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Comment 30 Jun 2014

I had the same thought of an "Ohio Series" when this same issue got brought up last year in March. I had counted all of the D-1 programs. It would be difficult to do because I don't see the MAC wanting to potentially play each other "out-of-conference". Or question if the wins/loses would go against their conference records. But you could do a smaller Six team tourney with UD, CSU, WSU, OSU, UC, and Xavier. Maybe rotate two MAC teams in each year but have them on opposite sides of the bracket, so the chances of playing each other are smaller. 

Comment 12 Jun 2014

If we're going to go the hologram route, lets have a hologram Nutron Man perched high above the Bell Tower. To get rid of the other three poser bone heads. Bring back an Ohio Stadium Tradition. I miss hearing the Nutron Man Dance song. 

Comment 30 Apr 2014

In regards to the link to the giant card stunt. For some reason I want to believe Block O did a Stadium O-H-I-O at a game for some reason. I may be wrong in saying that. But it was only A-Deck that participated. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but something was done involving the whole stadium holding something.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

I believe the plates are from New Mexico. If you look closely you can see the small Native American symbols that the state uses on different things. Plus the architecture doesn't fit housing here in Ohio. 

Comment 18 Dec 2013

This is pretty genius. Civil banter is what makes college football fun between fans of opposing schools. My only question is, this is the Brutus statue outside of College Traditions on Lane Ave. Why is the sign on Brutus? There is a Woody statue right next to it, did the photo taker move the sign or what? Just throwing it out there. It would been more funny if it was on the Woody one.

Comment 26 Nov 2013

This is one of the i*ages fro* the Osa*a Ju*p Night. *any news outlets used this photo, and it was passed via social *edia around OSU in the days following.

Comment 26 Nov 2013

I ju*ped each year back during *y undergrad 2008,2009,2010,2011, wore the same $1 flip-flops I got at Old Navy a few hours before the 2008 j*mp each year. *y fresh*an year the cops/firefighters had to break the ice on the lake before we could ju*p. Yeah it was between below freezing and 5 degrees if I re*e*ber. My favorite tradition that I did right before Christ*as break. Love how the students have co*e together.10tv mentioned that since 1990 when the ju*p started no one has died. Every year that I ju*ped the cops were always laughing and willing to take pictures with us. They cared for our safe but enjoyed seeing the passion and love we as students had for what this week represents. I keep editing *y post because I keep forgetting funny *e*ories of that night. Fresh*an year *y floor Park Hall floor 6, turned the hallway into a giant slip-n-slide. Yeah it didn't last long but still re*e*ber the soap suds and water and kids flying by *y door. Oh *irror Lake Night for you I a* eternally greatful of so*e of *y best *e*ories of college

Fro* *y first plunge back in 2008.

Comment 06 Aug 2013

I may be wrong but I thought that pic was from several months ago. Either way still a pretty gnarly pic. We should either play photoshop/caption this with our own versions of Johnny "Cash" Football. It can be like that scene in Talladega Nights where Will Farrell's family is talking about how they like to picture Jesus when they're praying 

Comment 04 Aug 2013

How Johnny Football probably thought before doing the "so-called" signing. I wonder how p'od Tress and the rest of Tatgate would be, if A&M and the SEC gets off again.

Comment 25 Jul 2013

This season has a special place in my heart. Because it was my freshman year at OSU. I remember conversing in a kid on our floors dorm room and watching the Sconny game. We went out after to celebrate like we were on top of the world. That USC and Fiesta Bowl games stung a little. It's a shame that a player with so much talent and hype coming into OSU left it with bigger black eye in my opinion than his hype. And I was a HUGE TP bandwagon rider from NSD till his spring departure a couple years ago. 

Comment 24 Jul 2013

So let me get this straight. Carlos Hyde is proven that he didn't punch a girl (so we've been told). Has had his last 72+ hrs of his life put on hold. Yet this girl that is accusing him is the one that threw the punch and is not going to get in trouble? Just proves nothing good happens when the lights go out and the lasers and dub beats get pump'n. Glad things are going to be okay. Lets just hope Mr. Roby only has to deal with a 1-2 gamer of time out time.

Comment 18 Jul 2013

Another DB that I saw missing was good ole 2x..2x All-American #2 Mike Doss. That dude was a stud and chose to come back his senior season, and look what it got him; a diamond studded ring. 

Comment 17 Jul 2013

Johnny Football is that you? Now it all makes sense why you didn't make it to camp in time. You fell asleep on the toilet. 

Comment 27 Jun 2013

A group of my buddies and I made the treck to Bloomington last season and had a great time. Sat at Kilroys from 2pm till almost 6. Talking with the bartender. He mentioned that at IU they know they suck at football so everyones friendly. But that all changes come basketball season. One of my bucket list items is to go to every big ten stadium before I die. I've gotten to 5 of the current 12. We're planning on making NU number 6 this season. Really have enjoyed the article and comments. Helps making the trip planning go a lot smoother. Hope to see everyone in Chicago in a few months. 

Comment 25 Jun 2013

This past year with the Purdue game. We all know how that one went. My gf and I were about 4 rows up from not being in The Shoe at all, while my parents were down in the confides of B Deck. On Purdue's last drive I leaned over and told my gf that my Dad was probably leaving early because that just how he is with things like that similar to Ramzy's old man. I asked her if she wanted to follow the herds of people out as well. Then I stopped myself it was my first time back "home" since graduating the previous June. I wanted to experience Carmen as an alumni. We stayed and enjoyed one of the more exciting finishes at the Shoe with a back-up that I can remember in recent years. Dad and Mom watched the finish from High Street at Little Bar "Little Gate". Then as my gf and I excitedly walked to meet my folks. They had the walk of shame look. They couldnt believe that they missed out on the finish. I still don't let my dad live that down. I only left early for one game in my whole 4 years at OSU and it was JT's first time reaching 100 wins. 

Comment 21 Jun 2013

I actually just downloaded the demo yesterday and played it. I really like the more "real" feel it has with players getting fatigued throughout the game. I play "THE GAME", and thought it was cool when TTUN got momentum or during kickoff you could actually hear Seven Nation Army playing, words and all and the crowd react to it. I also lost it when I scored a TD with El Guapo himself and he did the "Eat your Wheaties" motion like the NCAA 14' Cover Boy himself. Overall I think its a great improvement, just cannot wait till the full version comes out to  see if they've FINALLY updated the Shoe.


Fun fact one of the guys I worked with last year while at OSU, had a internship with EA to catch sound bites during home games at OSU. So when July comes and you're whooping on Buffalo. OSU students are to thank for the crowd sounds you hear while playing.  

Comment 15 May 2013

I was at this game too, and experienced much of the same things you did BME. Sounds like we may have been apart of the same group. I went out with the Make a Difference Day crew, we were up behind Block O. 

Comment 01 May 2013

On a side note due to the whole Semester situation, Senior Crawl was last night on campus. But don't put it past OSU students to find a way to drink the next few days all the way up to Obama coming to speak at graduation on Sunday. Also Urbz def has a ton of room for activities in that office of his.