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Comment 27 Feb 2015

This will obviously be a devastating blow to recruiting for the National Champs. I'm seriously concerned that we will not recover. 

Seriously though, this will pass and Urban will reel in a large percentage of top kids, the staff will develop them, and the Bucks will consistently be competing at the top. Anyone concerned with this is either a UM fan wishing they had the success of the Buckeyes or really bored.  

Comment 26 Dec 2014

The lyrics are the start of the 2nd verse of Carmen Ohio and describe "these days" (from the song maybe referring to college days, but in this instance referring to the holiday season) as being priceless, some of the best days on earth.

Nice card!

Comment 05 Dec 2014

BREAKING #TAMU assistant David Beaty has been told he's getting the #KU head coaching job, source tells @FoxSports.


Sorry, Ed. 

Comment 03 Nov 2014

PSU has 72 scholarship players this year. They were scheduled to have 65 but the NCAA reduced penalties on them last year. Not sure where the 50s number keeps coming from. But regardless, they are not better than MSU -- although I was impressed with their defense. 

It's all in here:

Comment 31 Oct 2014

Tyler Boyd, Dorian Johnson, Alex Bookser, and Jordan Whitehead are the ones that come to mind. Not a ton but Boyd and Johnson would be nice to have right now. 

Comment 19 Oct 2014

I am very pleased with the improvement the D is making. It wasn't going to happen overnight with this many underclassmen starting. All in all I think Urban's genius is starting to shine through. It was difficult to see how well he was developing his players through the first few years, but if the fans aren't yet believers in his ability to develop his recruits then they aren't paying attention. 

One thing I really noticed today were tackles being made with aggression. Players were angry and hitting hard, and not the arm tackles we grew accustomed to, but solid form tackles driving the offensive player into the ground. Frazier's caused fumble and a few hard hits by Vonn Bell come to mind. This is a great sign. We struggled at the beginning of the season, but are improving each game. That's a sign of good coaching and focused players. 

I couldn't be more excited for Saturdays. 

Comment 01 Oct 2014

This thread title sucks. I came in freaked out that Meechy left or something serious had happened. Poor form OP.

Comment 08 Feb 2014

Ha! I had three last night and felt a little rough this morning. I'm glad I only get a six pack per year - it's delicious but that is enough. 


Comment 07 Feb 2014

Tonight I'm switching back and forth between Bell's Hopslam and Lagunitas Sucks. Both delicious. Every Stone Enjoy that I've had has been incredible. I live in Ithaca, NY and Ithaca Flower Power is as good as any of them.