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Comment 13 Jun 2015

Shit Fucker

Bathtub Shitter - Do not Google this. The album cover is pretty disturbing.

Comment 05 Apr 2015

This was literally the second game I've watched this year, the Michigan State/Duke game being the first. I assumed Kentucky would roll Wiscy up and smoke them like pine cones and I think a lot of other folks thought that as well, including Harrison. To hell with cryin' ass Calipari and the SEC.

Comment 03 Apr 2015

They would be overpriced if no one paid the MSRP. A shit load of people do so they aren't overpriced. Not worth the money IMO but a lot of people do think they are. That said I looooove Street Glides and sometimes think I'll own one.

Comment 02 Mar 2015

M Man reminds me of a user on BuckeyePlanet back 5-6 years ago that went by the handle gatorubet. Smart, articulate and always looking to start an argument and get the last word in. Got banned a few different times before they dropped the hammer on him. He's over on the Shag doing pretty much the same thing.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

but I wouldn't lift a finger to save most of you if you were drowning in a puddle of my own piss.

Like you could even piss that much. Fucking rascal.