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Comment 18 Feb 2017

As someone who has been going to hoops games for a LONG time (i'm old) and as someone who actually LIKES hoops better then football, this is simply just painful!  I;ll continue to watch cause I'll continue to HOPE we learn how to play this game.  That said, my expectations are diminishing by the minute.  

And unfortunately Goodwin isn't coming for another 2 least HE can shoot.....unlike the rest of this team!

Comment 10 Feb 2017

Part of the problem is that ostentatious cavern that the previous AD / Athletic Administration saddled OSU with - aka Value City Arena.  Place is too big, has ZERO atmosphere and is truly ugly (now ask me how I really feel about it)!

I grew up watching the bball bucks in St. Johns (13,276 attendance).  When that place was even mostly full, it was loud.  OSU should figure out how to go back to that.  They should also figure out a way to make a 6-7K seat hockey specific arena (like PSU).  That would draw recruits and fans and set that program up for continued success....

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Thank goodness Rutgers is in the BIG.  We may not go 0fer in conference play cause as bad as we are (and we are deplorable) they are worse!  YUCK!

Comment 11 Jan 2017

He wasn't even the best player on his own D.  Hopefully he doesn't turn in to another bust - cause even though he went to the wrong school - I don't wish failure on others.....

Best of luck to the kid.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

I hate to be doom and gloom (especially since I LOVE Ohio State hoops) but this has the makings of being an 0-6 start to league play.  Lyle needs to take this team under his wing cause he is truly the only "creator" on this club.  It would really help if we didn't go 3-20 from 3 pt land.....we are a TERRIBLE 3 point shooting team, and yet we continue to chuck it from deep.....

Need a win boys!

Comment 02 Jan 2017

I'm amazed PSU only beat us by 3.  In a qtr of football their offense looks way more dynamic then ours did all year outside the OKLA game!