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Comment 19 Apr 2016

Can't fault a kid for staying home to play. Plus, at least he's not going up north to play for Coach Sleepover.

Comment 15 Apr 2016

Its a good problem to have, but I still hate to see this happen. Wish we could take them all. You know recruiting is going well when you have a tell a 4-star you don't have room. 

Comment 11 Apr 2016

So bible verses are banned but shirtless pictures of Harbaugh are not? What is the world coming to?

In all seriousness, I understand some confusion, but I think its tough to ban a bible verse on a tweet or on a picture of a scripture reference on a player's eye black or shoes. I think the spirit of the 11W policy is to prevent members from engaging in religious comments, not necessarily banned newsworthy items that contain religion.

Comment 05 Apr 2016

The kid had an ego and wanted respect because he was a 4 star. I get it, he's been coddled since third grade because he's a good athlete. But whining that he didn't get offered soon enough is a bit much. Basically, he's saying the Buckeyes didn't recognize his greatness soon enough. So he goes to Kentucky to win 6 games and play in Little Ceasers Pizza Bowl? That's his idea of revenge?  

Comment 02 Apr 2016
Fresh and a few seconds in the microwave. Melts the sugar a bit. Also good with making smores.
Comment 31 Mar 2016
Good to hear. I never did hate Hoke. Seems like a decent guy. Beats Harbaugh any day.
Comment 29 Mar 2016
I agree I initially panicked as well until I saw they all averaged 2ppg. Scholarships are scarce in basketball, so I think this is a good thing. The best players stayed. If Tate, KBD and Lyle left, I would be much more concerned.
Comment 29 Mar 2016

I'm hoping that does not mean the capacity will decrease. I wish there was someway they could increase capacity to overtake Beaver Stadium and the Big Hole.