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Comment 26 Apr 2015
Wait till you hear that stupid turkey call they have on 3rd down. It's so annoying it should be illegal. I can't seem to understand why their fans aren't embarrassed by it.
Comment 24 Feb 2015
I'm on the boat. They gave us free WiFi access except there are so many people no one can stay on for long. We are about 30 miles west of Tampa Bay hanging out with other ships in the Fog. Cruise director is doing his best but many people have missed flights etc. It's all good. We're not going to run out of food and the ship is fine. GO bucks!
Comment 24 Feb 2015
I'm on the boat. They gave us free WiFi access except there are so many people no one can stay on for long. We are about 30 miles west of Tampa Bay hanging out with other ships in the Fog. Cruise director is doing his best but many people have missed flights etc. It's all good. We're not going to run out of food and the ship is fine. GO bucks!
Comment 28 Oct 2014
I willing to face the facts. We are not that good. VT and PSU knew that we runeed the ball 97% of the time. They dared us to throw and sent extra bodies to contain the running game. We have injured a Heisman candidate bad enough to lose him for a season and we have now injured a second excellent qb. I personally can't staND watching the qb run the ball 30-40 times per game. Makes me cringe. The probability of making it through a season in a good league is much lower trying to do this. Yes I know Urban did it at Florida, however, that style of offense was much newer back then and many coaches struggled to defend it. I like to call it the qb killer not the spread. Bud Foster compared us to Ga Teach and said we run it just as much. So we have the best athletes in the country and we are running a freaking veer.
Comment 07 Sep 2014
How do you go through spring and fall camp without realizing you need to rearrange your OL? The coaching is questionable. The secondary needs a lot of work. I refuse to get hyped up on all of the athletes we sign. We need to sign more football players. Our 5 star athletes lack football IQ in some cases. We looked like pretenders and with our resources, facilities, and fan base we should be in championship contention every year. This is not acceptable to me at all.
Comment 20 Aug 2014

The reason this article was written is because Urban's offense runs the QB too much.  I would prefer to see running the QB only in important games and only if required.  We have the athletes to line up and out muscle our opponents so running the QB should occur in special situations vs being the staple play.  Braxton is injured as a result two seasons of running the ball and taking unnecessary hits.  This is Charlie Bauman's revenge.  If we ever play POS Clemson again I hope we put several players in the hospital (with most of their fans).  I don't like all of this QB running one bit.

Comment 22 Jun 2014
The SEC was down last year. There was no defense and about 100 points were scored in the SEC championship game. Alabama got it handed to them by an average Oklahoma team. Two B1G teams nearly beat their SEC opponents in their bowl games. Wisconsin and Iowa played against higher ranked opponents and fared well. There are a few issues that I see that feeds the SEC machine: the SEC always gets home field advantage during bowl games. And SEC teams get better match ups in the bowl games, for example, last year every B1G team was ranked lower in their matchup with an SEC team. I believe that to be true for remaining matchups the SEC had with other conferences. ESPN spin machine doesn't help either. ESPN started the SEC network and they are going to have their own college game day program for the SEC. this will just make recruiting more difficult especially for the B1G schools with higher academic admission standards in less desirable locations.
Comment 21 Jan 2014
Need to play defense. Starts with defense, defense, defense. Everything else will fall into place after the focus on defense. Craft is trying to do too much. He needs to play within himself and we need others to step it up around him.
Comment 04 Jan 2014
I happen to completely agree. There are 7 things that bother me: #1 Braxton is an excellent athlete, but not an excellent QB (yet). #2 You cannont run your QB against good teams or they will hurt the QB (and he was hurt once again). I still don't understand why designed QB runs were called at the end of the game with a hurt QB. #3. If you don't have a real deep or intermediate passing threat a good DC will keep the box stacked and dare you to throw. Braxton almost always goes for the deep ball and rarely picks up the intermediate routes. #4 we don't throw enough to the TE's. #5 39 points should be enough to win. You cannont continually put the weight of the game on the O. We need to get back to allowing 10 points per game. #6 If defense wins championships then we are far and away from a championship right now. #7. We have better athletes than Clemson. They put the ball in the hands of 2 players all night and we were unable to limit them.
Comment 04 Jan 2014
Somthing needs to change on defense. We were faceguarding and got called for it. If the DB's turn around we would have had 2 more picks in the game. Terrible coverage by the secondary. It is nice to have 5 star athletes, but it seems we need 5 star football players. I felt like they needed to put kenny iin there to change it up. Clemson dared us to throw the ball and Braxton was holding it too long just as he did iin the beginning of the year. It is hard for me to believe that we have regressed so far on defense. It seemed to me that this area was fixed first when Tressel was here. BTW- most of the Clemson fans were decent, but a lot of them got out of control at the game and started picking fights with Buckeyes nears us by throwing stuff etc. This was not isolated as we ran into several other fans in the tailgate that left (and some thrown out) because of Clemson fan behavior. They were unable to act like they've been there before.
Comment 12 Dec 2013
I have seen this before and here is my take on this. Really it is simple. The DL is not good enough to get consistent pressure with 4 down linemen. The DL is not able to disrupt plays as in the past. They are young too, we need to give it time. What they are doing is playing the LB's up to help with stopping the run. We even bring the safety up to stop the run. Roby is a true SS and plays well with run support. Every good DC knows that the key to football is still "run the ball,stop the run". We are hell bent on stopping the run at all costs but we don't want to give up the big play (which inevitibly happens anyway) so we put the secondary in coverage and the LB's disappear into the DL. Corner blitzes work the same way, send the corner in and bring the S down. We still don't get enough pressure but we do hold teams down in rushing yards. However, we give up every thing in the middle and we get burned on screens and draws. A huge zone is created in the middle of the field between the secondary and the line. Everyone plays run and we force the DB's into plays that last a long time because we don't get pressure. Back in 2002 we got pressure with 3 down linemen against Miami in the Fiesta Bowl(ranked #1 at the time). Remember that? I recall the broadcasters disbelief in what they were seeing because Miami was supposed to be so good that we couldn't do that to them. When the DL can get that kind of pressure it makes everyone else look like superstars behind them. When the secondary doesn't have to cover long, or a QB is throwing under duress, the chances for a turnover are much greater. Completion rates are way down. I think the theory being employed by the our DC's is since we can't get pressure with the DL, then sell out on the run and create and umbrella in the secindary. That way you give up every intermediate pass play but don't give up the TD. Once in the red zone it will be more difficult to throw those passes becuase the space is limited. I personally don't like it. I would rather see us play man coverage. We should have the better athletes. But coaches are very conservative.
Comment 08 Dec 2013
Yes, but Dantonio and Heacock coached together for many years. Narduzzi is part of that same defensive family of coaches. All of them can trace their coaching roots back to Youngstown. Fickle came way later. My point is that the zone works when it is executed well. I have not seen significant progress on defense under Fickle. Maybe part of the the problem is that we are now rectruiting athletes not football players with football instincts. I don't know. Frustrating to say the least.
Comment 08 Dec 2013
We need to fire Ray Finkle. Jim Heacock was the brain trust for several years after Dantonio left. Fickle has shown that he is not the answer. The defense does not play disciplined. If you are a DB how can you allow the receiver get behind you? Why don't the LB's stay home? Very, very disappointing because we have the athletes to get it done. Last night was further proof that defense wins championships. Myer needs to make heacock the DC and get him a recruiting body to make up for his ineptness in recruiting. Horrible loss.
Comment 03 Dec 2013

