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Comment 06 May 2011

..its too bad Tress didnt suspend the tat-5 for "violation of team rules"...  no one would have ever questioned it.


Comment 06 May 2011

NCAA can get involved when 6-8 players are suspended and the coach wont discuss the reasons.... something fishy going on....   and that dude has been suspended indefinitely-- I am sure that young lady will be paid off to say she consented to it after all and was too drunk to remember--  he will be reinstated.  Thats how Miami rolls....  they justify thugs.

Comment 06 May 2011

I live in South Florida... and I have heard these Canes fans standing on their soapboxes about Tressel....    In the past few months Miami has had a player arrested for assault on a police officer (charges were mysteriously dropped after a booster paid someone off), a player arrested for Rape (same player texted his friend while in custody to destroy evidence) and as many as 6-8 players suspended for at least the first game if not more...  but new Coach Al Golden refuses to talk about the reasons for the suspensions.   It sounds like the NCAA needs to take a look at what is going on in Coral Gables.  For those interested, here is the police report....  this kid is a complete idiot.  Thug U lives!!

Comment 15 Mar 2011

I have been railing against Herbie on this blog for a few years...    This man no longer (and maybe never did) has loyalty to the very univeristy that created his montorous ego.  When Herbie first Joined ES(ec)PN, HE was the fresh face of Ohio State and he was the positive image of Ohio State as Cooper was the ultimate loser and OSU always lost to Michigan and/or the bowl Game.  Herbie brought his kids on TV, dressed them in OSU gear and openly rooted for OSU knowing HE would be the story for daring to support his team when all of Buckeye nation Knew Coop would ultimately lose. 

Fast forward to the Tressel years and Herbie was no longer the fresh optomistic face of OSU..that title (and ultimately the limelight) went to Jim Tressel.  Fans flocked to Tressel (at Herbie's expense) and Herbie got more and more resentful of the lack of attention going in his direction, so he became an eager and willing participant in bashing Tress and the players around him.  Herbie has needless bashed Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor, and others and garnered his attention in a negative way.  2004, 2006, 2007, 2010 were years that Herbie took unusual glee in bashing OSU for losses, indescretions, etc...   

I have not  watched GameDay since after the 2006 loss to Florida because it was after that game that I realized just where Herbie was going....   but, the final straw for me was this past season when Herbie took it upon HIMSELF to break the story about the TAT-5 on the night BEFORE Ohio State would be announcing it.  He did it on a nationally televised bowl game and did it himself.  He did not have to do that and could have asked Musburger to do it and just kept his mouth shut or not do it all.  It was coming out the next day... Herbie just wanted his name to be part of the story for the wrong reasons.  And he added insult to injury by bashing Pryor calling him all sorts of things and questioning whether he should ever see the field again...  isnt that the coache's decision.

I have no idea what he has said during the Tressel situation, because I have deliberately stayed off of ES(ec)PN, but I do know that  he is leaving for his own reasons and they have nothing to do with OSU fans.... he just wants the headlines.  I hope he quits his radio show and I hope he gets ripped by Tennesse fans worse, because no one likes a traitor on no one respects one.  goodbye and good riddance.

Comment 09 Mar 2011

we dont know that he didnt go to Gene smith.. smith said yesterday they could not comment on who may/may not have know besides Tress.. it may have been a joint decision...

Comment 09 Mar 2011

 Not responding to mocks about Tressel. His silence was due to an on-going Federal Drug Investigation that could have jeopardized the safety of some of his players. Those 'Yahoos' jumped the gun on the story! I invited much of Buckeye Nation to BOYCOTT YAHOO & show we support our coach!!! Hope you join the group!!

Comment 08 Mar 2011

 Tressel was co-operating with a federal drug trafficking investigation of a Tattoo parlor owner and co-horts that possibly involved 2 players. He was requested by certain parties to keep it quiet so as not to blow the investigation... he di...d that for the sake of the feds and for the safety of the 2 kids who were named.
He learned that none of the 5 was involved in drugs when the feds contacted him in December and that they only sold merchandise.... I believe the man... he was trying to safeguard his kids during a federal investigation and the univerisity reported it to the NCAA 1 month ago. Tress will face sanctions for the rule violation, but he and the program are clean.... the man was trying to protect his players from people who would hurt them if the investigation was leaked..... all the haters can suck it.

