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Comment 15 hours ago
If the buckeyes don't get in, I guess the committee is saying to schedule Portland state instead of Oklahoma. Why play a good ooc schedule if all that matters is a stupid conference title?
Comment 16 hours ago
That university administration allowed Paterno to put football over innocent children and their fans continue to turn a blind eye to all of it. They are a disgraceful bunch.
Comment 17 hours ago
Buckeyes better be in. I'd like to see penn state play Bama just to watch mcsorely throw his arm punts against Alabama's dbs.
Comment 24 hours ago
I hope herman didn'the lie, but there is no loyalty in coaching. Houston would have canned him if he had sucked. Most boosters are not realistic about their teams, but thinking paying him more money would make Houston anywhere close to Texas is delusional.
Comment 01 Dec 2016

Its a different world of coaching now with the "Drill Sergeant" coaching method going extinct. Overall, I think its a good thing. No one should be treated like garbage over playing a game. I never played better when my coaches got in my face and screamed obscenities at me. It just made me want to beat the shit out of them.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

Gronk was my #1 pick in fantasy. Luckily, I picked up Terrelle Pryor early and he's made up for some of the points lost on Gronk always being hurt.

Comment 28 Nov 2016

Props to a fellow Chiefs fan. Also, there was a controversial spot during the Chiefs/Broncos game near the endzone where it was much too generous of a spot and resulted in a first down for the Broncos. The announcer referenced the Buckeye game spot and said that spotting the ball is "not an exact science."  The Chiefs didn't challenge the call when they easily could have and probably won the challenge. The game went on the Chiefs eventually won. My point is that that this is part of the game--bad calls/good calls/controversial calls. My other point is that Harbaugh is a tool.