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Comment 05 Feb 2015

I'm getting hammered on this post, but on Twitter, there are a ton of OSU fans equally as mad. As you mention, 50% coming from OSU fans. If that many of your own fans are upset about it, it generally has to be pretty bad. I've even seen 11W staff, and other OSU media types, calling the entire situation ugly.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

I agree my post was probably quick to judgment and most of you are likely right.  However, all of you are talking about facts, and I hope something comes out which clarifies the situation, but public perception matters.  And in the public eye, with recruits, OSU is getting hammered for this by everyone. 

Let me give you an example: let's say you falsely accuse someone; however, it later comes out you were cleared of all charges.  What do people remember, the accusation and huge story, or the small retraction printed on page 20 with the facts.  This is going to hurt us with recruits, regardless of the facts.

Comment 01 Feb 2015

I was checking at USC sites and they're definitely not near as confident in landing Gustin. I would say the average is 50/50 that it could go either way on their site. I'll give them credit though, they made me laugh. My favorite line "I'm worried. Look at those beady eyes (referring to Urban) and smirk on his face. Meyer could sell a smelly turd to a bathroom attendant."


Comment 30 Jan 2015

Does Isaiah Prince end up in 2015 class?

Does KJ Hill end up in 2015 class?

Does Terry Beckner Jr. end up in 2015 class?

Does Porter Gustin end up in 2015 class?

Are you anticipating any signing day surprises, both good and bad?

Do you think the 2016 Ohio recruit, who you referred to earlier this week, will announce decision soon?

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Urban did visit Luke Farrell today, so I'm going to go with Farrell.

Comment 14 Dec 2014

I think Tom Herman leaving would definitely have an impact on recruiting, thus the thread.  If you don't think it would have an impact, you're being naive.  I also specifically asked how his potential departure would impact recruiting.  Birm has specifically cited Herman leaving would impact Burrow, let alone other recruits, thus the thread.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Not sarcastic at all.  While recent QB's have not fared as well, the MAC has a rich history of NFL QB's.

Current QB's in NFL:

Keith Wenning, Cardinals, Ball State

Zac Dysert, Broncos, Miami

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers, Miami

Bruce Gradkowski, Steelers, Toledo

Past QB's in NFL:

Charlie Frye, Browns, Akron

Byron Leftwich, Jaguars, Marshall

Chad Pennington, Jets, Marshall

There were also other who were great college QB's who converted to other positions in the NFL (Josh Harris, Browns, Bowling Green, put Urban Meyer on map as Spread QB; Josh Cribbs, Browns, Kent State).

Here are additional articles going even as far to call the MAC the Conference of Quarterbacks.  Perhaps you should do a bit of research before mocking someone.




Comment 06 Dec 2014

I would completely disagree with you on this.  The MAC has a reputation for grooming great NFL quarterbacks.

Comment 06 Dec 2014

To clear up a few things, Joe's dad, Jimmy Burrow, is the defensive coordinator, not offensive coordinator, and assistant head coach at Ohio University.  Frank Solich is the head coach, who brought Jimmy on his staff from Nebraska 10 years ago.  I believe in interviews Joe has mentioned several times that Nebraska did not recruit him, big mistake by Pelini, as I don't think they are a threat because of the initial snub; however, I do see Ohio University as a threat.

While Solich is signed through June 2017 as head coach, there are rumors in Athens that Solich may retire, leaving Jimmy Burrow as the head coach in waiting.  If this does happen, I imagine it would be extremely hard not to play for his dad.  Also, while Ohio University has several quarterbacks on their roster, none of them are standouts, meaning Burrow would likely start in Year 1, as opposed to Year 3 at OSU if he's lucky. 

Comment 02 Nov 2014

Kentucky just extended Mark Stoops through 2019.  This is an additional extension after the extension through 2017 that he signed in May of this year.  The new deal bumps his salary to an average of $3.6 million a year.  Meyer makes $4.6 million with bonuses, which makes Stoops contract look beyond ridiculous in my eyes. Either that or we're paying Urban way too little.

Regardless, I highly doubt Stoops leaving with that kind of contract where he has absolutely zero pressure to succeed.  Additionally, I'm guessing the extensions included a very steep buyout to leave.