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Comment 21 Oct 2013

The B1G is the fourth best Conference.  The PAC 12 in on top, followed by the ACC at second and the SEC a surprisingly distant third.  The gap between the B1G and the SEC has certainly closed, but not because the B1G is any better.

Comment 14 Oct 2013

No margin for error.  No complacency.  Gotta have decisive wins (3 TDs +) the rest of the season.  Iowa scares me because they are this week's opponent. 

Comment 10 Oct 2013

Three perspectives. 

The game is played for the fans so having fans on the selection committee is fine.

If you are going to have fans pick who pays, why not the polls?

If you are really interested in evaluating the best teams, only those who have had success on the field are qualified to do that.  It is only they who know first hand what it takes to be successful on the gridiron.

Comment 06 Oct 2013

Wisconsin was our toughest opponent, but we caught them at home on a good day and dominated.  Northwestern was our toughest game because we caught them in Evanston on a bad day after they had two weeks to prepare, but we still won. 

Each week brings its own challenge.  This week the challenge is:  Do we prepare for Indiana or TTUN? 

Oh?  Our next opponent is Iowa?  LOL

Comment 04 Oct 2013

When the teams step on the field, history is irrelevant.  The game will be decided between the lines on Saturday night.  Only the Buckeyes can beat the Buckeyes.  If we prepare all week, stay focused and intense, and play smart and loose, we win decisively.  OSU 45 - NW 17

Comment 02 Aug 2013

Whatever my position on the issue is, I am adamantly opposed to the US Congress getting involved.  They have already screwed up our lives enough with their penchant for over reaching.  Let football players, coaches, and officials police the situation.  We assume certain risks when we put on the pads, just as our military men and women (or police and firefighters) assume certain risks when they enlist and take the oath to protect and defend.

All Congress and politicians can do is screw up a good thing.

Comment 31 Jul 2013

Beth Mowins in the booth means I miss a Buckeye game.  I will not endure her under any circumstances.

Comment 17 Jul 2013

I prefer points per possession as a metric.

If you score a TD on every possession you can't be beat, no matter how many plays or how much time it takes, as long as your Defense can make just one stop.

Comment 17 Jun 2013

I love Hyde for the leading rusher and possible 1st round draft choice as a result of his dominance.  Hopefully, Miller will do more than run after his first passing option is not there.  If he learns to be a QB, trust the people around him, and use his athleticism to buy time, the new punter may have a year to develop before he is needed. 

Comment 23 May 2013

Focus on the task at hand.  Right now it is personal development (physical, academic, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.).  In the Fall it becomes game prep for the team you are facing the following Saturday.  If you stay focused, the 26 in a row will happen.  If you don't it won't ... 

Comment 12 Apr 2013


First, this is not a public recognition of the university by the NCAA or ESPN or any other external entity.

Second, this is a recognition by a grateful university of the players who did something special for that university.

Third, if there is a question of integrity, it involves the one who would raise the issue of integrity when it was totally uncalled for.


Comment 05 Apr 2013

I love it when a guy lines up 15 yards off the line of scrimmage and ends up reading the play in time to throw the running back for a 5 yard loss.

Comment 05 Apr 2013

Not only are the players more familiar with the system, but the coaches are more familiar with the players.  That, plus the added players/talent, ought to make for a very interesting season.

For similar reasons, I am less concerned about the Defense than most people seem to be.  There was some carry-over in the coaching staff on Defense, but there were a couple key additions, and the carry-overs had to get used to UFM and what he wanted.  The staff is talking about replacing lost leadership more than talent or ability.

I will be disappointed if we don't run the table.  I'm not predicting we will because I understand how difficult that is, but there isn't a game in which we won't be at least a 7 point favorite (in my mind).