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Comment 22 Nov 2015

Tell the WR recruits not to bother coming here because we have:

  • A QB that set an conference record for TD's last year.
  • Another QB that had possibly the best 3 game run in the history of college football
  • A WR that has the best body control and hands of any other in college football
  • Two WR's that are supposedly supposed to play a "Percy Harvin" role
  • And an H-Back that was 2-time B1G player of the year

And yet we have less than 20 passes in the game, Braxton touched the ball a couple times, Dontre didnt touch the ball at all, Marshall has 2 touches, both QB's have regressed epically, and we seem not to know what we're doing.

Dont bother WR recruits... we'll try to blame it on the weather but that's a weak argument.

Comment 21 Nov 2015
Would you bench someone for saying the sky is blue? Water is wet? Or the state of Michigan is a cesspool? He stated exactly what everybody already knew. He's stating the obvious here. I have zero problem with it.
Comment 21 Nov 2015

This is his 4th year... so if he gets a degree he can be a grad transfer next year.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

I'm sorry, but we did need to throw the ball down the field because THAT WAS what the defense was giving us.

If you rewatch the game in the 3rd and 4th quarter on 1st and 2nd down the MSU D had all 11 defenders within 9 yards of the line of scrimmage.

Down field is where to go with the ball... we havent made one team respect our passing game.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Wouldn't that be poetic if he was a graduate transfer and went to Houston or wherever Tom Herman is next year?

Comment 09 Nov 2015

I really feel bad for Cardale because he came back for this season. He thought he could take that 3 game run and turn it into a 17 game run and become a top 5 pick.

The truth is his play, or lack thereof this year, is 100% between his ears, which is the hardest part to watch.

Last year he was anticipating routes and throwing guys open. This year he isn't doing either of those things and on top of it he isn't recognizing blitzes or feeling the defensive rush.

I remember in high school our QB would throw the ball as we started to break anticipating an open pass. Cardale is waiting until the receiver is clearly wide open before electing to throw the ball. On top of all that his accuracy is off.

I really feel for the guy because 100% between the ears is probably the hardest problem to fix.

Comment 04 Nov 2015


#AndyCarroll #WorstDayEverForManBuns

Comment 03 Nov 2015

I appreciate your comment and commend you on nearly a year clean. It is not and will not be easy going forward but I sincerely applaud you.

The part I took exception with was the term "junkie" and it seemed dismissive to me.

Again, thanks for sharing and congrats!

Comment 02 Nov 2015

Exactly! I love how people hate the cartel leaders (they should be hated) but they dont hate the leadership of the companies that makes and pushed these drugs throughout the country.

By the way, they also told people these drugs werent addictive!

Comment 02 Nov 2015

The healthcare industry doesnt try to stop this they perpetuated it.

The pharmaceutical industry was pushing oxy and other related drugs to treat the pain. That is all the country does any more... they treat the pain. Consequently, more people are on pain medication than ever before. The pharmaceutical industry is getting rich off the drugs, pharma sales reps are getting bonus trips across the globe, and doctors are getting kickbacks for pushing a particular companies products.

When pharmacies started getting broken into every single day and people are stealing the drugs the government makes laws giving higher penalties for possession of oxy-type drugs. Consequently, oxy is going to $60-80 per pill and heroin is going for $10.

The pharma industry and the healthcare industry perpetuated the heroin epidemic in the country and anybody who does not admit that is either in the industry or blind.

To simply dismiss these people as "junkies" is extremely insensitive and speaks to the fact that you know very little about the situation.

Comment 02 Nov 2015

Nothing good happens during a bye week.

Why does this happen every year with a good program? Every time there's a bye week the players relax and do some stupid shit. This is so predictable because last Monday I said to a coworker "they just need to make sure nobody does anything stupid on the bye week and gets in trouble... that always happens."

I wake up Saturday morning and look at my phone... BAM

Comment 21 Oct 2015

Love the poster. I think since the next weekend is a bye week the team should have a hotel for Saturday night too and allow the players to go into NYC for the day Sunday before flying home Sunday night.

That's just my opinion. I know it's a business trip and that's why the fun is saved for after the game but they should be able to have a good time in the city.

Comment 21 Oct 2015

With all due respect DJ, because I love your stuff, Cardale has not been great in situations where there is nobody to blame but himself. (DISCLAIMER: I typically do not post on game threads, and have not been publicly critical of Cardale up until Saturday so I dont believe I would qualify as the asshat or asshole.

If you look at Cardale's play, even two weeks ago when he only had 8 incomplete passed (or something like that), the balls he's thrown have not been on target. He has not been catching his receivers in stride and allowing them to run with the ball. We have amazing talent at the skill positions. If you were able to put the ball in front that would make for some good YAC. But if you watch the replays, many of his throws are behind receivers on short routes or over their head in intermediate routes. Again, this is on plays that have nothing to do with WR play or the OL... no excuses. Maybe we can blame Tim Beck. Maybe things would be different if Herman stuck around for another year. In fact, I have no doubt they would be better. You cannot compare what someone does with Taylor Martinez to what someone has done with Cardale and JT. Even so, he's been his own worst enemy.

Most of us were rooting for Cardale. There's no better story than a kid from a shitty part of Cleveland, commits to Ohio State, goes to Fork Union, tweets some dumb shit, becomes 3rd string, through a chain of events is forced to start, goes on to win a National Championship against 3 tough squads. That's some Rudy type screenwriting there. We're rooting for Cardale. But no team is about one man. Urban has to ensure this team is clicking by the time we play MSU and scUM in consecutive weeks. JT adds life and confidence to this offense.

Just my two cents, and they're probably not even worth that much.