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I grew up a poor white boy in a small village in Kenya.


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Comment 59 minutes ago

Awesome info! Love the Eddie Pic. Who ends up on the receiver list next year? Maybe two. All-time offensive records will surely all be broken next year. Who will stop us? No one.

Comment 2 hours ago

I hope we keep the chucklehead around. Some people are in one's life just to simply get a rise out of others. My outlet for that behavior lies in my x wife. He just gets his shits & giggles with us and it makes him feel better about himself, so he can get about his life. If my team sucked to no end, I to, would need a whole lot to feel good about myself. But my team kicks ass. Has the best coach, assistant coaches, strength coach, equipment manager, mascot, band, fans,  team facilities, best free web site to shoot the shit with fellow fans, oh shit. We kick some serious ass. no wonder everybody is jealous and spiteful of us. OSU RULES!

Comment 13 hours ago

I'll be prepping for a lil GOVT MULE tomorrow----So who the fuck cares!

Comment 17 hours ago

I just joined amazon. With football being over and the weather consistently sucking I needed a outlet. Oh, and I found one. Just watched seasons 1-4 of South Bound and Down. Laughed my ass off. Good therapy. Will review further shows ya all are watching.

Comment 22 hours ago

Until he punches a player on the opposing team---well after he adds a couple more National Championships, countless B1G championships, and many playoff appearances. I see at least ten more top 5 finishes.

Comment 23 hours ago

Darron was too high and didn't get low enough! Darron Lee @ the end of year(not in August) was a vastly improved player. And presently, a newfound D leader. Not saying Noah didn't throw his ass, because he flat hip tossed Lee. Glad we have them both. These circle drills our some bad ass shit. Would love to have a 2 hr DVD of just circle drills. Would love to see certain match ups.

Comment 24 hours ago

Good share Remy!    I think Schutt, Hill, Munger, and Hale are all viable options. Spring workouts and Game may provide a breakout performer/performance. Competition will make them all better. Wouldn't mind all of them stepping up to the point that we can have a solid rotation to keep em fresh.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

3 QB's and plenty of talent coming up. Lookin forward to VT so we can damn near in Annihilate those bastards. In their house.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

Thank You for your service!    Changing a - into a +!    way to go.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

I'm a red blooded American as well. However, I am a animal of reason. I believe that will be outright censorship. Give the poser his platform. As far as changing his avatar, may I suggest BO, as a assistant coach while @ the Ohio State University. I caught myself wanting to DV last night and choose the higher road. If it wasn't for Mman, I wouldn't utilize my power to DW. Let him stay!

Comment 27 Feb 2015

SPOCK--- He could always kick Captain Kirk's ass.RIP

Comment 23 Feb 2015

thanks for the info. I did not know that. so, they should easily walk away with that MAC trophy. I knew they were ranked high and we almost beat them. Sucks not really being healthy this year.

Comment 22 Feb 2015

is that the Spielman wheaties box? you now have my favorite avatar.

Comment 22 Feb 2015

great idea. hope some traction takes hold. this is like any illness and affects many around us. My personal responsibility on this, that everyone can do is 1. treat everyone with basic respect and dignity, stranger or known-to what ever capacity alike. 2. When a mental health district levy is discussed in your community, don't ignore it. Find out what the facts are. Engage and find out why the dollars are needed and what will it fund. Usually the $ is needed and is at a minimal cost to all of us. We are all our brothers' keepers.

Comment 21 Feb 2015

I am in this same situation. Only longer. My door is open, but for whatever reasons his is closed. I do, in my heart know that at some point, my higher power will resolve this situation. Have faith and work on what you control, on your side of the fence. Life has it's own challenges for each and every one of us to endure. it will come, maybe organically, and maybe some experience will force your hand. Follow your heart. Believe. It is your life and yours alone. We only do this once. I hope everything works out for the two of you. I know I feel pain that only will be cured when a presence in my life is again restored. I bid you well in your journey!!!!!

Comment 21 Feb 2015

As I drove home from work last year a song played on the radio" Lean on me". Last song I listened to. I did not lean on anybody. Let's all find that one person we can truly lean on. As my boss picked me up from my 7 day stay, this was the first song to play on the radio. This is not made up. 

Comment 21 Feb 2015

As one who suffers from depression(increased in the winter) all I can say is it is a Bitch. I have seen and enjoyed the movie Silver Linings. Awesome movie. The scene I enjoyed the most is when they meet and are talking about the meds. I've been in those same conversations with my fellow patients when I was pinked slipped last year. I have literally been on everything in the last 15 yrs of my life. Mental illness is real. I had a friend who called me up after Robin Williams passed, I told him I knew exactly how he felt, and how I identify in his thought process. This is not a path one chooses. I do know the best medication I have in my cabinet is one that is illegal to possess. One I did not use prior to my episode last year. Get out and vote people. And may all of you find some happiness and joy today,tommorrow,and forever.  PEACE and SERENITY be with you all.