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Comment 25 Sep 2014

I don't mean this to be a knock against UC at all, but in all honesty I feel like Kentucky is closer to being a rival to OSU than UC is. My reasons are that UK recruits against us more often than UC, and they are in a big conference in our region. That being said, I don't see either being a true "rival".

Comment 24 Sep 2014

Sure he will have a shot, there are not many programs out there with a coach as good as Kevin Sumlin. That said, why would he want that job? TAMU is a great program, in much better recruiting grounds, in the best division/conference in college football. I don't see why he leaves that for Michigan.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Former 5* recruit and threw for 400+ yards and 6 touchdowns in his first collegiate start. Would I call him great? No not yet, but he is more than capable and our secondary has yet to show that they have significantly improved, although I believe we should be confident that they will.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

I am a Buckeye, through and through. Being apart of Buckeye Nation means we cheer for the best damn team, with the best damn band, in the best damn stadium in the nation. When I have had the chance to go to games in the past, I sometimes got too hyped, too drunk, too obnoxious, I've used curse words, yelled loud insults towards opposing players. The last game I went to was a game against the weasels, and you better believe I did everything I just mentioned in the last sentence. It was all for my team, and I was going to do whatever it took to make sure I helped my team. Because I LOVE MY BUCKEYES.

At the end of the game, voice raspy, adrenaline pumping from the win I gave one more, "FUCK YEAH, WE BEAT THOSE WEASELS AGAIN!". Then I looked around at my fellow Buckeye Nation looking for smiles and high fives for beating TTUN. But, I didn't see smiles. I saw parents and grandparents staring back at me with a look of disgust. I saw their kids, staring at me like I was some crazed monster. It occurred to me that I just might have ruined some little Buckeye fan's experience. I upset my fellow Buckeye Nation. I did not represent myself or my team well. 

So, if I ever get that chance again, to go to the Shoe and cheer on my beloved Buckeyes, you better believe, I am going to cheer loud for my team, and go ape shit when ever we score. But I'm going to also try to make sure that when I support my team, cheering/yelling, I am not ruining someone else's time.

TL/DR; You can cheer loud and proud, but keep it classy. Leave vulgarity and wishes of injury to opposing players out of the chants, and represent the Buckeyes in the best way possible.

EDIT: So to answer OP's question, no I do not think we should continue with the "rip his fucking head off" chant

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Kjetland, you the real MVP. Thank you!

Comment 17 Sep 2014
Man that's a bummer. I miss the highlight videos, they were just about the only thing that got me through the week.
Comment 17 Sep 2014

It's Zeke, and to me it isn't close. He is extremely athletic, strong and well built. Once our offensive line gets it together, he is going to start making noise nationally. I've seen enough of Elliott to believe he is going to be a great one for us.

Behind him, I like Curtis. I believe he could end up as a bigger version of Darren Sproles for us. I would like to see us get him involved more in the passing game and get him in to space. He is going to be really good. 

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Someone should post this over on /r/CFB, there seem to be a lot of Woody haters over there. All they seem to remember him for is punching the Clemson player. I wonder if seeing his would change their attitudes.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

He's still got one more year of high school after this, so he could still grow. I could definitely see him getting to 225/230 by his freshman year of college.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

I was truly naive to just how brutal domestic violence was. I am pretty embarrassed that I was somehow okay that there would be a 6-game ban for first time cases. But that video. That changed my feelings 500%. At least a season minimum for first time, with additional penalties pending review of evidence (like a video). Rice should be gone forever, and feel that way for a few reasons. 

After he cornered her, then hit her repeatedly in the face with the bill of his ball cap, he punched/smacked her, backed up and then punched her again, out cold. Then dragged her out of the elevator and just laid her across the floor nudging her with his foot, like she was doing something wrong by being knocked unconscious. He showed nothing, no remorse, no hint that he cared if he may have seriously injured her. Just bad. No. Goodbye Ray. She is still with you, and your not worthy. He shouldn't worry about getting another contract, if she is going to stay with him, he should focus on her and treat her like a goddess.

Comment 03 Sep 2014

I said too high. The game against Navy did little to show that our defense has improved at all, we didn't see anything from the secondary and it was a spotty performance by our front seven against a tricky offense. Our offense showed glimpses of what they can do at the end, but I wish I could have seen the same things from them all game.

I'm not sure where to put this team right now, but I think by the end of the year they could be a top 10 squad.

Comment 22 Aug 2014
I'm a part of the problem because I would rather hear all of the facts before I take a side? I implied in my initial post that I don't think either party is necessarily right. The "downvote parade" surprised me sure, but I can't sit here and say that I believe Krenzel was right to pull the kid aside and yell at him until I know the full story....
Comment 22 Aug 2014

I really don't see what is wrong with my comment in the context of this story. It isn't clear that the kids were fighting, so I wonder what made CK feel he had to separate the two kids? Was he just mad his kid got blown up on the play? If so, why did he need to yell at the other kid? Of course, I would change my position if the guy's kid started throwing punches at CK's kid. But the story makes no mention of it, so unless that detail comes out, IMHO CK shouldn't have put his hands on the other kid. Reasonable? I think so. The story makes no mention of any other coaches or referees who felt the need to separate the two, so what did CK see happen that no other coach did?

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Agreed, if Brax isn't playing, I wonder how the res of he B1G is going to feel about getting steamrolled by us with our best player/All-everything QB missing.

Comment 25 Jul 2014
He looks more natural at defensive end, but he also did a great job blocking from the tight end position. Cancer survivor before the age of 9? This guy could be the story of the offseason.
Comment 12 Jul 2014

Minnesota will eventually lose him whether they trade him and get something back for him, or they lose him in free agency and get nothing back for him.

Cleveland is going to be fine this year, and I hope they wait it out of Minnesota doesn't back off of Wiggins. Who knows, Minnesota might loosen their grip on Love mid year when the writing is really on the wall. I'd rather go through the year with Bennett and Wiggins and the rest of the roster in tact and see what parts don't work.