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Comment 26 Nov 2015
I don't understand why some people want TTUN to be good. Yeah, I get that the win will be more satisfying. But there is now a good chance the Buckeyes lose. Harbaugh will win some games against the Buckeyes. And that's good for the rivalry, you say? Come on. The point is to destroy them, not have exciting games that the Buckeyes could lose. I wish TTUN was still pathetic. If the Buckeyes lose Saturday, I'm sure there will be stupid articles that it's good for the rivalry. How is losing ever good?
Comment 25 Nov 2015

I am a bit tired of banning activities because of one tragedy. I understand the liability angle, but there are liability waivers for that. That's how high risk activity (bungie jumping, gun ranges, skydiving, etc.) places stay in business. Jumping into a frozen lake may not be "fun" to some people, including me, but I don't think we need to ban it just because we don't think its "worth the risk."  The same line of thinking has some people wanting to ban football because of concussions and occasional high school player deaths. They say its not worth the risk for a silly game. I think most of us would disagree with that. Life has risk. If we are about saving lives, lets mandate all highway speed limits to be 20 mph. We would save tens of thousands of lives. Is anyone in favor of that? 

Comment 24 Nov 2015

I hate to say it, but there has been a lot of wasted talent this year from garbage playcalling. Samuel is just one of several player's whose talent has been squandered while JT runs up the middle for 2 yard gains. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Miles is a little weird and is bad at clock management, but the guy can recruit. I really think LSU is delusional if they think they are going to replace him with someone that much better. If Miles gets 15M to walk away, that's not a bad deal. He will have a ton of other offers. 

Comment 21 Nov 2015
It's been the same all season. Bad play calling. It's not changing.
Comment 18 Nov 2015
I like Dantonio. He's a great coach that does it the right way. I'm glad he's found success... Just not against the Buckeyes.
Comment 13 Nov 2015

When I saw the article title, I first thought he was another casualty from the recent issues on the Missouri campus. I wish him the best. Glad he's doing what's best for him and his family.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

I'd love to see JT take out his wrath on scUM. Their dumb fans will all be holding up stupid signs making fun of him while he runs into the endzone 4 or 5 times. 

Comment 12 Nov 2015

I wish he would have just kept quiet; playing the "'I'm the QB" card is not a good look. This will only fuel the haters to demand more of a punishment.  I hope this motivates JT to make better choices and take out his frustration on opposing teams. 

Comment 12 Nov 2015

I hate Clay Travis, but I thought his article was spot on. The university president could not have stopped any of those incidents without turning the entire campus into a police state.  Imagine the protests if he tried to do that.   

Comment 10 Nov 2015

The Buckeyes likely lost a National Championship because players SOLD THEIR OWN POSSESSIONS for tattoos, so I have little pity for anyone who gets caught by the NCAA. Fournette seems like a good kid though, so I'm a little surprised by all this. This is Johny Manziel type of shenanigans. 

Comment 07 Nov 2015
Let cardale run it up the middle and throw deep! That's what he's good at! He beat Oregon and Bama doing it.