Who do you have to negatively rep the Penguins all the time?  Can you pick a directional school from the state up North or use another school in a different state like say-More Head State?  There are a lot of Buckeye-Penguin fans.  Coach Tressel always said that the Penguins should try to be the second best team in Ohio and scheduled the YSU games around the Buckeyes games so that we could watch both.   Your comments don't do well for our recruiting and we can get some of the kids that may choose Cinci. 

Comment 01 Dec 2013
I totally agree and we have been spoiled with Tressel and Dantonio defenses that have won us many games. The way I see it is that a defense can provide 3 things to a football team. They can prevent a team from scoring, they can give the ball back to your offense, or they can score for your offense. The defense is capable of being offense. On offense 4 things can happen and e of them are bad. You can score, you can play keep away, but you can also turn the ball over or not. Move the ball at all. Tressel had those great defenses because that is where he put his best players. I like our new offense, but it is difficult to get used to giving up 40 points per game. Ouch!
Comment 24 Jul 2012

But nothing in the punishment addresses the root cause and it does not support any type of corrective action.  The punishment basically sends the message, no matter what you do, don't get caught.  Records retention policies will likely be changed in many schools.  The punishment is not effective.  It seems that nothing the NCAA does is effective.  Do you feel comfortable that OSU athletes will not sell their memorabilia after alll of the bad press, scholarship reductions, and bowl bans?  What has changed that will prevent this?  Was it Tress's fault and Urban will stop this because............he's Urban???

Comment 24 Jul 2012

NCAA membership is voluntary so it is suprising to me that they do what they do and retain all members.  Yes there is a lot of money at stake, but .....

Comment 24 Jul 2012

Couple things:

Not sure I agree with the NCAA in this case and here are the reasons why:

#1.  The people involved in this terrible scandal were mainly administrative/leadership.  However, the punishment will affect the fans, the businesses around the university and the depth of the B1G.

#2.  There are clearly criminal activities involved and this should be handled in court.  Nothing that happened at tOSU was criminal.  A legal contract was broken by Tress, but the students in our case did not commit a crime.  In the PSU case, crimes were committed and it was covered up by top officials.  The top of the PSU organization needs to pay for this, not fans and businesses.  Who has been prosecuted (no one yet?) and how do you make life painful for those that are running the administration at PSU?

#3.  I am a huge Buckeye fan, but in reality vacating wins has more impact on the student athletes and others that had nothing to do with the child abuse scandal.  It is not fair to the student athletes past and present that had nothing to do with what happened.  In addition, the communist organization (aka NCAA) happens to think that vacating wins on paper matters to fans and schools.  It means nothing.  Ohio State still beat TTUN & Arkansas in the bowl game the year before regardless of what wins were vacated when Tress got his azz in a bind.  This is like punishing employees for bad management.

#4.  If the NCAA wanted to do justice, they would develop a hotline for student athletes and coaches and implement periodic audits and follow-up visits to athletic departments as a corrective and preventive measure.  This type of solution would force the administrations of the universities to act appropriately.  This would drive continual improvement of leadership and provide a check and balance system that would prevent corruption and absolute power that exists today.

#5.  The $60MM fine will hurt all other athletics programs dependent on FB revenue.  Why should these kids and coaches pay the price for an administration that was intent on protecting their own butts?

At the end of the day Emmert has overstepped his bounds with an ineffective solution once again.  All schools have skeletons in the closet, some worse than others, but it amazes me that the SEC just doesn't seem to have any.  Is it a coincidence that Emmert was the SEC commissioner and none of his previous schools are in trouble? How many scandals in the last few years?  Do we forget USC, Miami, UNC?  But the Scam Newton case never got traction?  Give me a break.

I happen to think the Price is wrong.

And by the way, why the slam on the Youngstown State Penguins?  Please don't slam in state schools. The area around Y-Town is drastically changing with the sheet shale fracking.  It is getting really nice there.