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Comment 04 Oct 2012

How about The Player Formerly Known as Philly?

We could also test out The Six Fingered Man. (One for each of his average six receptions per game...)

Comment 28 Sep 2012

What's up with today's poll leaving Wilhelm out? Sure there are more talented players from Tressel's defenses, but a field general MLB is the piece this D is missing.

Wilhelm could handle Bell and shore up the middle of the field. Fingers crossed we get the best game of Klein's or Curtis Grant's young career this week.

Comment 28 Sep 2012


"Florida...where Ohioans go when they are no longer reproductive."

That's how I read that the first time.

Comment 12 Jul 2012

I also thought Hail's question was valid and innocent. As other posts have mentioned, it will become more difficult for Meyer once he's been around the team for three+ years and developed long term relationships.

Personally, I think Hail brings value to the threads since he has an outsider's rational perspective. He asked a thought provoking question. There was no need to rub a couple bad scUM incidents in his face...BuckeyeNation would be viewed much more favoably if we could all save those comments for the truly rude scUMmers during Michigan week!

@ Hail, Honestly I'm trying to put my past prejudices aside regarding Meyer. I couldn't stand him at Florida and didn't really trust him when he was rumored to be hired, but so far I couldn't ask for anything more. He's handled these unfortunate situations well so far, so he's earning my trust and I'll give him the benefit of doubt regarding future incidents. Maybe his time off has given him some perspective. At some point maybe I'll be able to trust him implicitly like Tressel. Fingers crossed his coaching career ends better!

I still can't believe how much has happened without Meyer coaching a single game. This has become the eternal offseason.

Comment 25 Feb 2012

I moved to Portland a few months after Oden was drafted. So much hype and promise followed him out here. I've always supported and defended him because I've always had the impression that he's a great guy.

I was watching the 2007 Wisconsin game at the Ohio State bar in town and walked past a huge man on my way to the restroom. It was on the way back that I did a double take a realized it was Oden. Guy was just hanging out, standing around with some of his friends watching the game. He came across as down to earth and very humble.

He'll always be one of my favorite buckeye basketball players, whether his body allows him to play in the NBA or not. He's a great example that character matters whether you're successful or not.

Comment 09 Feb 2012

Leave it to the playoff talk to push a long time reader to make his first comment. (Love what you guys are doing with the site.)

I love the idea of southern teams coming up north to play. If you don't want the top seeded schools to host, I wouldn't mind if NYC and Chicago were in the site rotation. I can already see Wisconsin fans spelling out 'Deal With It' in the stadium if they make it one year.

Why can't the Rose or Sugar bowl (or other BCS bowls) be the semi-final games? Seems like you can have your bowls and playoffs at the same time that way. Old money's happy because they keep their cash cows in place; fans are happy to have a playoff.

I'm also  surprised the 8 team playoff idea hasn't gotten any love yet in the comments. 5 or 6 BCS conference champions + 2 or 3 at large bids. Most teams could lose one game max to be in the picture in most years.