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Comment 02 Apr 2013

He's the best NBA product Matta has produced, with David West being a close second.

Comment 06 Jul 2012

Just graduated from Ohio University and I have to say I have no effing clue what Widespread Panic is.

Comment 18 Jun 2012

Take it from someone who lives dangerously close to the scene of the crime: that photo art is giving Shawnee Hills too much credit.

Comment 08 Apr 2012

To be fair, Byron was a regular at OU basketball games all season long. He was also often present in the locker room during pre and postgame. Clearly he has strong ties to Coach Groce, but I wouldn't expect him to be making many more trips to Athens with Groce now Illini-bound.

Comment 06 Apr 2012

What a terrible tragedy to somebody with so much promise. 

Seeking clarification: Is he 22 or 23? Headline says 22, but Buckshots says 23.

Comment 04 Apr 2012

Michigan would have been serious B10 title contenders with Burke and McGary next year.  With Burke gone and Smotrycz (among others) transferring, Beilein's squad -- and his job -- could be in trouble in a year.

Comment 30 Mar 2012
I'm glad to see Boals is enjoying his final weekend as an OSU employee!
Comment 11 Oct 2011

Is Tressel's self-imposed suspension finally over?  If so, will his replay-consulting abilities qualify him for the Houndie? :p

Comment 30 Sep 2011

So I lucked into some tickets into tomorrow's game.  I also have to take the LSAT down on campus in the morning, wich means I'll have a few hours to kill before kickoff.  Any hot tailgate spots I should know about?

Comment 25 Sep 2011

You have a pretty ugly typo in your caption, but not as ugly as the Bengals offense.  Go Brownies.

Comment 30 Aug 2010
Will you be releasing a mobile version of 11w? Similar to what was on wordpress?