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Comment 25 Feb 2014

If I remember correctly, the hitter must have been plagued with the same after effects.

Dominic Jones, who served eight months in a workhouse for sexual assault in April 2007 while at the University of Minnesota

Comment 08 Dec 2013

My personal favorite was blitzing Roby.  Typically fine with this, but he blitzed from 10 yards off the line of scrimmage.  It gave MSU an extra 10 yards to pick up the blitz, which they successfully did.  It makes no sense.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

Jameis Winston would complete 99.5% of his passes against this defense, so we dodged having to experience that.

Comment 27 Nov 2013

Tressel was a villain who stole without deception. He used the front door and left the same way. He looted good and bad Michigan teams without discrimination.


Comment 23 Oct 2013


CBS college football analyst Gary Danielson believes No. 19 Florida is "the most underrated team in the country right now."

Don't be fooled by a mistake-filled 21-16 loss at Miami or an offense that has scored just 40 points in two games, warns Danielson, who has called SEC games since 2006.

"They are an elite team that turned the ball over," Danielson said in a notes package released by the network. "That can happen to any team in any football game.

Guy obviously knows what he's talking about.


Comment 13 Sep 2013

Brendan Bigelow rushed for 160 yards and two touchdowns on just four carries.

LOLz I remember that.

It'd be nice to turn the table, and maybe Dontre Wilson can be that person.

Comment 02 Sep 2013

I think you left out the Lars Anderson bio.

Senior Writer at Sports Illustrated. Working on The Storm and The Tide — a book on the T-Town tornado and Bama dynasty. Adjunct Prof at 'Bama. Resident B-Ham.

Professor at Bama and Alabama resident? The dude's been cleaning up NASCAR storylines and doing CFB season previews.  SI calls in the big guns when they want to uncover rigged raffles.  GQ already did a fluff piece on Saban, written by a Bama fan.

Even the Alabama fan base—of which, full disclosure, I'm a lifetime member—holds Saban in a kind of wary embrace.