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Comment 15 Dec 2011

Apparently Dave Brandon didn't have to learn about common NCAA policies and procedures while working at Dominos. He's just mad since he waited until after his bowl game to fire DickRod.

Comment 09 Dec 2011

I don't understand why the NCAA or B1G is involved in PSU's situation. What happened there is so much bigger than football and all the people responsible for the situation have been removed from the university. Therefore any sort of punishment done to the school is a punishment done to innocent parties. Paterno, Shultz, Sandusky etc. are all fired. This is bigger than football, it's bigger than college. Its a humanity in general issue. The only people that should be involved are the federal government who are investigating and prosecuting the guilty parties.

Comment 16 Nov 2011

Anyone have any idea how long it's been since we've had this many true freshman not only contributing but starting? I'm noticing Braxton, Devin Smith, Ryan Shazier, Michael Bennet, Joel Hale, Evan Spencer, we can throw in Antonio Underwood. 7 true freshman and Redshirt frosh Roby, T.Y. Williams, JT Moore, Verlon Reed. Noticed during the Purdue game that it seemed like everytime a sub came in or a play happened a freshman was involved can't remember a time we had this many young kids playing since 2004.

Comment 19 Oct 2011

Personally I use "we" every chance I get with OSU and I did not attend the University. I grew up a huge fan but when college came around wanted to play football more than anything, was no where near good enough for D1 and so I went to D3 Marietta College. Cheered for OSU every Saturday (missed a few games due to my own) but haven't missed one since I graduated and moved to North Carolina. First thing I did here was seek out local Buckeye Fans. I feel closer connected to OSU then I do my actual Alma Mater.

And I agree with using "they" for other teams you may root for occasionally. I use "they" for Browns, Cavs, and Indians.

Comment 12 Jul 2011

Yeah when I say fantastic it wasn't because he blindly supported anyone, but because he always seemmed unbiased, fair, and reported facts.

Comment 11 Jul 2011

Anyone else get the feeling ESPN squeezed out the fantastic Adam Rittenberg and replaced him with another Mark May? Haven't seen Bennet saying anything positive about OSU yet.

Comment 24 Jun 2011

Yeah I've been living just outside of Durham for a year now. Got a Buckeye bar in Greensboro and one in Raleigh (haven't made it to either I found them after the season). No worries about rooting for OSU football here as the biggest competitor for football fans is NC State. But as Bucknut-in-the-south said be prepared for basketball season. OSU will be ripped a new one from people here who claim big ten basketball is archaic, out-dated, and boring. Their main arguement is "who was the last big ten team to win a national championship". Other than that love it and while all your friends in Ohio freee and get burried in snow from november through march, we might get a inch or two from dec through jan.

Comment 10 Mar 2011

Playing collegiate players will never happen as fully explained. However, why not let scholarship athletes hold jobs? As I understand it they are not allowed to work. I played D3 so my understanding of scholarship rules is limited.

Comment 04 Oct 2010

I've though Saine should be a slot reciever since his sophmore year. I'm glad others are joining me in that opinion now. Herron is not Beanie Wells feature back but he is a much better RB than Saine. Herron and Hall are a solid one two punch at RB and Saine haing tremendous hands and speed should find a lot of opportunites in the slot with LBs covering him.