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Comment 28 Jun 2016

I was extremely impressed with Yedlin's play over the entire tournament. We always knew he had endless speed and effort but he has put that together with great positioning on defense (minus the sloppy Colombia goal from Bacca) and great forward runs and crosses. I would actually put him @ with Dempsey and Brooks 1, 2.

Wood would be #4 for me.

This one year at Sunderland has been amazing for Yedlin's development.

Comment 28 Jun 2016

I am a little torn on this issue. I totally agree that the players need to learn about their free throws but I also think it meets the definition of an intentional foul.

intentional foul. noun, Basketball. 1. a foul deliberately committed by a defensive player to stop play, tactically conceding the penalty of having the fouled player attempt the awarded foul shots in return for possession of the ball.

Comment 27 Jun 2016

i don't understand why they waited until about minute 89 for Rashford to enter. As soon as he came on he was putting more pressure on the Iceland defense than the rest of the team did the previous 88 minutes.

Comment 26 Jun 2016

I don't disagree with this comment and when they did put it across goal (example: Pulisic's first time on the ball where he beats the defender and makes a beautiful cross) there was nobody there to be on the receiving end of the pass.

Serious question: How would you rank US players (top three)?

Comment 26 Jun 2016

I was at the game and I don't get the criticism. This team was an entirely different one than the one that showed up against Argentina. I thought they looked mostly good. Yes, the first touches weren't great but any more I just expect that from this team. As for the deer in the headlights look, i think that is totally off. There was nothing like that feeling for me.

They put a lot of pressure on Colombia in the box and had 10 shots tonight versus 0 against Argentina.

For what it's worth, to all of us in the stadium the refereeing seemed to be atrocious! Take for example the fall call where he didn't give advantage to Zardes early in the first half  when he was 1v1 and then late in the 2nd half he gave advantage when the USA hardly had possession immediately following the foul and then led to a break by Colombia. It was very poor work by the officials.

Comment 22 Jun 2016

The lineup sucked in my opinion and for that you can blame Klinsmann but you cannot blame him for anything that happened on the pitch. It doesnt matter what your tactics are when you're only completing 62% of your passes and consequently have ZERO registered shots.

Argentina had that ball on a string all night. They make three passes so quick and their first touches are amazing. Us, on the contrary, dont have a player on the squad (seemingly) that has a good first touch.

Combine that with the fact that players just looking completely lost like Brooks basically holding on to the ball too long until he turned it over, or Bradley's innumerable turnovers because he's just not that good about 80% of the time, or every player on the squad watching Messi in the first 3 minutes in awe of him and conceding that goal as a result, or players taking an extra dribble instead of making an open pass to a player running up the wing (Bradley, Johnson, Dempsey, etc).

About 90% of last night was on the players. Part of it is that they just aren't as skilled as Argentina but part of it had to do with effort and just being in awe of their opponent.

The 10% that goes to Klinnsman, I would have started Nagbe rather than Beckerman and let Bradley play the connecting midfielder role between the back 4 and everyone else. Also, maybe go to a 4-2-3-1 rather than a 4-4-2 and not play Wondo because he doesnt have pace... he's just a solid MLS player basically. In his place maybe play a Pulisic.

Comment 17 Jun 2016

I dont think Beckerman should get the start.

Bradley plays better as that connection between the back 4 and the front 5... Beckerman was needed yesterday because they were basically parking the bus at that point. Against Argentina we'll need to go forward and Nagbe gives them that more than Beckerman.

Yedlin, Cameron, Brooks, Johnson
Zardes, Bradley, Nagbe, Zusi
Dempsey, Wondo or Pulisic

Comment 17 Jun 2016

It wasn't a weak red card. When you go to someone's intentionally the red is supposed to be automatic and it was. It was a stupid move on his part.

All in all that game was officiated well yesterday. I'm not entirely sure Wood should have been carded but other than that it was a nicely called game.

Comment 14 Jun 2016

I think it's terribly ignorant that Love is the scapegoat for this teams play and I also think it's insane to say that Lue has an offense.

This team, in the Finals, has switched to a team that is 80% ISO with very little ball movement. Is that Love's fault? Was anybody saying that there was anything wrong with Love in the first two series?

Can't we blame the ineffectiveness of this team on their lack of any coordinated offensive effort in the finals rather than the performance of one player? Can't we blame the ineffectiveness on LeBron seemingly requiring the offense to run through him? On LeBron constantly driving into the lane and getting the ball stripped or jumping without a plan of what to do with the ball before firing it out of bounds.

Yes, he's the most talented player in the league but he certainly hasn't played like it this series. Being a leader doesn't mean that the offense has to run through you on every play. Being a leader means when the offense does need you, then you can step up and put it on your back.

Comment 05 Jun 2016

Anybody blaming officiating is a whiny bitch because officiating doesn't account for nearly a 20 point loss.

Comment 05 Jun 2016

THIS ^^^

Instead of moving players and moving the ball the Cavs basically went to an offense that was 75% ISO in the last game. They tend to do that when they get to the finals and as great as LeBron, Irving, & Love are I don't think you can win the title against a talented team like that in the playoffs.

Also, they're getting smoked on back cuts and just seem to be scrambling on defense too much. I hope they can get it corrected tonight.

Comment 04 Jun 2016

Talk about glass half empty. 

What did you expect from a game against #3 in the world? I thought US would likely lose but was hoping for a tie. If the US can beat Panama and Costa Rica they're through and that would be a hell of an accomplishment considering Costa Rica made it to the final 8 in the 2014 world cup, Colombia are #3 in the world, and Panama can compete on any given occasion.

Comment 04 Jun 2016

I'm conflicted about this game. I thought Klinnsman had the starting 11 I expected except that I thought Nagbe might get the start rather than Jones.

However, Dempsey fails to press at any point in the game and sinks further back into the midfield the longer time goes in the game. Zardes looked like he was playing RM or RB at points in the game with how far back he was playing. Bradley's role is that CDM player and I didn't think he was terrible. 

The thing that was the worst to me was their failure to pressure the CB's with our forwards, the poor pass connection efficiency, poor first touches time and time again, and they were shit on set pieces both offensively and defensively in the first half.

All that being said I think the most optimistic expectation the US fans could have had was a tie. Colombia is #3 in the world. Holding them to a 2-0 tally is pretty impressive. For the tournament sake I hope James can play in their next match because he, Messi, Suarez, & Neymar are the stars of the tournament.

Comment 27 May 2016

(Dancing chick not pancake chick)

Comment 26 May 2016

I'm guessing James opined without actually reading the Baylor report that indicated coaches actively tried to cover up player issues, that they tried to influence accusers, that they tried to discredit accusers, and that they didnt report assaults when they head about them.

This is so far away from supervision and actually becomes a coverup of sex crimes for the purposes of winning football games.

This isnt Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky where the coach knew about actions for more than 35 years before something happened, but it is not entirely dissimilar in that coaches overlooked sex crimes because they were winning.

Comment 26 May 2016

I have no idea how to embed a tweet but Craig James (@CraigJames32) said:

#baylor coach Briles a good man who provided 2nd chances & ended up being victim of it, too. Character & Integrity matters!

So... that coming from a guy who killed 5 hookers while in college @ SMU.

Comment 23 May 2016

I dont know how this 23 can be criticized much.

I agree on Chandler and I am not fond of Wondo being on the list. He performs in league play but international play isnt strong.

I think the question now becomes 4-3-3 or 4-4-2.Pulisic's creativity and skill in a top flight league should put him in the starting 11 but I'm not confident he'll be there to start the tournament.