Comment 04 Mar 2011

From What I am reading, the issue is that someone who is being paid by a school to be a "recruiting advisor" that uses that relationship to recruit players to that school falls under the definition of a booster since he is employed for services.  That is a definite violation of NCAA rules... and paying this gentleman 5 times the going rate makes it all the more suspicious....  and there are reports this gentleman was telling people he was a "Trainer" for Oregon....HMMMMMM 

Comment 03 Mar 2011

Herbie has become a douche....  Outing the Tat-5 before the offical findings were released was a scumbag move.  HE did not have to do that on a Nationally televised bowl game..he could have let it play out and then commented.  He has been making a national name on the back of his own school and has made his dislike of Pryor personal.   In my eyes Kirk is fast becoming no better than Mark May and his play by play has become more about himself than calling the acutal games.  I stopped watching Gameday in 2007 with the barrage of Buckeye Bashing after the National champ. loss in Glendale.

Comment 01 Mar 2011


um............ am I missing something here??????
"Newton turned scouts' heads when he ran the 40 yard dash in 4.59 seconds"
"Dane Sanzenbacher turned in a nice 40 time, running in the mid 4.5s."

Comment 26 Jan 2011

Anyone that Tells pretty Boy Herbstreit to "stow it" and points out that he never beat Michigan is alright in my book.  Herbie has used his national profile to make all kinds of accusations/statements about TP.  Pryor handled it so well and was spot on with his "Fake Buckeye" comment and did well to point out that he has beat Michigan every time he has tried while Herbie.... well, not so much.  I for one will miss him when he leaves and Oregon, and Arkansas learned that even with a month to prepare--you really cant prepare for Pryor.

Comment 19 Jan 2011

Ramzy..... wow!!!!!   Thank you, thank you, thank you.....  I have been posting my increasing dislike for Herbie here for a few years.  He has lost his edge and has become so full of his own ego and self promotion that he no longer has credibility.  I stopped watching Game Day in 2007 when the SEC speed thing was repeated 25 times a broadcast.  Herbie no longer adds value and just repeats the same old mantras over and over......  his outing of Pryor, Herron, Posey, Thomas, and company was the absolute final straw for me because HE DID NOT HAVE TO DO IT DURING A BOWL GAME IN PRIME TIME!!   He went out of his way to thrown a player he despises (Pryor) under the bus along with his buddies.  That was nothing less than slander of college age kids and Herbie showed himself to be an ego maniac using his position to throw people under the bus to further his career. 

His varsity letters should be revoked..... 

Comment 07 Jan 2011

TCU needs to put up or shut up-----  one BCS win, big deal.  Lets see if they can win 6 of 9 over 11 years......

In late December of 2007, Ohio State said it had reached a deal to open the 2009 season at home against TCU. Army had recently backed out of a planned series, and the Horned Frogs, coming off an 8-5 season, were set for a one-game trip to Columbus. According to Ohio State, the game had been agreed to but the contract wasn’t yet signed.

Comment 06 Jan 2011

So true....  they are actually a better fit in the Big-12

Comment 06 Jan 2011

At this point, we all know how things will go with a big lead after halftime.....  bottom line is Tress wins over 82% of the time he is on the field and Tuesday was no exception.  Would you rather look cool and have a sexy offense and lose 3-4 games/year or be pissed off, frustrated and cofused losing 1 game a year and winning 6 out of 9 BCS games (7 out of 11 in Bowl games).  I will take the latter and just accept things for what they are and enjoy winning. 

The moron NaySayers(Mark May, Jesse Palmer, Greg Doyel, etc.....  ) all look really stupid picking against OSU year after year after year and being WRONG.  The best way to deal with these morons is to just keep winning with class and make sure to point it out every now and then in interviews-- let the country know who the Buckeye Haters are and call them out.

You know it killed Mark May to have to sit at that podium with the Buckeyes.  He sooooo  wanted to be sitting up there with Arkansas and talking about how another SEC team's speed beat OSU.  He had his knee pads ready for Ryan Mallet and Bobby Petrino and it never happened-HA!!  I loved how Dane Sanzo got up on the podium and shook Lou Holtz's hand and said nice to meet you.  He totally stiffed Mark May...... awesome!!!    Go Bucks.