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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Currently Braxton Miller, all time Mike Doss.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft, Michael Redd
  • NFL TEAM: Lions, though I also root for the Bengals.
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Comment 10 Dec 2015

It's not necessary, but fallout one and two were amazing. The graphics will be nothing like today, but I loved the story and gameplay. You could do a lot worse with some of the crappy games that get put out these days.

Comment 20 Sep 2015

It amazes me how people are ready to question his maturity and leadership from one tweet... He is the same guy we have been hyping up since the wisconsin game last year. I know I would be pissed if I threw two interceptions and got benched, this twitter thing is quite mild in my opinion.  Cardale has proven what he is capable of and there is a reason he was named the starter. Believe it or not it's not about twitter, it's about executing on the field...

Comment 20 Sep 2015

Agree, our defense never looked this good last year. Our offense took some time to come together also. The offensive line was horrendous this time last year, they have not looked good so far this year, but nothing near as bad as this time last year.

Comment 20 Sep 2015


I am happy with this win. NIU is not your average cupcake and we shut down their offense. Obviously the oline will need to improve and I would like to see some younger guys get some game reps especially at left guard. I think we will be fine at qb with either guy not because I think anyone at qb should be able to win in this offense, but because I think both guys are great quarterbacks. I think Cardale has the higher ceiling and he showed that in the Wisconsin game last year but Barrett is the more consistent qb. Only thing that worries me is I don't want  either guy to play scared and be afraid to lose the starting spot.

And as far as the play calling, it hasn't changed much at all since Meyer has been here, at times we execute it well and it looks great, sometimes we don't execute and it looks bad.

I am much happier with a dominating defense performance and a sloppy offensive performance than the reverse.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Am I the only one who remembers how much time Thomas spent on the bench last year and is a little nervous about it? I know he is easily our best receiving threat, but he was last year too and sat for stretches at a time. I am thinking it was a lack of effort in blocking but I am not sure if it extends beyond that.

Comment 02 Jul 2015

I can't agree more, I love smith's style of play, talk about playing like your hair is on fire. Powell Seems like a great kid but he's just not as good as he is hyped up to be. The only thing that stands out for me is when he gets his hands on the ball he catches it, great hands for a db, other than that he seems to take really bad angles and shies away from contact.

Comment 22 Jun 2013

I agree with the idea here, but I have to say, I think Krenzel was underrated as an athlete. I don't know why people discounted his ability to run. He made so many plays with his legs.

As for collier I hope this guy starts at some point, seems like a great kid from those quotes and the film looks great.

Comment 28 Mar 2013

I think we should be looking at it the other way around. I think Scott benefits a ton from Craft being on the floor with him. I'll admit I haven't watched as much basketball this year as I normally do but when I've seen Scott on the court with the ball in his hands he has not been a good decision maker at all. I think craft out there lessens some of that decision making burden. He really doesn't have a great jump shot and takes bad shots. I don't think he would be ready to play big minutes at pg especially if craft is not on the floor. He is great at defense and good in transition. I think Matta is using him well as an energy boost off the bench.