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Comment 28 Jul 2015

Kid is 23 in AA, behind a 22-year-old Jose Ramirez and a 21-year-old Lindor.  It's not like there's a crying need for shortstops in Cleveland.  It's a salary dump.  Lame.  

Comment 16 Jul 2015

This is a time commitment, but I'll make it.  I love me some TMBG.  (This notwithstanding I got in a Twitter fight with them earlier this year, because I couldn't take my kids to their last Boston show -- who knew they were a 14+ act?)

Comment 15 Jul 2015

Yeah, that's the thing.  The service plan we bought on our refrigerator is a joke.  We have one option for an authorized repairman, he apparently covers the Eastern Seaboard, b/c he's booked through Armageddon, and when he does show up he thinks the temperature readout is an error message code:

"That blinking 7.  That's the error code.  Yeah -- that's it!"  [consults manual]

Wife pushes a button, toggles the temp reading to Fahrenheit, blinking 7 changes to blinking 42.  "Yeah, well, what does error code 42 mean?"

It's laughable.  But TVs are their core product.  I would think they're trying harder to get them right.  Makes it harder to pull the trigger, though.

Comment 15 Jul 2015

Not sure what I like more about your post, BuckeyeSean:

(1) The helpful information and suggestions throughout, or

(2) "most others should by Jan 1, 2016 at the latest... not helpful for most of buckeye season."

Emphasis added, Brother.  Emphasis added.

Comment 02 Jul 2015

C'mon, Quantcast: you got the colors all wrong on that line graph.

Comment 15 Jun 2015

I think it's really important to get on here and start lecturing people who are having their hearts slowly dismantled over a seven-day period.  NOW IS THE TIME TO RIDE THE HIGH HORSE!

Comment 07 Jun 2015

EXACTLY.  5 years as a coordinator and now he's a position coach.  Speaks to experience, yes, but also failure.

Comment 04 Jun 2015

Thing about Curtis is, would Closer have been the album it was if he hadn't been living on a knife's edge?  I would never sacrifice someone's life for better art -- especially the father of a baby girl -- but JD wouldn't be what they are if Ian had been okay.

On the other hand, OP's invite is who we'd call back from the dead, and not who wouldn't have died in the first place.  A zombie Ian Curtis fronting post punk's greatest band?  HELL YES, I'm buying that ticket.

Comment 04 Jun 2015

I believe in the Cavs, but don't anybody sleep on this Indians team.  They've got the arms to deliver the trifecta in October.

Comment 12 May 2015

Hammy said they're doing it on weeknights, before school lets out, to try to get more families in the park.  Sounds like they're going to bump back up to 7:05 in the summer.

Comment 11 May 2015

Are you kidding me? Twitter's a disaster. I've given it a chance, but every time I get on it I try to communicate a thought and I can't fini

Comment 06 May 2015

Re what acts will define the late 90s, the oughts, and so on: I agree that it's really difficult to answer that question.  The problem (if it's a problem) is that it's hard to install something in The Canon without general consensus, and it's just really hard to reach consensus given how we all find our music these days.  Used to be you had rock (including AOR) radio and the Lester Bangs types writing for Creem and Rolling Stone suggesting to us that something was good.  We'd all look at the menu they gave us -- the same menu -- and decide.  Then MTV did that work.  Now radio and MTV have given up, print media are less influential, and the new critics are the guys at Pitchfork whose real gig is just to show the world how much cooler and more obscure they are than the rest of us.

Used to be my friends and I all drew from roughly the same mix of albums.  We all sat on the same channels and what came to us came to us.  Now the pathways to finding music are many and narrower, and there's very little overlap when we talk about the new bands we're digging up.  "You heard Savages yet?"  "No, but what about the War on Drugs?"  "I'll have to check 'em out.  How about Long Blondes?"  "Never heard of them."  And so on, until one of us says we're going to see Black Sabbath.  "Aw, yeah," and everybody nods.  "That'll rawk."

It all came together with Nirvana: powerful music, hitting the right note; an uprising in the Pacific Northwest; MTV jumps on board; critics label them as "seminal" and "essential"; movement grows and overcomes the human beings involved; there are deaths -- martyrdoms -- Kurt --> "Voice of a Generation."  I hate to say I missed it at the time -- I was squarely in the demographic, but I still wasn't over the Stone Roses.  Hard to see it happening again: the culture is too fragmented.  On the other hand, we all can get more of what we want with less effort.  We're not stuck with WMMS and the racks at Sam Goody.