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Comment 09 Feb 2016

I convinced my dad (he's in his early 60's) to wear a Ted Ginn jersey to an away game at Sparty. Some smart-ass MSU fan ran up to him and good-naturedly said, "Mr. Ginn, you are looking well these days!"  It was funny, and my dad laughed--but that was the last time either of us wore a jersey to a game. :)

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Not diving for his own fumble was weak. That was the ballgame. Walking out of the press conference was even weaker. You can't act like a baby when you lose when you're the supposed leader of the team (and NFL MVP). All I hear is that Cam Newton is such a great guy and is a new man because he helps kids. That's nice. I applaud that he helps kids. But it doesn't make up for all the dumb things he's done and continues to do. People tend to reveal their true character when the chips are down or no one is watching. A bunch of grinning photo ops with kids is not enough to erase his obvious character flaws.

Comment 04 Feb 2016
They have no seniors and only one junior, and Loving just doesn't seem to have the team leader personality. And Russell left for the NBA. Next year will be better.
Comment 02 Feb 2016

Athletes with attitudes like Manziel are poison to a team. He just doesn't get it. I don't think he's been told "No" many times in his life, so he thinks he can do whatever he wants without consequences. It will be fun to see him doing his stupid money hand gesture when his NFL money runs out and he has to move back in with his parents.

Comment 10 Jan 2016
Harris always seems to provide a spark. His quick drives can penetrate the defense and then pass out for an open look.
Comment 10 Jan 2016
I watched a bit of it when I saw it on BTN. First time I have watched wrestling since the Olympics about 15 years ago. I didn't really understand the scoring, but I was still pissed that TTUN did so well.
Comment 31 Dec 2015
Connor cook is headed straight to the arena football league.
Comment 31 Dec 2015
Glad to see Sparty come back to reality. Connor cooks sister is officially the most talented member of the cook family.