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Comment 03 Jul 2015

This is THE reason I wear my gear every time I travel.  It is even more fun this year wearing my assortment of championship stuff.  Thus far, on my trip I have gotten zero SEC > B1G comments and I am in the heart of SEC country (not an unusual occurrence normally).

Comment 03 Jul 2015

But that isn't obnoxious. It is f*#king cool!

Comment 03 Jul 2015

I ran in a 25k at Mohican this past April.  I felt for the guys/gals that were going out for the 2nd loop (they were doing the 50k) while i was finishing the 25k.  I couldn't imagine doing 100 miles, especially if the terrain was anything like that of the race I ran there.  Congrats to you for sure LABuckeye!  This is a HUGE accomplishment!

Comment 02 Jul 2015

Wow. I agree with him that the things he lost were just "things" but jeesh, that list of stuff isn't the average list of items that can be easily replaced.  We could all learn something from his outlook for sure.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

I am excited to see him grow this year.  If he takes advantage of his potential, he is going to be a play maker on another level.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Agreed.  I find myself cringing every flipping time he fields a punt.  I don't know if it is related to the position he puts himself in to catch it or what, but I always feel like he is going to drop it. Once he has control of that ball though.....DAMN!

Comment 23 Jun 2015

Damn and the bottle stays in the kid's mouth.  Daddy got skills.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

Knowing how afraid of listeria my wife was when she was pregnant (avoiding lunch meat, hotdogs, etc...), this can't be good for their business.  I know for a fact that she wouldn't eat there if she were pregnant at this time.  Imagine if all pregnant women were to get this opinion of this place.  I would assume that portion of their customer base is fairly substantial.

Comment 14 Jun 2015

I like the enthusiasm with the answers 63% yes as of my answer. With some reflection, I think it is impossible because Urban is a result Woody.  Just look at the (already dated) coaching tree.  Urban studied under Earl, who learned from Woodrow.  So it could be argued that Woody could take some credit for Urban and for anyone who comes from Urban's coaching tree in the future (example: Herman follows up Urban in 10 years and wins 6 national championships).  Woody started it, and we are still reaping the benefits, therefore Woody  > Urban. This is obviously not meant to take away from UFM. Please ask me again in a decade, I hope I am wrong because that would be flipping awesome! :)

Edit: Using the same argument, take a look at the coaching across the B1G that came from Woody's tree.  His Legacy is going to live on for a LONG time at multiple Schools and conferences.  He even indirectly produced Brady Hoke, who is partially responsible for putting !ichigan where they are today! #sleepercell
Comment 14 Jun 2015

ESPN sued Ohio State under similar circumstances during the Tatgate investigation in a case that was later ruled in favor of the university by the Ohio Supreme Court.

I was curious how many of the Ohio Supreme court Justices had Ties to TOSU :)...

  • Maureen O'Connor(R)
    • Alma Mater: Seaton Hill University & Cleveland State University
  • Judith Ann Lanzinger (R)
    • Alma Mater: University of Toledo & University of Nevada, Reno
  • Paul E. Pfeifer (R)
    • Alma Mater: THE Ohio State University
  • Terrence O'Donnell (R)
    • Alma Mater: Cleveland State University & Kent State University
  • Robert Cupp (R)
    • Alma Mater: Ohio Northern University
  • Yvette McGee Brown (D)
    • Alma Mater: Ohio University & THE Ohio State University
      • Honorary Doctorate: Ohio Dominican & Mount Carmel College of Nursing
  • Sharon L. Kennedy(R)
    • Alma Mater:University of Cincinnati
  • Evelyn Lundberg Stratton (R)
    • Alma Mater:University of Florida, University of Akron & THE Ohio State university
Comment 13 Jun 2015

There was a 3 pack?  I got the Sugar Bowl and NCG on Blue Ray, but didn't think they put the B1GCG out!  

Comment 07 Jun 2015

I put moderate.  I think he is a threat to get them better, but not a threat to do what Lloyd did to Coop.  If anything his "threat" may be a help to us, by making them a bit more relevant.  If we beat a more Relevant Michigan team in years to come, it only helps us.