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Comment 21 Oct 2012

"And all it took was for them to be slightly crappier on offense than you were!". Didn't the beloved Bucks only beat MSU 17-16? Maybe we shouldn't cast stones if we live in a glass house...

Comment 28 Aug 2012

What does giving up 34 to OSU last year have to do with anything? If UM won that game 38-3 would your prediciton be different? Let me answer that for you--NO--you would be saying "congrats, you just beat the worst OSU team in _____ years. One that is still working out the mechanics of the forward pass." Last season, let alone 1 game from last season, has no bearing on the outcome of this game.

Comment 28 Aug 2012

You didn't play a single team last year with more talent than OSU. If you did, I'd be interested in hearing who it was.

Comment 09 Aug 2012

Not going to argue that UM played a favorable schedule and struggled on the road. What is important to UM fans is that last year they found a way to win games that they would have lost the 3 previous years. Whether they won by 20 or by 3, those were games that were unwinnable in the RR era. As for getting 34 put on them by OSU--UM scored 40, so that didn't bother me. You have to learn how to win the close games before you can become dominant. They took a big step in doing that last season. Having said that, it wouldn't suprise me to see them have a worse record this season.

Comment 09 Aug 2012

I should have clarified when I said talent. My point is that from a recruiting standpoint, OSU has been dominant in the past several years--especially when compared to the classes RR brought in and all of the attrition that has occurred at UM. I understand that there were some suspensions, but its OSU--4 and 5 stars waiting in the wings. Nobody in the B1G has OSU's talent from top to bottom, whether its experienced or not.

Comment 09 Aug 2012

Big UM fan. Not trolling, just like to see what's going on in enemy camp. While you say that last year's team was the worst since the 1800's, don't forget that it was still the most talented team in the B1G...by far. They had much more talent on the field than anyone they played last year and managed to lose 7 games. Doesn't matter though, its a new season. Which brings me to a more interesting question. On another thread I saw what everyone was predicting for B Miller this year--he's a great talent, but would you rather have played Bauserman last year and have the season you had or maybe worse (no bowl game), or would you rather Miller had redshirted and had 4 years with Urb?