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Comment 09 May 2012

Gotta say I don't buy the Wes Welker comparison either. Please someone remind me what was Wes Welkers rookie season receiving stats again? Oh yeah, he wasn't played as a receiver his rookie season (even with a full off season and training camps to prepare).

We can however compair his second season in the league to Danes rookie season.

Welker           GP 16  Rec 29  Yrds 434  Avg 15  Lng 47 TD 0 FD 20

Sanzenbacher GP 16  Rec 27   Yrds 272  Avg 10.2 Lng 22 TD 3 FD 16

Pretty simular except the touchdowns.

What I think is Lazy is to discount Dane as a good receiver who could possibly turn into a great receiver because of his rookie year, which by all accounts were a good rookie year for any receiver even if they were drafted in the first couple of rounds. He did have some high points and some low points (the drops he needs to get under control and he will). The high points were two of his touchdowns and the reason they were touchdowns. The third TD he was wide open due to zone coverage, but 2 of them were because he saw how the defense was breaking at the same time Cutler did and adjusted his route at the same time Cutler started throwing the ball. This is veteran receiver play and football smarts some receivers never learn.

I think he will make the team and work his way up with a full offseason to work and learn the offense.

Comment 10 Nov 2011

Why, do you think he would have the balls to face the kids and the parents of the kids that were raped and tell them it wasn't his responsibilty to stop it?

Comment 22 May 2011

Holy Chit Eddie, I think that new ball boy Terelle just shoved a real buckeye up my arse!

Comment 13 May 2011

Anybody try to touch my ball and my posse here will gut you with her pen!

Comment 05 May 2011

Sanzenbacher will end up being the Kurt Warner of receivers in the NFL. He will make all those supposed geniuses in the NFL look like half brained idiots.

Comment 06 Dec 2010


I find your insight into football absolutely riveting; your analysis is second to none. We should all start to petition E. Gordon Gee and Ohio State to fire Jim Tressell tomorrow and hire you to coach the Buckeyes for this Bowl game.

OOhhh! OOhhh! It just gives me goose bumps to think of what you could do with your incredible football knowledge and coaching experience for this Buckeyes team.

TomCollins for President 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!