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Comment 01 Jan 2014

No way. This is some Big Ten BS. If it was an NCAA violation we would have heard about it, likely as national news. And the NCAA certainly wouldn't leave it at that they would make an announcement about whether they accept the discipline or will impose further sanctions.

This is obviously some asinine rule that the NCAA, or any other conference or team, doesn't have. Why else would the OSU AD assist with appeals?

To hell with this POS conference.

Comment 11 Dec 2013

You think that Spence hasn't lived up to expectations, but the corners are "solid." You don't think Roby had higher expectations than Spence, and had a worse year? Wow.

Comment 11 Dec 2013

In my opinion, Spence didn't excel but he was also a victim of being asked to drop into coverage WAY too much. Whether it was an issue of defensive scheme, play calling, or LB performance/depth (or all of the above) you're not going to produce sacks and TFL when you're dropping into coverage.

I could be wrong, but it seemed Adolphus was dealing with injuries all year. The way he played last year, some were higher on him than Spence. 

So considering those two issues, along with production from Bennett and a true freshman, you've got to be crazy to call out Vrabel at this point (and that's why you're alone on it).

Comment 17 Oct 2013

Honestly I think you proved my point.

Sounds more like your mind was already made up, which is exactly my point.

Football is a game where all 60 minutes count, not just the last minute. Almost any play can potentially be a game changing or defining play. And yes, a punt return TD in a game where the team managed only 7 points in the other 60 minutes is as big a play as they get. The memory might not be as fond, but it doesn't mean it's not a big play.

There's nothing that Devin did differently in that catch than Philly did in his catch that could possibly lead anyone to believe that Devin is a better player than Philly.


Comment 17 Oct 2013

You make a fair point, but...

I'll play devil's advocate. Numbers are great and all, but even statisticians know they aren't the only part of a complete analysis. (At least the ones I've worked with in biomedical research seem to think that way.) WR play is largely dependent on the QB and offensive schemes (whether it be route trees, play calling, or the simple ability to move the ball, run more plays and be effective enough to have balance). Even something like YPC, and for that matter YAC, has some dependency on the QB to put the ball in the right place at the right time to give the WR a chance to catch the ball and get yards. 

Philly has played with Jim Bollman as an OC and Joe Bauserman at QB. The coaching changes also didn't help and Braxton Miller wasn't exactly slinging it around his freshman year either. Didn't OSU win a game where they had one completion that year? I grew up idolizing guys like Terry Glenn, Joey Galloway, David Boston, and Ginn. Even I in those younger years could recognize comparing those situations for those WRs to the one Philly has played in is not a fair comparison. Going from total completions to stats like average yards per catch is a step up, but it shouldn't be considered ironclad for a complete analysis. Indeed, it is ignoring confounders such as QB play and team offensive performance, as well as the unquantifiables such as the coaching situation (though it can be reflected somewhat in team offensive numbers and rankings as additional variables). Multivariate analysis that included how well the QB performed while comparing WR performance would surely paint Philly in a brighter light more comparable to the noted former OSU WR legends.  Not to mention that saying the comparison of Philly to these other guys is a four years to three years comparison is laughably dishonest.  Philly had a whole year where there was an interim head coach, Jim Bollman in the driver's seat of the offense, and shared snaps between Joe Bauserman and a freshman year Braxton Miller, and oh by the way, no worries because the QB coach was a video coordinator. Show me one of those 30 other top pass catchers that had a year with a situation anywhere near that bad. Without looking I would bet that most of Philly's numbers come from this year and last year. As you said, imagine the numbers Philly would have had with a Troy Smith or Joe Germaine, and surrounded by other offensive threats, and without coaching turnover and ineptitude, plus without a year like that to bring down his averages because the team was lucky enough to complete a Joe Bauserman pass when they weren't running Dave or their best 3rd down play, Braxton on a QB draw.

The claim that Philly is not a difference maker or game changer is not in line with any objective measure, it's subjective. As I stated above it's also selective (and also lacks the kind of perspective that makes the size of the fish you caught grow over the years), and I think this bears repeating: Philly had a 68 yard punt return touchdown in a game where Ohio State managed one offensive touchdown. Without that score there likely wasn't an undefeated season last year. 

Comment 17 Oct 2013

You mean like that 40 yard TD catch with 1 second left before halftime in a game Ohio State beat Wisconsin by 7? And oh, by the way, a game against Wisconsin where it actually means something.

Or that "take it to the house" 68 yard punt return against Wisconsin last year, which was only 1 of 2 Ohio State touchdowns in regulation? 

I get what you're saying about a subjective opinion, but yours is more like a selective opinion. 

Comment 05 Oct 2013

I didn't watch Game Day, but it sounded like they made that determination during the afternoon.  Why bother watching the game, right? 


Comment 05 Oct 2013

I've always liked Fitzy.  But after watching this game, man...does he think every penalty is against the other team and his team never commits one? Anybody else notice that?


Comment 05 Oct 2013

It must be hard to write something like this and watch a game like that, waiting to see what happens.  God bless ya, Ramzy.  And God bless El Guapo. God bless everyone.

Comment 02 Oct 2013

Yeah, I'm keenly aware of that. 

How does it stop the narrative crap THIS YEAR?

Also, how does it stop the narrative crap next year?  Which 4 teams are going to be in the playoff (which is not really a playoff, it's a "plus-one" which is more of an ancestor to a playoff system).  You think the narrative will stop then?  It will be "which team or teams make the final cut" and "should there be more than one SEC team" and "Alabama should get the 1 seed because they blew out 5 SEC teams, and let's ignore those SEC teams only beat 1 ranked opponent combined" and "Florida didn't need a single pass completion to beat such and such team so they should get the 4th seed" and "2-loss LSU didn't let ULM pass their own 30 yard line so they should bump Oregon" or "2-loss LSU only lost to Alabama by 9 points, so..." blah blah blah.

Comment 01 Oct 2013

He’ll leave the style points to gymnasts and runway models. 

Where do I insert my upvote for this statement?  Besides (and related to) the lack of a playoff, this is everything I hate about the game of college football itself.  It's football, not a %$#&ing beauty pageant! I don't give a $%& about the narrative. Play the games and see which team wins. If you want to talk about who was cuter when faced with a challenge then watch a #$%@ing beauty pageant.

Lately, I've become bored with who likes and who hates Herbstreit, and whether or not he's a true Buckeye, and whether or not he's a good analyst.  I don't care so much about that anymore.  But, #$%@ him and his narrative bull@#$% that he is always spewing.  Like this past Saturday night, for example, he likes Georgia now because they beat LSU--who hasn't played anybody yet by the way--even though Clemson owned Georgia, but he just watched Georgia beat an SEC team, and they both scored a lot of points, so they both must be really good.  @#$% him and his narrative bull@#$%.  

I know we are potentially stuck with it every year because there is no playoff, but at least let the season play itself out and see who can remain undefeated (for the love of god).

/end rant