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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 03 NC, 2011 Wisconsin - Braxton to Smith, 96 Rose, Hole Buckeye!, 2012 Purdue & Kenny G.

    But the best moment: I was introduced to OSU football by my stepfather in 75. He took me to The Shoe, told me Archie and company had just come off the field after a practice & that Archie was going to win another Heisman. I haven't been sane...or the same since..
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Krenzel, Troy, Archie, Byars, Laurenitus, Shazier, Braxton, Bosa, JT, Jack Tatum, Speilman
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: All the Buckeye greats past & present.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals, TB Bucs, Niners...but CFB is my thing.
  • NHL TEAM: Tampa Bay Lightning
  • NBA TEAM: Heat (sorry - loved them since the 90s & Cavs
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Comment 10 minutes ago

For me it's about who won the game that was actually played. feel MSU was the better team that day because they won. I feel Ole Miss was the better team because they won. That game that OSU dropped to Purdue in 09...yep - Purdue was the better team that day. Theories about what would happen in a best of 10 series are great & all but the team that wins during the 1 game they do play is, plain & simple, the better team that day. 

Do I think Bama should be ranked above Ole Miss now? They seem to be about even in my mind. My take on why Bama is anked higher is more about how UF beat Ole Miss - they smoked em. BTW - as much as I hate writing these words - the Gators might be legit.

Comment 9 hours ago

Some really horrible calls today. The Braxton one was mind boggling, as were a few others...but to negate a TD over an obvious to anyone with eyeballs that work, legal block...well, yeah those dudes did a bad job today.

Comment 10 hours ago

Man...That game literally made me sick to my stomach. Not over one person's play, but because Indiana wouldn't stop coming at them. It's 2002 again folks, be prepared for more of the same during a number of games. The swagger been replaced by a fear of losing & the product on the field reflects it. Our Buckeyes have a monstrous target on their back & the pressure is showing.

Nonetheless, 5-0 & a chance to keep winning. As much as I saw a ton of flaws today, I can't ask for much more than being undefeated...

BTW, that call on Braxton for the block below the waist was total & complete bullshit. Worst call I've seen this year.

Comment 29 Sep 2015

I could not only see Texas winning - I believe they will. TCU's defense is a pile of the hottest garbage right now. I think UT gets it done.

Comment 29 Sep 2015

I watch it every Saturday. Why? However bad it is, it's still better than any other Saturday pre-game show (IMHO). It has gone downhill though. Poor Lee Corso has given away his pick prior to actually making his pick every Saturday this year. Kinda sad watching him these days...

Comment 28 Sep 2015

Wow, lot of people bummed about this. Based on resumes & performance - this top 4 really isn't really off although MSU should probably be in there. So what though? It'll change! And sooner than later. I'll start paying attention to people's top 4 opinions at about week 10. Until then, my Buckeyes are undefeated, have more talent than about any team out, & have the best coach in the game. I'm ok with things so far...

Comment 27 Sep 2015

Fair enough. I've just seen so many knee jerk reactions here lately in general & took your comment to be a knock on Zeke. Samuel (who is a truly great player) had a good play. Zeke's had hundreds of great plays. Sounded like you wanted Samuel in Zeke's place. My bad if I misread that.

Comment 26 Sep 2015

I guess people's memories are a little short. I remember Zeke running for 246 yards vs Oregon (700 yards in the 3 post season games) & basically winning OSU it's most recent NC. He had 124 yards & a TD today, not to mention his all purpose yards. Oh yeah, he's also the best blocking back in America...but yeah, I'm with you - can't wait til he's gone either. I mean, Curtis Samuel had a 40 yard TD in the 4th, so he's obviously a much better back.

Comment 22 Sep 2015

I don't know man...it is wrong what he did? Yes. Is he placing football above education? Yes again. Are there things much, much worse a coach could do? Yessir! My bigger issue is with contacting the professor than input on the paper. Neither seem like they should lose you your job & he's been suspended. I would hazard a guess that he possibly done this before... but he's been busted now, so any more improprieties & he should be shown the door. 

Comment 22 Sep 2015

I'm with a few others here that think OSU should probably drop a spot or 2 based on the last game at least. Is NIU a cupcake? Hell no, but an Ohio State team should not have looked that anemic on offense. Doesn't mean I don't believe in them - these issues will turn around. With their talent - they have to! But count me as one who thinks a drop would be motivation to right the ship quickly.

As for how some of these people vote - that shit is crazy!