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Comment 06 Aug 2014

So, for those keeping score at home, he gets the scholarship but not the bucket hat?

Comment 16 Jun 2014

Nicely done. I would add an honorable mention for Paul Dietzel, who grew up in Mansfield and coached LSU to a national title in 1958.

Comment 09 Jun 2014

Agreed. Furthermore, any coach that comes in and turns around a crappy program like Indiana or Purdue in a couple of seasons will as quickly be gone -- off to UCLA or Tennessee or whatever larger program offers him the big bucks. Their only hope is to stick with somebody, then hope he sticks with them when things finally improve. See: Snyder, Bill

Comment 18 Dec 2013

It WAS ugly, but a blowout? Seven points is seven points. You're risking injury putting a spin that wicked on it.

I'm picking at nits here, though - I love ya, DJ.

Comment 20 Sep 2013

Yeah, thank goodness we've finally gotten over the pathetic Jim Tressel era. Remember all those losses to I-AA teams and mediocre programs like Air Force, Syracuse and Pitt?

Comment 14 Jun 2013

What's amazing to me is people think John Cooper DOES belong in the Buckeye Hall. Don’t tell me about the national or the Rose Bowl halls – that’s a reflection of his overall career, which was very good. But at Ohio State – compared to other Ohio State coaches – his results were subpar. They just were.

At Ohio State, his best run was from 1993 through 1998, and he only beat Michigan twice and was .500 in bowl games during that time. In other words, in the games that mattered most, his best teams were worse than the worst teams fielded by Jim Tressel or even Earle Bruce.

By contrast, Cooper’s other 7 years (1988-1992 and 1999-2000) were the worst, most embarrassing football seasons most of us have ever experienced. And that’s just the W-L record. (Remember the stories about the academics, the Fulmer Cup contention, blowout losses to the likes of Pittsburgh and Indiana, the bowl meltdown vs. South Carolina?) And don’t tell me about NFL draft picks – that just points out how those players underperformed at the college level.

All that said, I hate to run down the man. John Cooper is a good man, a nice man, a very good coach overall and a good representative of the university. But if he gets in the Ohio State Hall of Fame, what record would it take for a head football coach to NOT get in?

Comment 18 Apr 2013

I think it's still valuable to break someone down and build them up again -- be it in athletics or other areas. But you don't have to be an abusive tool to do that. That aspect needs to go away for good.

Comment 05 Feb 2013

I heard Earle Bruce speak at Ashland University in the spring of 1984, and he said he had a freshman receiver coming in who reminded him of Lynn Swann. I doubt even Earle realized then how right he was. Cris Carter was a beautiful player to watch, and the most complete receiver I've ever seen at Ohio State. In spite of the way it ended for him there, I probably appreciate him more for that and what he's overcome.