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Comment 20 Sep 2015

I feel like it's the same every year.

NW wins the first 4 or 5 games until they get attention and ranked.

Then they lose the next 4 or 5 games, finish with a 6-6 regular season, and make you wonder why you ever thought they should represent the B1G

Comment 07 Aug 2014

I've been living in Portland for the past 3 years.

What do you mean a few alumni bars? I'm only aware of Blitz Ladd. It has a good turnout (except for some 9am games)

Comment 29 May 2014

Samuel has said he will miss dinners with Mom and Dad the most when he starts his collegiate career

What a kid! I like his character, he sounds a little more family-oriented and humble than some of the other Buckeyes. I feel like we can count on him to stay out of trouble and be successful. I can't wait to see him on the field. Also speed, wow!, etc.

Comment 02 Apr 2013

Track, basketball and football?

Goodness gracious, now I understand the hype...he excels at everything he does! I'm excited to see him in action!!!