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Comment 22 Oct 2016
He was in a tough situation but handled it with class. I have nothing but respect for this young man. It's unfortunate it didn't end up the way he and Ohio State wanted, but things have a way of working out for the best. He still gets to play D1 football in a major conference and gets his education paid for. His future is bright.
Comment 19 Oct 2016

If  WHEN Ohio State wins The Game, they will likely have to play Wisconsin or Nebraska a second time in the BIG 10 championship. They should not have to play Michigan a second time in the playoff. I'd love to see the playoff expanded to 6 teams so the two top teams get a bye and then the rest play an extra game. Then a worthy non-conference champion could get in. 

Comment 17 Oct 2016

I went out there once and it wasn't that bad. One PSU fan called my wife and me a few obscenities before the game as we were walking in, but that was about it. We stuck close to other Buckeyes, and maybe we just got lucky. Iowa fans are the worse I've seen at a Buckeye Road game. There was constant verbal abuse, beer cans thrown at us and threats of violence from their drunk fans before and during the game. Nebraska fans were the nicest.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

I was a little surprised how long it took for the Buckeyes to make adjustments.  Why did it take until halftime to figure how to stop that sweep? Also, it seemed like the Bucks didn't blitz much. I thought Shiano loved blitzing. Wisky's QB often wilted or made bad throws under pressure. Why only rush 4 or 5?

Comment 15 Oct 2016
I guess I'll post here because there is no "Ohio State is Playing like Shit" thread. That was bad.smh
Comment 13 Oct 2016

Am I just biased, or do the Buckeyes seem to lose more players early to the draft than others? Jake Long and Jake(?) Butt stayed at Michigan forever. (If Peppers stay until he's a senior, that would be really annoying). Same with basketball. I guess that's why Urban doesn't like to redshirt--at least get a few years out of them before they leave.

Comment 13 Oct 2016

I'm not weeping seeing Oregon suck. They are just Nike money and gimmicky uniforms. All style and no substance. They used to run up the score on weak teams to look good and then they would go lose to real teams because their defense sucked. I will enjoy watching the Pac12 teams exact revenge on them. They should force Phil Knight to watch every second of every beatdown --Clockwork Orange style.

Comment 13 Oct 2016

Amazing job Urban has done on the recruiting trail. With this much talent, the Buckeyes should compete for a National Title every year. While Michigan has done well recruiting since RichRod, the Buckeyes still have the edge. I still can't imagine why recruits are drawn to Harbaugh's antics. For all the criticism, at least Saban has some dignity (doesn't have sleep overs, take his shirt off and climb trees).

Comment 07 Oct 2016

Harbaugh is always trying to act tough, obviously trying to overcompensate for something. Urban is quiet and collected like an assassin. Urban in 2 rounds TKO; the fight is stopped after Harbaugh starts crying because everyone is laughing at his weak upper body.