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Comment 16 May 2012

Well then since this little post blew up my Twitter account with accusations, derogatory language, and inquisitive questoins, let me clear up the debate. The comments were made as a statement only, no intended cheap shot at OSU, and no blame. I can commend many OSU fans for being passionate when reading things like these, but there is no conspiracy theory, and no attenion grabbing efforts. So sorry to dissapoint. The very quick snippet on the situation was just that--a look at the situation and the fact that OSU has to do something ongoing with this before it could have a negative impact on recruiting. That was in fact the hook above the look at the situation.

So thank you NYC Buckeye for looking with a level head.

The reality is that kids are going to continue being recruited after an email and statement went out, and you can bet that the question will come up--how do I know my kid will be safe if he comes to your school? It's not fair, but parents read media reports as well want some kind of answer on the situatoin. Did Anazlone's father overact? Likely, but that further proves the point that OSU has to be ready to answer this situation when going into the living rooms of other potential recruits and their parents. Falling back on an email and statement won't cut it I'm afraid.

And that's the intent of the statement--that's it. It is NOT OSU's fault, and anyone saying as much is not being realistic. But that doesn't mean that the OSU coaches shouldn't be prepared to meet hard questions head on going forward when hitting the recruiting trail--until it passes here shortly.

And before I go, let me let all of the users of Eleven Warriors in on a little secret--I am an OSU fan. I have lived in the shadow of the 'Shoe almost my entire life, so it's not like an outsider simply grabbing a headline and generalizing comments. If you didn't know that, then you didn't take the time to find other angles that I have taken on CFN when defending the program against sanctions, Tressel in general, and the hiring and excitement of Urban Meyer.

But that doesn't mean that we at CFN cannot be obective. Quite frankly, not thinking that OSU needed to get this under control now and going forward needs to take his scarlet and gray colored glasses off.

Love Eleven Warriors!

Go Bucks!