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Comment 25 Aug 2016

I think it's funny that something that could've been purchased just 2 years ago at an American Eagle or Hollister is all the sudden a "dad thing" all because dads aren't wearing skinny jeans or jean shorts with the legs cuffed.

Comment 25 Aug 2016

It pisses me off how unreasonable NFL owners are and especially the Chargers.

This is the only major sports league that doesn't have guaranteed contracts AND they have a slotted rookie salary cap AND NOW they're trying to put offset language in the contract and not pay bonuses in a calendar year? All in the most dangerous and violent sports league?

How is it that people are siding with billionaire owners over future millionaire players? 

Would you sign a work contract where your employer said "if we fire you, you're not only not entitled to the money that we agreed to in the contract but also we will collect from your future employment contract a pro-rata share of any bonuses you were paid during your tenure here if we fire you before the term is up"? 

If you were negotiating a contract with an employer and they offered you money to move to that location, how many of you would accept that offer if the money would be paid 9 months after your employment began? All because that employer wanted to have the money in the bank a little longer so they could earn interest on those monies?

The fact that the Bosa's are willing to negotiate on one of those issues is a testament to how much Joey just wants to play!

Comment 24 Aug 2016

I figured it out... before reading the message below.

I've never been to the restaurant but love fine dining. I will need to try that place next time I'm in NYC and I'll tell them to send an O-H to Leezy in the kitchen.

Note: Pork Jowl is one of my favorite cuts, especially when done on a robata.

If you were taking a trip and basing your restaurant selections on food would you go to the Michelin star restaurants or some other method of selection? What is the ONE restaurant you want to eat at in the country? World?

Country = Alinea

World = Noma or Mugaritz (disappointed I didnt go to Mugaritz when I was in San Sebastian)

Comment 23 Aug 2016

Which one?

  • Aquavit
  • Atera
  • Blanca
  • Daniel
  • Ichimura
  • Jungsik
  • Marea
  • The Modern
  • Momofuku Ko
  • Soto

Also, what is your favorite type of cuisine?

Have you ever eaten at Yakitori Toto? It's my obsession the last time I was in NYC.

Do you see a trend of chef's doing decent work in Manhattan then moving to a different locale (not NYC) like Denver, Seattle, Phoenix, Portland, Atlanta, etc to really establish their restaurants rather than opening their own in NYC? A James Beard nominee for best chef SW may never get publicly noticed in NYC.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Mine would be a VHS of the '02 title game but somebody accidentally taped over halftime of the game with the scene of Margot Robbie from Wolf of Wall Street opening those doors in her apartment (you know the one)... and the scene of her in the babies room with the pink dress.

Now I've got sports and something for the spank bank.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

You can have your opinion but I typically think people insulting others for what sport/video games/tv shows/movies/etc into is born out of insecurities rather than just a dislike and it typically comes from meatheads.

I played football in HS with a bunch of meatheads and "we" (yes, me too) would always poke fun at soccer as a pussy sport. However, I grew up. When you actually watch a soccer game and see the physicality in the box during a free kick you'll realize soccer a way tougher, physically, a sport to play than baseball for example and I played baseball for 13 years.

Yes, I hate the flopping in soccer (and all sports) and I think if you talk to most Americans and Europeans they would say the same. Flopping is strong in Italy and Latin America (see Manu Ginobili, an Argentinian of Italian descent). And, for our part, I would objectively say that Americans do the least flopping. It's something that works against us though because we dont get foul calls that other teams get, which just further incentivizes flopping.

I'm new to soccer, probably about 3 years, but I find it enjoyable and far more entertaining than any baseball game I've seen in the last decade.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

But maybe it should have been. He was asked questions about it by the media in 2011 so maybe it should have been asked by Urban.

Every year we hear how Schiano is one of the hottest names for a head coaching position in college football and yet he doesnt seem to get the job. Maybe, just maybe, everyone else has asked those questions and decided not to hire him as a result of what they heard.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

If you only tell a supervisor something to that extent, THE WORST OF CRIMES, and nothing happens and you dont further go to the police you are complicit in all the actions that take place from that point forward.

I love how people just think that reporting something to a superior is acceptable for child rape. The claim is that he was "white as a ghost" and that Greg had "seen Jerry doing something to a boy in the shower." 

This idea that he did everything that he should have is EXACTLY what happened with the Catholic Church in the US over the years. People learned about it and reported it to their superiors. They addressed it with the violator, in the case of the church by moving the individual to another church, and then everyone went about their business ultimately allowing more assaults to occur.

If this is true Schiano is complicit in the actions from that date forward and SHOULD be fired. No debate.

Comment 08 Jul 2016

Love is way more than a spot up shooter and he consistently proved that in Minnesota.

I hate that Love happens to be the scapegoat here because of the GS series when if you look at the other series in the 2016 playoffs he was invaluable. When they ran through Toronto, Detroit nobody was saying Love should be traded.

However, the small matchup against GS with a team that moves the ball better than ANY in recent memory, that has players that can shoot 1-5 when they go to their small lineup, and that has guys that can take you off the dribble when they go small WAS the issue.

Love in the finals was a matchup issue, not a skill or overall fit issue and if the Cavs played more than ISO that would help Love a lot! Lue just isn't going to outcoach Steve Kerr, ever.

Comment 08 Jul 2016

Be careful here. The report is coming from a Nigerian news website. It could be right but typically people don't go to a Nigerian news site for English football rumors. Also, the rumor has not been picked up by any English news sources.

Also, I am reading that they have expressed interest in Lucas Hernandez at Atletico Madrid. Again, another Frenchman. If he was going to go after a French CB, I think it should be Laporte or Varane.

Comment 07 Jul 2016

I think they'll get the cheapest striker of Lacazette, Lukaku, and Morata - likely Lacazette - and then they'll be done.

Could you imagine that front 6? 


Sanchez, Ozil, Costa

Ramsey, Xhaka

Comment 07 Jul 2016

I understand being financially responsible but they've said, at least publicly, that they had more than $200M available in the window and the've done nothing but add Cech and now Xhaka. 

Wenger as an obsession with midfield players. I've come to that conclusion. Maybe he fancied himself a midfielder despite his length and that's why that's all he looks for.

I pretty much agree with everything you said. I would prefer Lacazette but would be perfectly content with Lukaku (obviously) as long as they dont pay 20M pounds more for him.

A player I love but that isnt a #9 is Douglas Costa.