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Comment 20 Jan 2017

I used to go to Grimaldi's all the time when I lived in NYC. And Luigi's is very popular as well. But Lombardi's is allegedly the first operating pizza place in the US.

Comment 20 Jan 2017

Steroids aside, Barry Bonds probably wouldn't have received some votes from people in the media because he was an asshole to almost every media member he met at least early in his career.

Most of his other stats qualify him for the hall but his 216 wins are likely hurting him. 

That said, he's also an asshole (not a political comment) so that's hurting him.

Comment 20 Jan 2017

It all really depends on your budget, interests, and nostalgia.

For pizza nostalgia you go to Lombardi's in what was once Little Italy. It's coal oven pizza which is my favorite but many people prefer gas or wood. Also, many people will recommend better pizza places, that's why I said for nostalgia. John's on Bleeker is very good for coal but if you prefer gas you can go to Joe's. Joe's is what most people would say is a typical NY slice.

Other nostalgic places are Katz as mentioned above, Nathan's, Junior's, 2nd Ave Deli, etc.

Steak: Peter Luger (also nostalgic but also what most NYers will point to as the best steak house in the city)
Japanese: Yakitori Totto
Michelin Stars: Eleven Madison Park
Chinese: The Bao (be sure to try the Xiao Long Bao)
BBQ: Fette Sau

Culture: Museum of Modern Art, Natural History Museum, Guggenheim, etc, Broadway show, 9/11 memorial, United Nations tour, etc.

Really, the list is endless and really hard to pin down any one thing you need to do. For me, I pick a region of the world for each day and discover my own food tour. But other people wouldnt care about that.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

I dont understand this depth chart at all. KJ Hill is the best receiver on the roster right now and the fact we didnt get him the ball more is nearly as baffling as giving Mike Weber 1 carry in the first half of the Fiesta Bowl.

Additionally, and I see we dont have any of the true frosh on the list, but based on his performance this year and at the Army Bowl I think Wyatt Davis could push for that other Guard position and Pridgeon for the RT position.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

How did I validate your claim? haha... you clearly cannot read well.

Also, in his defense Armstrong didn't play much in the game against OSU or the next game. Regardless, he went 9-4. Nebraska is not the same team it was in the 90's. They'd love to average 9-4 every year.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Mike Riley is an underachiever? Why dont you go visit Corvallis, Oregon and then reevaluate that statement.

In Corvallis he had 2 season of 8-5, 3 of 9-4, and one of 10-4. Good luck finding another coach over the next century that does as well.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

This is a recruiting dead period. Nebraska could only really pass that information along through intermediaries like his coach and I highly doubt his coach would relay negative recruiting stuff.

Maybe he's speculating that with Samuel leaving and Wilson coming in that they will not highlight the H position as much. Once the coaches can talk to him again they need to send him video clips of Shane Wynn at Indiana and then tell him that Wynn is in the NFL.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

I think the greater likelihood is that he saw what Michael Thomas did in the NFL this year and sees himself as comparable. He doesn't run a 4.4 but he likely runs a 4.6, runs good routes, and can be that possession receiver that all teams need.

That, AND he spent nearly his entire first year on the team being an amazing blocker. That's basically all he was used for. The next year he broke his leg. This year, he was able to prove he can catch most anything throw his way.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

I actually blame the last TD on the DB, Brown. The fact is, if the defender isnt contacted by the receiver the officials will NEVER call the PI. In that scenario Brown would have had to run into the receiver and done a Vlade Divac flop in order to get the call. 

However, the first TD was PI. On that TD Legget picked the defender, there was significant contact, and it resulted in a TD. The flag should have been on that one as opposed to the last play.

Finally, I think there is a difference between a RUB and a PICK. On a rub, you are brushing your man-to-man defender off against another defender (same team running into one another) or against the umpire. On a pick, you are actually running to a position the defender will be and physically contacting the defender. The rub is legal, the pick isnt.

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Scottsdale Vibe - SumoMaya

Great Pizza - Pizzaria Bianco (Chef Bianco is a James Beard award winner)

Sushi - Hana on 7th Ave and Missouri

Japanese Tapas - Yasu

Long Lines - Little Miss BBQ

Fried Chicken - Welcome Chicken + Donuts

(Proper) Mexican - Barrio Cafe or Barrio Cafe Gran Reserva

(Dive) Tacos - Tacos Chiwas (eat the tripa and lengua)

El Salvadorian - Guanaquito

Some of the places I have recommended arent in the nicest areas but you also wont get killed and they have AMAZING food.

Comment 06 Jan 2017
I think Weber is better than Hyde at this stage of there respective college careers and it isn't close. He's a great young back. The fumbles in the Clemson game were effort fumbles, not technique fumbles. He was frustrated he wasn't getting the ball this trying to get every possible inch he could and he also knew we were losing and needed a lift and he was trying to provide it. Weber is legit.
Comment 05 Jan 2017

Despite what some people think, Mike Reilly was a very good hire by Nebraska. It's hard to fathom what he did at Oregon State with such a weak recruiting base and little money.

Now he has a B1G budget and a larger talent pool to draw from (Not Nebraska, but the schools geographical ties to the MW, TX, OK, etc). That team played well before Armstrong got hurt against the bullets. 

As for Jones, that team seems to be a dumpster fire. Their OC leaves to be the OC at Indiana. How terrible of a person must the HC be for someone to leave a nice SEC OC job to a bottom rung B1G OC job? Also, word on 247 is that he didnt have a QB coach last year when they were trying to develop Guantarano. If true, that's crazy.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

There was another play in the Fiesta Bowl, 3rd and 13, where Noah Brown ran an in route @ about 15 yards. He was open. But, the inside receiver ran a 10 yard in route with no separation from the defender. Barrett couldnt see Brown and I believe he got sacked.

The two problems I see are:

  1. The underneath route was run too deep not allowing the receiver to clear the area in order for JT to see the deep receiver.
  2. The underneath receiver not getting separation on an in route against a nickel defender.