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Comment 13 Sep 2015

The "attendant" is a woman chain smoking at table nearly inside the carry out. There is no sign anywhere that indicates price. I spoke to 3 different employees and asked if I needed to do anything else and they said no. I already spoke about my thoughts on the price a few posts up, if you even bothered to read the whole thread before sounding off.

Sounds like you may know those involved, if not involved yourself. You/they scammed me once, won't happen again and hopefully this post helps a few more people not have the same thing happen to them.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

Agreed. Should have thought more about it, however there is a carry out right there that I believe is owned by the towing company. I figured they just wanted people to park there so they would buy beer from the carry out to tailgate with.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

I considered calling, but traffic was already going to be a bear and know they have better things to do so I just bit the bullet. My fault for falling for the hillbillies scam.

Comment 22 Mar 2015

The only one getting pissy here is you. Stop embarrassing yourself. 

Comment 29 Nov 2014

I agree with this completely. Run defense has been scary bad last 3 games

Comment 09 Nov 2014

FSU will almost certainly drop below us with a loss. Remember, early losses < late losses. Also, everyone outside of Tallahassee despises Jameis and Jimbo. Not to mention FSU hasn't exactly been blowing people out of the water.

Comment 16 Jan 2014

Turned this game on for a few minutes then remembered why I have avoided watching this team. Like watching a high school offense. Our "vaunted" defense is vastly overrated as well. We shoot so bad we can't even dunk, LOL.

Comment 12 Nov 2013

Who is this play by play announcer? Dude sounds like the biggest Ohio fan ever. Get a grip man.


Edit: Down vote? Must have some bobcats lurking

Comment 04 Jun 2012

Public urinators, the future Ted Bundy's of our generation