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Comment 19 Jan 2012

It was mildly entertaining and quite surprising that Sparty choked in the clutch, regardless of the location of the game.

Comment 18 Jan 2012

"That feeling’s not there with Ohio State or Michigan State. It’s a combination of the freshness of Nebraska’s arrival, unfamiliarity and superior talent. Until they improve across the board, I don’t see the Huskers beating the bad boys of the Big Ten often."

So, officially, Indiana is not one of the bad boys of this conference.

Comment 18 Jan 2012

Indiana should vacate all of their B1G wins for losing to Nebraska. What a joke. I understood how they beat Kentucky after the well officiated game Ohio State had there, but how in the hell do you lose to Nebraska at all when you're a ranked team?

Comment 12 Jan 2012

I have to agree with TheHostileDwarf.

And as hard as it is to confess, I was cited for OVI not more than two weeks ago. I really can't be one of those people now that quickly judges someone for their first offense. It's every offense after it that's more damning for certain individuals. Where some people want to look at this as a lack of integrity, I see a guy who made a responsbile and accountable choice to cooperate with law enforcement. I know Clarke is held to a higher standard because of his role on the team, but he's still just a kid. These are all just kids. Some people go through their life not having one mark on their record with law, others don't. It doesn't make them worse people, in fact, I think they know the importance of not breaking a law better than someone who hasn't. It's that wisdom though and what you choose to do with it that makes a difference in people.