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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 03 NC, 2011 Wisconsin - Braxton to Smith, 96 Rose, Hole Buckeye!, 2012 Purdue & Kenny G.

    But the best moment: I was introduced to OSU football by my stepfather in 75. He took me to The Shoe, apparently Archie and company had just come off the field after a practice. I haven't been sane...or the same since..
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Craig Krenzel, Troy Smith, Archie Griffin, Keith Byars, James Laurenitus, Shazier.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: All the Buckeye greats past & present.
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Comment 1 hour ago

Sure, and while we're at it, Tressel eventually resigns as HC to become AD on his way to the university presidency, and Urban Meyer still comes out of "retirement" for his dream job in Columbus.  TP is a 1st round draft choice and ambassador for the university, and everyone loves Assistant HC and DC Luke Fickell, who is considered a preferred candidate for every major HC opening if he chooses not to wait as Urban's heir apparent.

However, the Browns still stink, because even hypotheticals have their limits.

One day, there may be a poll for "greatest comment ever". I hope this one is on the list...which I would then cast my vote for. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Hey - there's a dude on Twitter who goes by "Poison Nuts". Hollers at recruits all the time. I ain't that guy. That Nine Route tweet reminded me to say something about this. Good day.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

Great, I just pictured Matt Hayes banging away at his keyboard with his erect jam pony. Why....WHY??!!!

Comment 13 Apr 2014

The O lines did nothing to help these guys & the whole game was literally the most boring OSU football event of all time. Nobody stood out in any way good or bad. I have no way to judge what either of these guys can do at this time.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

Like when Urban Meyer showed up at OSU & finished with a top 5 class in a matter of a few months on the job? Look, I'm the furthest thing from a PSU fan, but these kind of comments come off as plain haterism.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

A. If UM drew a larger attendance to their spring game than OSU, you would most certainly be bragging/proud about it as opposed to writing a justification ridden soliloquy on how it doesn't matter &...

B. Would I have to pay to watch Braxton make brown? If so, how much? Because I'm willing to spend up to $2.40 to see such a public pooping take place. Also, are cameras allowed? 

BTW, at least you this in Westerville - the finest of all the Columbus suburbs.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

These Paterno people are the worst. I voted for Osborne here but we all know Woody actually won this thing.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

I have to disagree with this assessment BT. At least to some extent. In their first 2 years in Columbus, Meyer won 22 games, Tressel 21. The glaring difference - a  B1G title & NC. So....so far, I haven't seen that "killer instinct" too much. Matter of fact, I've seen just as many super close, heart stopping games. Sure there was PSU, but that was the exception, not the rule. Then there was Florida A&M & Cal, but that's Florida A&M & Cal. No, so far this notion that Meyer is a killer compared to Tressel being a bunny, holds no water IMO.

Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't trade Urban Frank for anyone & am a huge, huge fan of his, but until I see a year where OSU performs like the type of team that will crush the souls of their opponents then I don't believe that anyone has a killer instinct that's any different than JT & his teams.

Edit: Buckskin beat me to it...

Comment 10 Apr 2014

This article wasn't about college footballers making money. It was about Jesse Owens not being able to cash in on his accomplishments. Your comment is strange.

BTW - great article!

Comment 08 Apr 2014

Lived in Dayton for 3 years, love the Wright boys & I love flying, but took the heart route on this one & went with Jesse. Neither is a bad choice. Owens is a huge hero for me. Part of the reason is my heritage & part of the reason is just because he was such a badass. Still close, don't know when voting ends, but I'm hoping for Jesse to win on more time...

Comment 08 Apr 2014

Ok, didn't realize they were in different classes, for some reason I thought they were twins & his brother was committed to this years class.

Comment 08 Apr 2014

Really wanted Wisky to win that one. Gotta say, Ryan is a damn good coach. No denying that.

Comment 08 Apr 2014

The Dark Knight Falls.

Comment 31 Mar 2014

can we find room for his brother?

That's what I'm thinking. I mean, he's good enough to go to Iowa - I would think getting him to flip to OSU shuts this whole thing down. However, he may not want to flip at this point. Iowa was good to him - he probably would maintain his loyalty.