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Comment 02 Apr 2015

I am for one, crushed it is ending!

Anyways, I think there will be a twist we don't expect and it will end without knowing if either Raylon or Boyd survive. I think they will kill off a few more players but I just tend to think they leave it open ended. JMHO

Comment 06 Mar 2014

I have had both knees done. One is terrible, the other is great. I wish this was around back then, 1 hour surgery and outpatient is much better than the 5 hour + week in hospital + 2 months casted that I had in 1990. I have had 9 more surgeries on that old method and zero on the newer method. Crazy how things change in 20 years.


Comment 21 Feb 2014

Combine workout schedule

» Saturday, Feb. 22: Tight ends, offensive linemen, special teams
» Sunday, Feb. 23: Quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers
» Monday, Feb. 24: Defensive linemen, linebackers
» Tuesday, Feb. 25: Defensive backs

Comment 18 Jun 2013

For me it is simple, if my kids are smart enough to get a ride academically to scUM, there will be plenty of other schools offering. Athletically, same thing, if they are good enough to get a full ride there, they will have many other options. So the answer is no freaking way.



Comment 07 Jun 2013

I feel your pain, Browns vs Jets playoff game, we left. Listened to fantastic finish in car. I had to convince myself if we had stayed it wouldn't have happened.  



Then after a punt, Kosar threw another interception, this time to Jerry Holmes, which set up Freeman McNeil's 25-yard touchdown run to give his team a 20-10 lead with 4:14 left in regulation.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

Great kid. Definitely matured and looks like he will knock snot bubbles out of people this year.