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I grew up a Buckeye in the heart of Lion country, PA. My Brother-in-Law is an OSU graduate, so I visited his graduation in the 'Shoe when I was very young. Even then, I loved what I saw. That was the beginnings of what became my adulthood man-crush on anything Ohio State. Fortunately, I can actually call Columbus my home, as I moved there with my wife and kids in my early 20's! And now, I'm military, so we currently live in the sunny Southwest.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching OSU upend Miami's world in the 2002 National Championship game.
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Comment 20 Jul 2014
Hoke has a bad year. Brandon gets canned. Hoke gets canned. New AD and head coach in 2015. First year has growing pains, but 2016 a good coach could actually do something with all the undrafted upper classmen and solid talent that Hoke squandered. If not, 2017, when The Game heads back to Ann Harbor. I don't like either scenario, but an upset at home plants chip firmly on Urban's shoulder and we walk into the Big House and crush the in 2017. You heard it here first, folks...
Comment 19 Jul 2014
And to make things worse, Petrino will keep Louisville way above you in your own state's pecking order...
Comment 19 Jul 2014
I'd agree at this point. BUT at the same time, I don't put much stock when a lot of these militant groups make claims like this. It has been proven to be propaganda in many many cases. Terrorist groups are especially notorious for this. As is Iran (lol).
Comment 19 Jul 2014
The port is desirable for military purposes. And even though Russia was already operating it, the Ukraine was able to dictate terms. The Ukraine owed Russia a lot of money and was able to use the port as leverage. Taking Crimea removed the Ukraine's leverage and returns monetary gains directly back to the USSR, errr... Russia...
Comment 18 Jul 2014
Ya I'm Aircrew. Probably not quite the expertise you have but certainly some situational awareness with surface to air defense systems. I know the system they used. At least, it has the hallmarks of the specific system. That system does not come cheap. It's premier. I have a hard time believing Russia gave it to them. But apparently there was one in the area already. At the very least, Russia trained the separatists how to use it. It's feasable.
Comment 18 Jul 2014
If that aircraft was flying at cruise at altitudes, I don't see how it could be the seperatists. No way that Russia gives them that kind of surface to air technology. My guess is a lethargic, trigger happy, Russian military is to blame.
Comment 18 Jul 2014
I love redheads. ^^ This one is my favorite.
Comment 17 Jul 2014
I see your point, and at the same time, I don't care. Really doesn't change my question. *1 Top tier and another attractive, former top tier, who still happens to be higher tier.* Better?
Comment 17 Jul 2014
This is a legit question and not meant to troll. BUT why would these two top tier colleges quit recruiting him? That seems like a red flag to me. I'll admit to not knowing much about recruiting though.