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Comment 13 Aug 2016

Maybe she should get off her a** & get a job. 

Comment 30 May 2016

The people I feel the worst for here are the zoo employees on duty that day. They had to make a-literally-life or death decision with limited time and information. And all the hell they're catching now would be infinitely worse if they'd hesitated & the child had been maimed or killed. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Comment 30 May 2016

"Lt. Steve Saunders, a Cincinnati police spokesman, said there are no plans to charge the parents."

While I imagine that's not the final word on the criminal aspect, it's about what I expected. No one seems to have commented about civil proceedings, however. I don't know what gorillas go for these days, but I don't imagine they're cheap. I wouldn't be surprised if the zoo tries to recoup some costs here.

Comment 04 Dec 2015

Sad, but not unpredictable. 

That having been said, is there anything more Rock & Roll then dying on the tour bus?