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Comment 23 Oct 2014

I contended before week one that once JT got his sea legs he would be a better QB for this offense then Braxton. Do I believe we would have won VT w/ Braxton? YES.

However, do I believe our offense would be clicking in the same manner today with Braxton? NO

Barrett is more well rounded and makes the right reads far more often than does Miller. I thought we would be undefeated going into 11/08 so my bad on that, but I agree JT > Braxton.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

I have had tickets in 13a... and the student tickets between 2001-2003.

That being said, I've sat in C deck before as well.

My opinion would be, if you are a casual fan that doesnt know what to watch w/ respect to plays developing, etc and you're there for the excitement then sit in A deck somewhere close to one of the student sections.

If you're there to watch the game and see how things develop as they develop, analyzing the plays, the D, etc... Sit in C

Comment 22 Oct 2014

But I could take your argument the other direction and say it is about competitive positioning. The B1G was the first conference to start its own network and there is significant positioning there when you can say that network is in 50-100 million homes... you can say to students and parents that every game of theirs will be on TV.

It is about competitive positioning when you are the one thing Fox has. Sure they have some lower tier Big12 games and some Pac12 games but those arent exclusive. The B1G would be signing an exclusive deal with Fox... we're their big dog rather than fighting it out at ESPN with the ACC, Big12, Pac12, & SEC....

No offense, but I trust Jim Delaney more than you and I think he believes that this deal covers the B1G both financially and in competitive positioning.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

ESPN will still show the highlights of B1G games... why? Because it's about viewers!!!!!!!

They know that people still turn to SportsCenter for their nightly highlights of their team's game. As a result, ESPN will show the results of the B1G games or people will switch to FS1 to watch that program. No matter what the scenario, ESPN will show the highlights of the games for the regions that bring in viewers. They may be heavy on SEC, but they currently are anyway. That being said, do you ever go a Saturday where you dont see the highlight of the Buckeye, ttun, MSU, Wisconsin, Nebraska games? No.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

FS1 is 219 of DirecTV, FS2 is 618... but that's not the point.

I want to draw a parallel. Howard Stern was the B1G of radio hosts. He had the most passionate fan base, he had the largest fan base. He went from the behemoth that is terrestrial radio to Sirius that had 400,000 subscribers at the time of his departure.

Several years later XM, which had 5x the customer base that Sirius did at the time of the Stern/Sirius deal, was bought by Sirius and the company now has 20m+ subscribers. People are paying for radio.

Theoretically, Delany may be thinking that our customer base will follow us just as Stern's passionate and loyal fan base followed him. And, since that time some strategic plays by Sirius have brought additional subscribers. As much as I hate Fox's news arm their sports division is very good. It's not like they're a start-up trying to compete with ESPN... they're one of the big 4.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

Your concern has to do with the casual fan not the B1G fan. B1G fans will find the game in their list of channels. I would be interested to see the data with respect to how many casual fans tune in to the B1G games. If it is substantial then you may have a point.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

I'm not really sure Fowler answered the allegations though. The reality is that ESPN isnt worried about the SEC business today... they're worried about the SEC business in 2017. The SEC Network officially launched this year and ESPN is building that for 3 years from now. What better way to build that network and its visibility than by promoting the shit out of it?

In 2017 the B1G is going to Fox and all it's programming will then be on Fox networks... Fox, FS1, FS2, BTN and potentially FXX if necessary. What does that mean? That means ESPN is going to be without their largest population base for viewership... which means they need to build up the SEC.

So, Fowler, your comment that the B1G doing well would help ESPN is correct if you are a short-sighted individual. If you are a company however you are like a chess player looking 5 moves ahead and you see that you're losing big money. Build build build for 2017.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

But now that I've looked at the roster here is a list of all the underclassmen (Fr & So):

Billy Price, Mercyls Jones, Pat Eflein, Kyle Dodson (T), Kyle Trout (T), Brady Taylor (T), Jamarco Jones, Evan Lisle (T), Demetrious Knox

Obviously, the 4 marked (T) I would think to be the natural tackles so they'll just need to step up over the next 10 months and 1 has to be ready to fill Baldwin's shoes.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

I still feel we need some depth @ OT... with Decker playing well and a candidate to leave early after next year and Baldwin being a senior (I've been really impressed with him thus far) I'm worried about that position.

A while ago I thought we had a shot @ Isaiah Prince but he wasnt even mentioned in the article (so I would guess Bama).

Comment 20 Oct 2014

Who is this cousin? Prince Harry? No wedding is so important that it takes up 3 weekends... SERIOUSLY!!!!!

These people clearly have a high opinion of themselves and their relationship... which means it will end in divorce.

Also, here's a thought genious... change your flight to Sunday, stay in SoCal by yourself, and find the local Buckeye bar to watch the game... so you're out $300, you got to watch the game with a bunch of fans in a new city and you're away from your wife for a night!

Sounds like a win-win!

Comment 20 Oct 2014

I believe the WVU police meant to say the riots caused "dozens of dollars worth of damage"... not thousands.

Comment 20 Oct 2014

I'll probably get some DV's for this but it's not like our reactions have been much better.

I was in school and went to the OSU/ttun game in 2002 when we went to the National Championship game. After waking up early to tailgate, then going to that game, then storming the field and pulling up some pieces of turf I went back to my apartment on 8th Street for a nap.

A few hours later I got a call from my dad saying "you're not involved in any of that shit on campus are you?"

When I woke up I could hear helicopters overhead, cars were being tipped over, couches were being burnt, and windows to businesses were being broken. There are uncivilized morons on every major campus in the country, WVU might have more, but we have our fair share.