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Comment 21 Sep 2012

Oh crap. I think I'm about seven things on the devil's list. I am so screwed...



Comment 02 Jan 2012

So glad this trainwreck of a season is over. It can only get better from here on out.

I usually root for the Big Ten in bowl games but I seriosly hope that Va. Tech destroys the yellow and blue...

Comment 18 Nov 2011

He has done an amazing job considering the atrocious play calling. I can't wait  to see what he does when we have a real Offensve coodinator and quarterbacks coach!

Comment 15 Nov 2011

I can't help but feel that Joe Pa still doesn't get it. On the night he was fired and he addressed the crowd outside of his home, he was giving the "thumbs up" to his supporters, telling 'em to go to school, get a good night sleep, remember to beat Nebraska, and as he's heading back into his front door,  he's like..."oh yeah, and remembuh da victims".  F#ck you Joe.

Comment 08 Oct 2011

yeah that punt was a really bad decision. If you don't trust the kicker, hell, just go for it even if it is 4th and 13....

Comment 08 Oct 2011

I don't know. Fickel seems pretty dedicated to Bauserman...

Comment 08 Oct 2011

Bauserman is No. 2 on the depth chart because.....?????

Comment 08 Oct 2011

Bauserman is  no. 2 on the depth chart because....????

Comment 02 Oct 2011

The next three games are clearly not winnable with either Bauserman or Miller. My brain is slightly (slightly? who the hell am I kidding- I've had two beers and three Margaritas) frazzled and I don't remember the exact quote nor the author but the whole definition of insanity being "repeating the same thing but hoping for a different result" clearly has no meaning with this coaching staff. Everyone on this site knows with complete certainty that Bauserman will be our starter against Nebraska, Everyone knows that we WILL lose with Bauserman as our starter. Why not bump Guiton up to number 1? We have NOTHING to lose at this point. Nothing. I understand that Luke is auditioning for this gig but ,seriously, every game until Michigan is a scrimmage, unimportant. The only meaning we can hope to draw from the rest of the seaon is improvement in each game until we reach Michigan. And then we beat those dicks.

  I like Fickel. I really do. But no on with zero experience should be the Head coach of a major program lkie OSU. Woody? Dennison, Miami (Oh), and then OSU.  Tressel? YSU for a billion years and then OSU. Luke needs to do some head coaching in the MAC and then come back to us after Urban or  Gruden retire in 10 years.




Comment 29 Sep 2011

The Cooper years are such a blur to me now. Maybe it's the alcohol; maybe it's the sour memories of lost potential and the humiliation inflicted by that school up north. Reading this post reminded me of the quality players we had those years. But I'm not bitter. Not at all...

Comment 23 Sep 2011

Crap! I'm not ready for rational, level headed editorials that speak of patience, loyalty, and rebuilding...

Comment 20 Sep 2011

Fantastic article. This fact will always remain: If not for Maurice, our last National Championship would be 1968. I really hope that he AND Troy can revive their careers in Omaha.

Comment 18 Sep 2011

If we don't get the QB situation figured out we'll be lucky to beat the bottom dwellers in the Big Ten.That was like watching a train wreck. But I give credit to the defense. They manned up after the first two TDs.