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Comment 01 Dec 2013

Sorry, I saw that you changed it and tried editing my post. I am a little surprised that Palm was so far off. I read somewhere that something like 21% of coaches and 31% of Harris voters will have to flip OSU and Auburn for it to change BCS formula dramatically. Anyway, good job! :)

Comment 30 Nov 2013

You left out one bit Ra_zy...  The Game is also for the ENTIRE great state of Ohio, all of her sons and daughters. Beating Them at Their home is a triumph for those who love OSU and never attended, for the many hundreds of thousands of us transplanted sons and daughters who were born in Ohio and our best and greatest link to our birth state is the team that represents all of us. 

My family moved to Florida when i was 5, and yet through our yearly trips back to visit family I was educated about The Game... My grandmother mailed me Buckeye seeds every year so I would never forget where I was from. Holding those buckeyes in my hands is such a wonderful memory for me because it was something real, something more important than just a handful of giant seeds. 

The sons and daughters of Rust Belt Ohio who left because they had to hold on to the Buckeye football team much like I held onto those seeds, because nothing else could be so real and important as feeling like you belong to your home state in spite of the fact you no longer live there.

Being in my 30s now, I watched from many miles away, was raised and agonized over the Cooper years so far away from my home.... But my heart is always in Ohio, even to this day. 

Tomorrow is the day that binds us all, from students, to student athletes, to those who root for OSU and never attended, to those who go/went to OSU and aren't from Ohio, and to those of us who left so long ago and never forgot who we are or where we were from. We all get it. Tomorrow is what binds us all. Urban understands this, he mentioned it when he was hired that OSU is Ohio'a team and that his goal is to make our entire state proud.

I still have those old Buckeyes my grandma sent me and I always will. I cherish them as I cherish every victory over our hated rivals.

Comment 19 Oct 2013

I graduated from UCF. I couldn't be more proud of the Knights for that epic 4th qtr game winning drive. 

Comment 26 Jun 2013

Whataburger is totally the best fast food burger, the only problem is that their fries really aren't that good. I'd rather go to 5 Guys just to get the fries, then head over to Whataburger for the meatz

Comment 04 Jun 2013

Someone call the fire department, this dumpster fire is burning out of control!

Comment 26 Apr 2013

I'm not sure it is any indication of anything, but do you think maybe time of possession might effect the number of punts?


2012  62  5.2  Meyer   AVG TOP 30.07
2011  72  5.5  Fickell    30:40
2010  46  3.5  Tressel  32:10
2009  62  4.8  Tressel  31:30
2008  60  4.6  Tressel  31:19
2007  54  4.2  Tressel  31:44
2006  49  3.8  Tressel  30:47
2005  43  3.6  Tressel  30:12
2004  67  5.6  Tressel  28:32
2003  82  6.3  Tressel  30:24
2002  60  4.3  Tressel  31:42

One would think that the longer the avg TOP, the fewer punts a team would have. At first glance there doesn't really appear to be a correlation except maybe in 2010. 

Just thought I'd throw this wrinkle in there to see what you think.

Comment 21 Jan 2013

According to Bucknuts @ 247, Munger attempted to take the official visit under the radar and was spotted by a Seminole fan in the airport. It then blew up in his face and got all over the interwebz. Apparently those at Buckeye command are not pleased. They also speculate he was basically only offered a scholly because he is from Ohio, and not everyone is convinced of his ability. Just relaying what I read.

This could get more interesting....


Comment 04 Jan 2013

Greene himself isn't even worried.... so no


Bill Greene: "Trey Johnson announcement will be coming up at halftime. Lots of talk here that Auburn has won him back. Am I buying that? Nope. OSU bound"

Comment 19 Dec 2012

Put me in the meh column. Andersen is 26-24 at Utah State, a WAC school. Urban is the same age as Andersen. At least Tressel won Nat'l Championships at Youngstown State and Urban's per-SEC record speaks for itself.

All this hire tells me is that Wisconsin could not get a top tier coach.