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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 03 NC, 2011 Wisconsin - Braxton to Smith, 96 Rose, Hole Buckeye!, 2012 Purdue & Kenny G.

    But the best moment: I was introduced to OSU football by my stepfather in 75. He took me to The Shoe, apparently Archie and company had just come off the field after a practice. I haven't been sane...or the same since..
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Craig Krenzel, Troy Smith, Archie Griffin, Keith Byars, James Laurenitus, Shazier.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: All the Buckeye greats past & present.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals, TB Bucs, Niners...but CFB is my thing.
  • NHL TEAM: Tampa Bay Lightning
  • NBA TEAM: Heat (sorry - loved them since the 90s)
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: USA women

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Comment 19 Oct 2014

That was my favorite play of the game (aside from the Spencer catch of course). I kind of marvel at how calm he is back there.

Comment 19 Oct 2014

Haha. I gotta say, nothing makes me feel better than Will Muschamp being made a fool. For years he's taken shots at UFM for bare cupboards, and whatever else, but it's year 4 for him & this is all his team. He has no excuse - just a bad coach.

Comment 18 Oct 2014

Ok - I got mine! Now a quick question for Jason. Again. Will you be bringing back the 11W highway sign shirt? Please & thank you.

Comment 16 Oct 2014

I've heard that he's a little bit frustrated that the staff is still recruiting Baker, especially since they play the same Will LB position

Don't take this wrong, because I'm genuinely curious about when I read a comment like this regarding fans "hearing" things...where did you hear this? What's the source?

Comment 13 Oct 2014

I realize not everyone who lives there is a UK fan, or a bandwagon jumper, or bad in any way at all...I'm just saying that I'd felt he was a guy who would prefer UK over OSU but success dictated that he liked OSU for a time. 

As for Timmons being strung along, I agree that's a bummer, but that's life as a recruit it seems. Happens everywhere to plenty of kids. I imagine UK has strung kids along while waiting for plan A. Urban Meyer didn't invent the practice & Timmons landed on his feet...Becoming a fan of another team - over a kid not getting the offer you believe he deserves - doesn't hold water IMHO. Not that it's a crime or anything, but some folks are just front runners.

Comment 12 Oct 2014

Actually - this. Waycraken is a resident of that state & a football fan. Since UK has been terrible for....well....ever, he latched on to OSU. Now that UK has a pulse, he's on their tip. I never disliked him at all, but always thought he was a Bandwagon Buckeye.

Comment 12 Oct 2014

Too many fellow fans have made decisions (that the Buckeyes are out) based on a future that you cannot predict. An OSU that wins all it's remaining games in dominating fashion is an OSU team that at minimum, has a shot. How many times have you seen a team with an early season loss that looks unbeatable late in the year...and gets credit for it? It happens. Even with teams that lose to teams they shouldn't have. If OSU beats MSU & wins the B1G championship, then JT likely gets a pass for his inexperience at the time of the VT game.

Maybe I'm a hopeless homer, which I'm fine with, but I'll be damned if I give up hope because of an article that says I realistically should, when almost every team out there there could have at least one loss when it's all said & done.

Comment 12 Oct 2014

Over the course of this thread, you've nailed it Andy. While I voted "no" on the poll question, and realize these players should definitely have some sort of additional financial considerations...I think you're opinions on the matter are spot on, and maybe best of all, well thought out. I have a passion for college athletics, (obviously OSU in particular) and much of that stems from an idealistic view of what college athletics is about. I'll watch some pro games & the Super Bowl every year, but other than that, I just don't share the same passion for that version of the game. 

It's my belief the game would suffer if CFB becomes the "NFL lite". I think there's good reason for that old saying about being careful what you wish for & I'll leave it at that.

Comment 08 Oct 2014

Agreed BD. Straight up targeting.