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Comment 26 Apr 2017

Those who stay, will be champions.  On the flipside, he's been in school 4 yrs.  Go overseas and make some cash.  You can make some nice bank in some of the leagues.  He can make some serious cashola - money that will set him up for the rest of his life.  Good luck young man...

Comment 26 Mar 2017

Grew up going to St. Johns arena - and I would call it UGLY.  But man when that place had 13,276 packed in to it (especially during the Jimmy Jackson years) you literally would walk out of that place with your ears ringing.  In the few times I have been in that cavern dump called the Schott - never have I felt that.....

On the flipside, at least they serve beer at the Schott

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Focus on the following:

Play with PASSION - be happy and thankful you get to play D1 college hoops for somebody like Ohio State.  

Work on rebounding - especially at angles

FREE THROWS - there's a reason they're called FREE

Grow a spine - too many times this team gets down by double digits or the ball doesn't bounce their way etc - then they sulk for the next several minutes in the game and FINALLY start playing in either the beginning of the 2nd half or late in the game.....GROW A SPINE - hoops will not go your way 100% of the time.  There will be ups and downs in every game - deal with it.  Not everyone gets a trophy - sometimes you gotta work for it!

WIN - no matter what, just win.  That will fix a lot that ills this group.  BIG will be down next year - good opportunity to succeed.  

Comment 19 Mar 2017

I actually picked them to go to the final 4 in one pool.  Veteran squad peaking at the right time.  This is just a goofy hoops season and I could easily see a 6,7,8 or 9 seed winning the whole thing!

I'll agree though - how in the world did we beat scUM in hoops (and wasn't it in their barn).....

Comment 09 Mar 2017

Thad has one more year - let's hope he can find that magic touch.  There are so many things wrong with our basketball program right now that it would take a 5 page word document to outline it all!  Let's hope the people in charge can turn this thing around.  It all starts with recruiting and NOT landing people like Kennard, Ward, Bragg (VERY SERIOUS off the court issues not-withstanding) among others, has put this program in a spot that may take YEARS to correct.  Unfortunately I see no quick fix.  If Lyle and Thompson leave (Lyle to transfer perhaps and Thompson cause someone tells him he's ready - BIG MISTAKE) then we will be lucky to finish 11th next year....

Oh well - what's done is done.  I hope we pull a Notre Dame and decline a postseason invite....we haven't learned anything in the first 32 games this year, probably ain't gonna find that magic touch in game 33.  Wise choice may be to stay home....

It's a sad sad day when the guy you work with, who is a PSU grad, tells me "you're officially the worst team in the conference".....sigh

Happy Thursday all!

Comment 08 Mar 2017

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NIT PEOPLE, DO NOT INVITE OSU TO YOUR TOURNEY!  I can't watch these guys play hoops anymore - enough is enough.  I have wasted far to many nights HOPING they would learn how to play ball.  I simply can't do it anymore!