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Comment 12 May 2015

Hammy said they're doing it on weeknights, before school lets out, to try to get more families in the park.  Sounds like they're going to bump back up to 7:05 in the summer.

Comment 11 May 2015

Are you kidding me? Twitter's a disaster. I've given it a chance, but every time I get on it I try to communicate a thought and I can't fini

Comment 06 May 2015

Re what acts will define the late 90s, the oughts, and so on: I agree that it's really difficult to answer that question.  The problem (if it's a problem) is that it's hard to install something in The Canon without general consensus, and it's just really hard to reach consensus given how we all find our music these days.  Used to be you had rock (including AOR) radio and the Lester Bangs types writing for Creem and Rolling Stone suggesting to us that something was good.  We'd all look at the menu they gave us -- the same menu -- and decide.  Then MTV did that work.  Now radio and MTV have given up, print media are less influential, and the new critics are the guys at Pitchfork whose real gig is just to show the world how much cooler and more obscure they are than the rest of us.

Used to be my friends and I all drew from roughly the same mix of albums.  We all sat on the same channels and what came to us came to us.  Now the pathways to finding music are many and narrower, and there's very little overlap when we talk about the new bands we're digging up.  "You heard Savages yet?"  "No, but what about the War on Drugs?"  "I'll have to check 'em out.  How about Long Blondes?"  "Never heard of them."  And so on, until one of us says we're going to see Black Sabbath.  "Aw, yeah," and everybody nods.  "That'll rawk."

It all came together with Nirvana: powerful music, hitting the right note; an uprising in the Pacific Northwest; MTV jumps on board; critics label them as "seminal" and "essential"; movement grows and overcomes the human beings involved; there are deaths -- martyrdoms -- Kurt --> "Voice of a Generation."  I hate to say I missed it at the time -- I was squarely in the demographic, but I still wasn't over the Stone Roses.  Hard to see it happening again: the culture is too fragmented.  On the other hand, we all can get more of what we want with less effort.  We're not stuck with WMMS and the racks at Sam Goody.

Comment 06 May 2015

... As one would expect of a Spaceman.

Saw them a couple years ago at the Paradise in Boston.  Great setting, not a big crowd, and they crushed it.

Comment 06 May 2015

I've been in an ongoing debate with a friend re White Stripes v. Black Keys, and while it pains me to side with Detroit over Akron, there's really no contest -- and it's for the reasons you gave.

Jack White covers a frickin' Dolly Parton song and it gives me chills.  The Black Keys use all the same ingredients but just don't move the needle.

Comment 05 May 2015

White Stripes, Sleater-Kinney, Arctic Monkeys, Muse, Titus Andronicus, Franz Ferdinand, Spiritualized, the Hives, the Flaming Lips, Goat ...

Rock's doing okay.

Comment 28 Apr 2015

Q. What do Wookiees and the Boston Celtics have in common?

A. They both pull people's arms out of their sockets when they lose.

Comment 28 Apr 2015

Q. What do Celtics and Wookiees have in common?

A. They both pull people's arms out of their sockets when they lose ...

Comment 22 Apr 2015

This was gold -- then you name-checked Screamadelica and it went platinum.

Don't Fight It, Feel It, America: OSU is Loaded and Movin' On Up.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

Famous Jameis gets crab legs for free, walks out, and when caught and confronted, he can tell one of two stories: (1) "I got the crab legs for free" (NCAA violation), or (2) "I stole the crab legs" (matter to be resolved with Leon County law enforcement and internally). 

Within the warped reality of NCAA rules:, you go with Story (2) and take your chances with Jimbo and the friendly local cops.

Now that you want to be drafted, you revert to Story (1), because outside the warped reality of NCAA rules, stealing is worse than getting something for free.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

I haven't been on eBay in a while.  Is there an option to comment on postings -- a la "this item came from the Spring Game equipment sale, where people were acting like maniacs -- think twice before you support and reinforce this behavior by bidding/buying?"

Hopefully OSU fixes this in the coming years.  In the meantime, we can all do what we can to drive the price down for these jerks.  I don't have any illusions about how effective collective, concerted action can be, but every little bit helps.

Comment 03 Mar 2015

Seems like they put a lot of energy into their B-sides, because so many of them are great.  "Headshrinker," "Round Are Way," and "Take Me Away" jump to mind, and I'm sure there are others.

Comment 09 Feb 2015

Biggest (maybe only) downside of the CFP is that there are no home games.  Playing the semis and final in bowl venues removes a big chunk of college football's appeal, which has to do with the STADIUMS and GAMEDAY ATMOSPHERE.  Compare the excitement and intensity of a regular season game in The Shoe to last year's Orange Bowl -- it's not even close.  Columbus wins by a long shot -- this even though the parking and ease-of-entry/exit factors heavily favored Sun Life Stadium.

Add to this that home stadiums in many cases have greater capacity than the bowl venues, AND consider the burdens of family and fan travel: at least one round of playoff games need to be played on the home fields of the top seeds.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Agreed.  The White Stripes is the best noise-and-racket this side of The Velvet Underground and NicoDe Stijl is right up there, too.  The sound on those albums was rawer than in the later issues.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

In no particular order (as the recruits always say):

  • The Clash
  • Ziggy-era Bowie
  • Joy Division
  • Black Sabbath (clips on YouTube from Live in Paris are amazing)
  • the Smiths
  • Syd-era Pink Floyd (just for the scene, man)
  • Curve (Not in the canon, I know, but I missed about nine chances to see them, and I had a big crush on Toni Halliday)
Comment 06 Feb 2015

I saw the White Stripes twice, touring on Get Behind Me Satan, and they blew the doors off.  Jack opened the show I saw in Providence by taking the stage in a white suit and old vaudeville style hat and his face painted with a death's head mask, to play "St. James Infirmary Blues."  Doesn't get cooler than that.  Saw them again following Icky Thump, and they didn't have the same kick.  Might have been the venue -- Agganis Arena, where BU plays hockey.  Not generally a good place to see a band.