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Comment 03 Oct 2012

"Arm punts"... ha ha. I guess that explains why they use a kicking ball on offense. Seriously though, check it out. It always looks worn and broken in. He must have small hands, cause there's no doubt it's easier to grip a broken in ball as opposed to a newer one. I really thought there was a rule regarding that. I bet if they made him use a newer one, he'd "punt" a few more picks. A natural passer, he is not. A lot of flat ones. DL really needs to emphasize the hands up technique to knock a bunch down.

I think 2 picks is on the money.

Comment 29 Aug 2012

Yep, still got the fresh pressed creases on it. Nothing to see here, just a wolf in sheep's clothing. Experienced travelers know... break a sweat in it... wipe your netherlands dry, then throw it away. Don't bother stinking up your suitcase.

Comment 25 Aug 2012

Voted for the Dotting of the I, but I get just as many, if not more, chills when the drums come pouring out of the tunnel and then rip into that machine-gun-like fire beat, with the bass pounding like heavy artillery. It's so primal and aggressive.

Not a fan of the hive, and don't consider it a tradition, much like Seven Nation Army.

Comment 02 Jul 2012

Yeah good luck wherever he goes, but two schools with horrific tragedies directly culminating from coaching staff idiocy, and throw in middling on-field results? If I truly cared, I'd want him to go to UF.

But as weak as ND is in overall skill and depth, he's got better odds of seeing time there earlier. Big fish, small/stagnant pond. But hey, they've got the academic prestige. That's where I guess he ends up.

PSU? Nova King Way in Hell.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

Hell no. Even Jerry Sandusky would be able to recruit kids to LSU, right now. Les isn't the reason kids are signing with that school. Even their fanbase believes he is a joke and is riding the success of his athletes, rather than coaching them up. A multitude of factors, highlighted by oversigning, are the secret of his success. And with media constantly s'ing that conference's d's, why wouldn't a stud athlete want to be a part of that. The SEC West that is. They won't talk about what's going on in the SEC East right now though, fyi it's a fart fest.

Comment 22 Oct 2011

Ha ha ha. What a finish! Doubt BSPN will stop sucking so much Whiskey d*ck though.



Comment 09 Jul 2011

"So Thad said to Bo, fix me a banana cognac, b*tch." Ha ha ha ha