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Comment 16 Feb 2015

The link for OSU's Ronnie Dawson and Jalen Washington have a silky handshake is just a link to

Comment 02 Nov 2014

There were a few reports out there of Zeke being a little dinged up.  

Comment 02 Oct 2014

I didn't read his comments as bashing the south.  It was rightfully making fun of a culture that romanticizes treason and racism.  As long as Ole Miss continues to call themselves the Rebels, they are fair game.

Don't forget, this is a university where earlier this year someone hung a noose around a statue of James Meredith.  

Comment 14 Feb 2014

You may want to find another link to that Katy Perry pic.  That person's twitter background is disgusting.

Comment 08 Feb 2014

Same problems I've had.  PC running Chrome

Comment 24 Jan 2014

He's easily one of my new favorite buckeyes.  At the end of games, he is always front and center to sing to the student section.

Comment 05 Apr 2013

Nice to have a DE/LEO so athletic that he played safety in high school.


Can't believe I just typed that sentence

Comment 22 Feb 2013

Considering the small sample size of people that actually posts in craigslists missed connections section, it isn't exactly bursting with credibility.  Looks like a fun way of trying to find some regional differences, but with only 0.005% of the actual missed connections being posted on craigslist the results are pretty worthless.

Comment 22 Feb 2013

I would travel to Chicago for the B1G championship in a heartbeat, fantastic city.  Indy...not so much

Comment 21 Feb 2013

What do you know about Kief's speed/quickness?  He obviously has an incredible frame but it's hard to judge from his film if he really has the speed that some of the other WRs we have on the board bring to the table.