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Comment 27 Jul 2015

I remember my days living on the fringe of civilization at 15th and 4th. The lands on the other side of the street certainly were mysterious.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

On the map in Nashville, TN

Comment 21 Jul 2015

I didn't realize that M closed. I moved down to Nashville about 2 months ago and my parents didn't fill me in on that one, thanks for the update.

Comment 21 Jul 2015

Cancer sucks. Being from Cincinnati and watching Lauren Hill battle Cancer and inspire so many was as amazing as it was tragic. Prayers to Zach and his family. Don't go down without a fight and continue to inspire others to take up the cause and kick cancers unfair A$$.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

"M" over in Hyde Park also has some good wood fire pizza and food. And if you are out on a Thursday night Dutchs down the street on Erie has a burger night with some pretty awesome burgers.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

I carry the S&W Shield 9mm. I really like the grip and ergonomics of the S&W M&P line. I have the full size 9mm as well and wanted to stay in the came caliber but have a more concealable gun. I found a deal online and ordered and wasn't disappointed. One nice aspect that was mentioned above is that the ammo is cheaper and allows you to get more practice in and be more confident. I would also recommend going to a range where you can rent some of the guns you may be interested in so that you can put a few rounds through them. This will help you make a more informed decision and hopefully help you not make a choice that you will regret a few months later. Hope this helps ya.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

I just moved to Nashville and miss Cloud 9. Great late night sushi spot and one of the servers looks dead on Dave Matthews.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

Pontiac is a newer place in OTR with good BBQ, their Brunch menu is surprisingly awesome and worth a trip. Then you can go across the street and get some Holtmann's doughnuts to take home with you.

Comment 26 May 2015

I just moved from Cincinnati to Nashville over the 270 miles from Skyline this comes on my screen...brutal. Now I am  going to crave Skyline.

Comment 08 May 2015

Reading through the MGOBlog comments this morning has certainly been one of the highlights of my week.