funderburk they seem to be bigs with good hands and the ability to score,Wesson also has a good upside the Buckeyes now have depth and should be much better this season.

Comment 27 Mar 2016

I am with you if you want to declare for the NBA out of High School that is fine go for it but if you go to college you must stay for 3 years,the NBA is just screwing up things with their rule and I believe it is time for the NCAA to stand up and support education and college basketball.

Comment 18 Mar 2016

I believe he will play Sunday I highly doubt there is a reason other than illness for him missing the game vs Akron. Bates-Diop is pretty good on defense I like his length when the Bucks press and he has a respectable game you have to honor on offense that defenses have to respect and it opens up shots for the team. Go Bucks beat Gators!

Comment 15 Mar 2016

This is a big win I don't care that it was only Akron OSU stepped it up with a man down they could have easily folded but found a way to get the win was it pretty no. I thought MM had a pretty good game with 9 points and at times pretty good defense,Lyle turned it up later in the game,Loving played very solid,Williams hit some key shots as well,the bigs were ok but have to improve. I honestly don't know a lot about Florida but I like the Buckeyes chances at home with a healthy team. Go Bucks play hard and make it happen.

Comment 15 Mar 2016

This OSU team could really use Bates-Diop in this game his length on defense causes problems and he has a descent shot you have to respect. Loving is playing solid but this team has to get 2 or 3 more guys in double digits if they are going to win this game because Akron is going to keep pumping the 3 ball. Would like to see TT and Giddens show they are better than these MAC players but so far that has not been the case. Go Bucks take over in the 2nd half and live to play another day!

Comment 11 Mar 2016

This game was painful to watch but it is a learning experience for this young team they will remember this beating and it will put a bad taste in their mouth for future games. I am a fan win or lose lets show some class and support this team through the rough times and I believe they will pay the fans back with a lot of winning. I hope this teams stays together and puts in the extra effort in the NIT and offseason. Go Bucks!