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Comment 18 Nov 2016

People who don't think Peppers is legit don't know football.  Let's take our scarlet and grey colored glasses off - the dude can play.  But he won't win the trophy.

That said, y'all are forgetting about the UM media machine.  They are second to none when it comes to hyping that football program.  Remember, this is the same school who put Chuck Woodson in front of the hype train, saying no defensive player had ever won the Heisman blah blah blah....and he beat out one Peyton Manning - which to this day still baffles me!

Comment 18 Nov 2016

Best of luck young man.  Having seen a game at Folsom Field I can honestly say it was one of the COOLEST places to watch a football game from.  Front range mountains in the background - spectacular!!!!!  Those who haven't been need to go before they leave this planet.....Even with my scarlet and grey colored glasses on he chose wisely!  Hope he wins several PAC-12 championships - and squishes Oregon and USC every chance he gets!

Now - on to Sparty....

Comment 31 Mar 2016

A shout-out to the Allman Bros (my favorite band) - via my favorite website - That just made my day - HELL MY WEEK!  The Allman Brother Band is the greatest American rock band - EVER!  If you haven't heard Live at Fillmore East, you need to listen to it - your ears are truly missing out.  You youngsters today will probably use spotify - but it's even better on vinyl.....

Comment 23 Mar 2016

Is it just me or does Harbaugh really seem to LOVE drawing attention to himself.  It feels as though it's never about the kids or the school as a whole - but rather all about him.  I sure hope one day he actually wins something cause he sure has gotten a lot of press for a guy who has pretty much always finished second.....guess he's "entertaining" so the news media loves him but I just don't get it....

I'll take the way Urban runs a program ANY day (and Tressel for that matter)!

Comment 21 Mar 2016

Think about the success Ohio State would have if they didn't have to play Sparty or the Gators these last 20 yrs.  Each has kicked our proverbial butts in pretty much every game that meant something (granted yesterday was just the NIT - but it was still a tournament)....I'm not going to rehash the list - but I'm pretty tired of losing to MSU and UF when the games "matter"