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Comment 18 Oct 2010

I thought that we had the best defense in the country going into the game.  Now, not so much.  That 9 minute 19 play Wisconsin drive that started with 7+ minutes left in the first quarter was inexcusable.   This game was just rotten.  The good news is that they still have 4 weeks to improve before the Iowa game.  This starts with a little emotion.  This team has seemed to be on an emotional flatline all season.

Comment 24 Sep 2010

After last night's Miami - Pitt game Pryor's dissection of the Miami Defense looks all the more impressive.  Miami prolly has one of the top 2 defenses that he will see this year.

Comment 24 Sep 2010

My favorite as well.  I took two highschool friends from NY who had never been to a big time college game before.

Comment 24 Sep 2010

My first was my favorite.  In September 1994 I was a newly minted freshman from upstate NY who had never cared about college football before.  I had student "field" seats which were 8 rows of bleacher seating on the track that used to surround the playing field before the stadium was renovated.  By that time I was a veteran of attending NFL games, having had season tickets for my favorite team for 2 years.  Nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced that day.  I took my "seat" standing on the front row of the bleachers behind the Buckeye bench.  My section was at the 50, so the gatorade tanks on the sidelines obstructed my view.  Further obstruction came from a back-up offensive tackle named Orlando Pace who stood directly in front of those Gatorade tanks all day (and all season for that matter).  When the defense was on the field Orlando's buddy, the starting left tackle Cory Stringer, would join him in obstructing my view.  None of that mattered.  That day I was introduced to the pagentry and tradition of Ohio State football during a 52-0 win.  My life and my football loyalties changed that day; and that is why it was my favorite inconsequential game.

Comment 24 Sep 2010

Musberger hasn't seen OSU yet this season.  He has seen Boise.  His interview is just an attempt to get odds lined up in his favor so that he can take his bookie to the bank.

Comment 21 Sep 2010

It seems to be a warning to all other coaches; you somehow damage the fabric of the universe by calling a fake FG in overtime.  The Universe will get back at you.

Comment 20 Sep 2010

Iowa's Defense is very good.  21 of Arizona's points were attributable to the Iowa Special teams and Offense.

Comment 20 Sep 2010

From EDSBS Picture says it all.  Iowa could not stop a 3 man pass rush when they had to.