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Comment 22 Aug 2014
I'm a part of the problem because I would rather hear all of the facts before I take a side? I implied in my initial post that I don't think either party is necessarily right. The "downvote parade" surprised me sure, but I can't sit here and say that I believe Krenzel was right to pull the kid aside and yell at him until I know the full story....
Comment 22 Aug 2014

I really don't see what is wrong with my comment in the context of this story. It isn't clear that the kids were fighting, so I wonder what made CK feel he had to separate the two kids? Was he just mad his kid got blown up on the play? If so, why did he need to yell at the other kid? Of course, I would change my position if the guy's kid started throwing punches at CK's kid. But the story makes no mention of it, so unless that detail comes out, IMHO CK shouldn't have put his hands on the other kid. Reasonable? I think so. The story makes no mention of any other coaches or referees who felt the need to separate the two, so what did CK see happen that no other coach did?

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Agreed, if Brax isn't playing, I wonder how the res of he B1G is going to feel about getting steamrolled by us with our best player/All-everything QB missing.

Comment 25 Jul 2014
He looks more natural at defensive end, but he also did a great job blocking from the tight end position. Cancer survivor before the age of 9? This guy could be the story of the offseason.
Comment 12 Jul 2014

Minnesota will eventually lose him whether they trade him and get something back for him, or they lose him in free agency and get nothing back for him.

Cleveland is going to be fine this year, and I hope they wait it out of Minnesota doesn't back off of Wiggins. Who knows, Minnesota might loosen their grip on Love mid year when the writing is really on the wall. I'd rather go through the year with Bennett and Wiggins and the rest of the roster in tact and see what parts don't work.

Comment 12 Jul 2014

David Blatt is a great coach, I have known about him for a little while now since I work for the owner of Maccabi 'Bazan' Haifa down here in Florida. We played against Tel Aviv in the last two Israel League Championships, won two years ago and lost to them in the last.

Maccabi Tel Aviv are the Yankees of the Israeli Super League, they have a much larger budget than all the other teams, save for Jerusalem so his success there is not surprising. But his real accomplishment is leading Elektra to the Euro League Championship, he did not have the most talented team in the tournament, and it was the first time an Israeli team had ever won the Euro League.

I have no doubt that he is a great coach, and could do well in Cleveland. I only worry he will get caught up in the bright lights of the LeBron media frenzy, he will be able to handle the championship expectations and whatever. Gilbert and the front office have to give Blatt a couple of years, no more carousel (one year and done) shit with the coach.

I am extremely excited for David, LeBron and the city of Cleveland. I think this could really be the beginning of something special.

Comment 11 Jul 2014
Comment 08 Jul 2014

I think references to Braxton's improvment as a passer simply come from his film work and "mental reps". His arm strength and accuracy would have improved marginally with physical work this off-season, but Braxton's mental work this off-season may greatly improve his ability to make quick reads and decide to deliver the ball to the receiver, or use his feet to get the yards. That is how he could improve.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

I don't know if you are referring to Muschamp's chameleon-esque ability to change color when he screams, but most coaches yell and scream so I doubt many players are going to be deterred from playing for someone because they get angry from time to time. From a defense perspective, I can see why he would want to play there. It wasn't long ago he was considered one of the best defensive minds in CFB. Plus I believe he was a LB coach on top of that. Either way, I hope he ends up choosing OSU in the end, but I couldn't blame him if he chooses to play in the Sunshine State.

Comment 02 Jul 2014

We have had guys in the 6'2' range before. But not 6'4" - 6'5", which is why I am excited to see how we use Jeff Greene in the offense.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

Obviously; Ohio State gets a visit

I would then take visits to the following:

UCLA, sunny weather, beautiful campus, beautiful women. Get to go to LA for a weekend vacation.

University of Texas, Austin is a place I want to live. The campus, the women, the BBQ, the tradition. I could go on and on. It would be really hard to turn down.

University of Oregon; no real reason I would want to visit outside of seeing the facilities. But all the shots of Eugene look nice and the cheerleaders look pretty nice too.

Boston College; I've visited Boston many times. If I have the opportunity to move there for work, I would do it in a heartbeat. I love the vibe of the city and there is a huge Brazilian population there too, and I love me some Brazi girls. I went for a game to BC and while the team sucked, and the stadium wasn't special there was just something about the school that I was drawn too.



Comment 30 Jun 2014

I am assuming he lives in Miami. So do I, and I have no one to watch the games with on Saturday. 305 hit me up!

Comment 25 Jun 2014

In one week from today we will know what his decision is. I'm going to try to not get too excited about this considering what has happened in the past with top Ohio players from the Cincinnati area. If we get him I think I will explode with excitement.

Comment 23 Jun 2014

If anyone wants to laugh a little bit, check out the thread on Miami's 247 board.

This is so funny the kid went to their camp did real well said some nice things which he should now the Buckeyes thinks he's a lock to them.