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I grew up a poor white boy in a small village in Kenya.


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Comment 16 Apr 2013

not everyone can shoot like hopson.   kid plays with passion.   odds are if the shot has not happened by now,its not gonna happen.   and the boys got med school to think about too.  

Comment 23 Feb 2013

agreed.  with boren's mentality and toughness,drafted or undrafted,he'll make a team.

Comment 18 Feb 2013

if's its not rock bottom--then its off to the NIT

Comment 16 Feb 2013

lets just be very mindful of that well tuned,high flying, hard nosed blue collar buffalo team.let's get by those crafty veterans.PEOPLE PLEASE.

keep are eye on the prize.    and also we got the memorial golf tour,gotta, aaaaa, use those designated toilet areas.

Comment 16 Feb 2013

come on urban,i'm your wife...don'ttreat me like sue paterno,we need to be more transperent

biggy was rather small

Comment 16 Feb 2013

1.do you like scarlet and grey eggs and ham?

2.do you have any NCG pre-game traditions?

3.on a traditional1-10 scale how good is chris spielman in the booth?

4.if you could choose your game day anouncers,who would you pick?

5.if you had to race in a potato sack race,wiith winner to get watson,who would your partner be?


Comment 16 Feb 2013

where's honey badger gonna go?not top 5

this is all pre-combine--should be alot of movement afterwords.

really intrigued to see if anyone comes out of combine with increased interest in boren

Comment 16 Feb 2013

joe knew about victim 2.

i'd fire mcqueary off my staff,for not kicking sanduskys' ass and calling authorities to crime scene.

penn st. allowed sandusky to opperate his habitual molestation at penn states satellite  behrend campuss near erie, pa. for 8 years.

penn st should have death penalty----------------

i hope the courts do not throw out the penn st case against ncaa,and bring in the cameras to display the utmost ignorance in sports history.this aught to be great to watch every day.

Comment 16 Feb 2013

this is why you get a strength and conditioning coach to work the livin crap out of these guys so they don't have any energy left to become felons.the students that actually PAY to get an education should feel safe going about thier business


clowney should go with 20 mil. policy-what would his guarantee $$$ be?


Comment 10 Feb 2013

the one fact is this.We win-no problem.    Our track record is 0-2 in our most recent trips,and blowouts at that.  we lost numerous times in conference to keep trophies out of the case as well.

arragance is the one thing that pisses me off about fanbases of other teams. lets not go down that path. 

i love whats happening here and we have a great group of coaches.

meyer is aware of the competition and where we need to be.SEC is a crapshoot every year as who represents them.I hope were up to the task.

another aspect of lasts years team was not having that presure of being eligible. all they had to do is go out and play.Next year they will have that.

I hope it is bama.But i sure as shit dont just want to wear the lead in matchup t shirt of the event.i want to wear the championship shirt.and i don't want to be out of a game halfway through the 2nd period.