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Comment 19 Apr 2014

I agree! This is a 17 year old kid.  Let him enjoy the attention - and he is getting attention as evidenced by all of the comments above.  Hopefully, he eventually commits to OSU and then he will get all the attention he can handle!

Comment 18 Apr 2014

Not giving up on Turner, but you have to be realistic!  Turner as a Buckeye is very unlikely especially with the Center for Kansas declaring for the NBA.  Giddens is much more realistic and I definitely want him to commit and team with Thompson for a terrific big man combination for several years.

Comment 18 Apr 2014

I cannot up-vote your comments, but I would if I could.  We need to recognize that these kids are Freshmen and not to expect them to play like All-Americans from the very beginning.  Same goes for McMillan, although I do expect him to get a lot of PT.

Comment 18 Apr 2014

I just want Justice for both the Accuser and Winston. Unfortunately, neither seems likely to get Justice.  The University and the Tallahassee Police should be ashamed of themselves!

Comment 17 Apr 2014

I would love to see Thad get Bragg, Ahmad, and Giddens.  I do not believe that Turner is going to choose OSU.  What is the status of Giddens?  I know that Bragg is rated higher than Ahmad, but it seems as though Ahmad is excellent too.  

Sounds like Battle is someone we want for 2016.  Based upon the comparison to Irving, I assume he is a PG. Harris will need the help for 2016 and beyond.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

I always really liked this young man! Very sorry that he is no longer a Buckeye!  I wish him well and I hope he has tremendous success at TT or where ever he ends-up.  And, I hope that his Dad recovers completely too!

Comment 10 Apr 2014

I believe that, to a reasonable degree, agility trumps size.  So, Washington and Bennett should be fine and could be dominant.  

I believe that our DL has to go about 10 deep to be considered the top DL in the country.  And, I think that it will go that deep and will be the top DL. 

Comment 09 Apr 2014

I really do not care where we are ranked in a preseason poll, especially in April!  We need to not even look at the polls until November.  There are too many potential stumbling blocks on this schedule.  Navy, VT and Cincinnati are huge upgrades over last year's schedule.  Also we have to play Minnesota, MSU and PSU at their stadiums.  Minnesota will, obviously, be looking for validation, and Kill is a great coach.  MSU remains a great team and it will be very tough to play them at East Lansing.  PSU will be looking for payback for last year's debacle!  And, of course, there is Michigan.  We need to keep our eye on the coming week's opponent and stop worrying about making it into the B1G Championship Game or a BCS Bowl.  If we do, those things will take care of themselves.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Honestly, I do not want to dwell on last season!  There are plenty of people who need to share the blame for our incredibly terrible pass defense last year despite having All-American players and former 4 and 5 star players nearly two deep.  I only want to focus on this season.  And, if what we are hearing is actually what happens, we will all be pleased.  The only way that a secondary can play effective defense is to play press coverage (provided that you have the athletes to do so).  We have the athletes!  Limiting the receiver's options and letting him know that he is going to get hit as soon as the ball gets to him will translate into far fewer completions and far more interceptions.


We have four CBs who can play press coverage and we need to rotate these guys so they are fresh throughout the game.  We have at least 3 solid Safeties and we should try to develop at least one or two more (Worley? Smith? Tanner? Thompson?).  Rotating will also be the key with our Safeties.  Coaches, you have the athletes, let them compete!

Comment 09 Apr 2014

I like kids like Connor who really want to be Buckeyes.  We have a history of taking kids like that (e.g., Hawk) who are not as highly rated but who end up as stars.  My fear is that we may wait too long for Connor and that he commits to MSU or PSU or, worse, Michigan, and in a few years he comes back to haunt us.  This is not just a kid who grew up wanting to be a Buckeye.  Connor is a guy who is rated as a 4 star and, based upon his comments, is ready to compete to be a starter.  We need kids like that!  I say, offer him right now!  If Hilliard is as good as advertised, he will not be put-off by Connor's commitment.  He will view it as just another challenge.  I hope that we get them both, and Lane and Baker as well, and that they all end up being great Buckeyes.


I feel much the same about Wimbush.  If he really wants to be a Buckeye, then show him the same love and respect that we are showing to Gibson.  Last year we put all of our eggs into one basket at the QB position and the result was that we missed out on a number of talented QBs only to see our primary target commit to Clemson.  Make a push for Wimbush and, if we get both Wimbush and Gibson, so be it.  Let them both help us to recruit and then compete to be our starting QB.

Comment 08 Apr 2014

Thompson sounds very positive about becoming a Buckeye, and I hope he does!  But, I also want Giddens, Bragg and a number of really solid Ohio players like Ahrens.  We also need to hang on to Mitchell.

Comment 07 Apr 2014

I agree with your rationale that the DL will be very strong this year and thus our opponents will likely try to move the ball through the air.  That should mean that the back seven have many more opportunities to tackle.  So, my top 5 starts with the LBs.  I too think Perry will lead the Team.  Lee should be second since he will get many opportunities on the behind the LOS throws that many teams killed us with last season.  Reeves should be third as I agree with your thought that he will be the primary target for opposing passers. I think the safeties (Powell, Burroughs and Bell) will combine at the 4th spot.  The fifth spot will be the MLB and I think that McMIllan and Grant will play about equal minutes at MLB.


All that said, I expect the Defense to be significantly better this season and I agree 100% that Defense wins championships (e.g., Michigan State).  I also believe that every team is only as good as it's OL and DL.  We should have one of the best DLs in the country this season.  If the OL can perform solidly, if not exceptionally, we have a chance in 2014.

Comment 06 Apr 2014

Agree 100%.  Matta is terrific and I hope that he is our HC for as long as he wants to be here.  

I know people are clamoring for Turner, but realistically I would settle for the transfer, Thompson, plus Daniel Giddens in 2015.  What are the odds of getting either or both of those guys?

And, for the second time, how do I up vote or down vote other's comments? I am fairly new to the site.

Comment 04 Apr 2014

It is really good news when guys who are considered back-ups are having great spring practices! Vannett, Jones, Baugh, Conley, Apple and, of course, Lee (who now seems to be first team) all seem to be stepping up and deserve significant PT in the Fall.  That must be making Meyer and the Staff very happy.  Still a little surprised that Barrett is not ahead of Jones, but that is a good thing because we know how talented Barrett is and Jones is still at least a step or two ahead of him.  I say give them both significant PT this Fall, whenever possible, to get them experience and to preserve Miller.  The second Team QB should probably get at least one series in every game.

Comment 04 Apr 2014

This is the kind of player we need to get!  Guys who outperform more highly touted players.  Guys who know how to play team basketball.

Would love to see us get Howard, Nichols, Ahrens, Ahmad and Giddens!  And, of course, Bragg too, and keep Mitchell!

Comment 01 Apr 2014

I hope that you are correct about Thompson!  Howard would also be a great addition.  What is the status of Giddens?  Crystal Ball says 100 percent to OSU.  I hope that proves to be the case.  And, has anyone heard whether Mitchell will honor his committment to OSU?