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Lived in Pataskala from 1987 until my retirement in 2002. Daughter a Buckeye Alumn and Zookeeper at the Columbus Zoo. Son a Buckeye through and through. Favorite Buckeye memory was taking my 10 year old son to Picture day and meeting Hoying, Springs, Dudley, George, et.al.


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Comment 04 Aug 2016

This is the fun spot where we declare with confidence our inane (and sometimes insane) predictions, second-guess the best football minds in the business by stating emphatically what we would have done to ensure a more positive result, and shamelessly put our ignorance and folly on dis-play for all to see.  What's not to love about 11W?

Not only is Mike Webber going to rush for 1,000+ yards, but so will J.T. and Curtis.

We will beat Oklahoma by 10 in Norman.

Jake Hausman will shack everyone with 55 receptions.

Hubbard, Lewis and Holmes will combine for 35 sacks.

J.T. will account for 48 TDs.

McClaurin will help us forget D. Smith

Kwon will be the second leading tackler because Booker will be a beast when teams run away from McMillan.

Comment 13 Jun 2016

I so much prefer the term "Pledge" to "commitment" because that is precisely what it is. While we are still drooling over the 2016 class and anxiously waiting to see them on the field, we get glimpses of what the 2017 class might be.  SENSORY OVERLOAD!!

Comment 07 Feb 2016

Orlando made the pancake famous, and raised that art to a level yet to be duplicated ...

BUT in 1970 I was at the University of Tampa and we had a Fullback name Paul Orndorf (better known to some as Mr. Wonderful) whom we called "Pancake" Orndorf for his leads blocks that sprang Leon McQuay on some amazing runs.  We also had a DE that was pretty good - John Matuzak.

But that was yesterday, and yesterday's gone.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

How does Stanford rank above Iowa and Ohio State?  They aren't even the best two-loss team!  But we will find that out in the Rose Bowl!!!!

Comment 29 Nov 2015

You may be correct, but my thinking goes like this ...

If UNC beats Clemson, they jump us.  I'm pulling for Clemson. Iowa has to beat MSU or both of them finish head of us.  Then Florida has to find a way to upset Alabama and make Bama look bad without looking too good, themselves.  Oklahoma is in no matter what happens.  We will probably be 1st or second team out.  In order for an Independent or non-conference champion to get into the playoff, they need to be "unequivocally" one of the top four teams in the country.  That puts Oklahoma ahead of any non-conference champion. We might get in ahead of a two or three loss conference champion, but not a one loss champion (like UNC if they win).  I am happy with a great Bowl placement.  I don't expect the B1G to have 2 teams in, but stranger things have happened.  GO BUCKS!!

Comment 25 Oct 2015

As a fan who is 650 miles removed from Columbus, I am a whole lot less nervous knowing J.T. is driving the Ohio State offense.  I love Cardale and really appreciate having him in the bullpen, but it is J.T. time to get everything moving together and in the right direction. Players vote for their captains for lots of reasons, but chief among them is confidence.  The team plays with more confidence when J.T. is in.